Should Arsenal help PSG to land megabucks Neymar deal?

Paris Saint-Germain are believed to be closing on a whopping World Record deal to bring Barcelona’s Neymar to the Parc Des Princes, but will need to sell to comply with UEFA’s FFP regulations. Which players should Arsenal be looking at?

The French giants are believed to have become angered by Barca’s pursuit of Marco Verratti, and decided to flex their own power muscles and launched a bid to sign their superstar Neymar, matching his supposed €222 Million release clause apparently.

They have since been warned about breaking Financial Fair Play Regulations as set out by UEFA, which could see them banned from playing in the Champions League or Europa League, and have supposedly been told the amount they would have to raise from transfers to be able to push through the deal.

Neymar is believed to have agreed in principle to move to the French capital, and this looks ever-likely to become a reality, so Arsenal should make contact over possible deals with PSG.

The Gunners have been linked with moves to sign Marco Verratti, Blaise Matuidi, Edinson Cavani, Lucas Moura, Adrien Rabiot as well as others in recent windows, and we could have a decent chance of landing one of these players this month.

The Italian midfielder looks likely to join the Barcelona, but would be a great addition to our squad, as he is one of the best CMs in the world in my opinion. Matuidi and Rabiot would bring something different to our squad, with the latter believed to have the potential to be a top player, although I’m not convinced he is the finished article as yet.

Cavani would likely be one player the club would refuse to allow to leave, having no strong competition for his central role at present, but we finally have no need for a new centre-forward following our big-money signing from Lyon Alexandre Lacazette.

Which of PSG’s stars should we try to prise from them? Do we need to fear that Barcelona could come for some of our players once the Neymar deal is complete?

Pat J

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  1. John0711 says:

    We could not land a dead fish
    And the FFP doesn’t seem to bother city ?

    1. Muff d says:

      There squad is unreal
      Jesus aguero
      Bernardo sane kdb Silva fernadinho sterling
      Walker Danilo kompany mendy
      That’s not reality .
      Sorry that’s a pisstake of the highest order

      People say we cant get him this isn’t FIFA

      That line doesn’t apply for sheikh mansour

    2. funkyrith says:

      Lucas Moura + Kimpembe for Alexis, that would decrease their wage bill and we get a winger and a CB

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Would love Veratti but sadly almost impossible. Don’t mind Matuidi, Moura or Rabiot. We don’t need Cavani

    Eleny and Monreal were terrible today as Centre Backs. I hope Koscielny, Mustafi, Kolsanic, Holding, Chambers, Gabriel are healthy this season. Eleney especially should NOT play CB

    1. Dalinho says:

      It’s easy to get mixed up with letting in goals and the defenders but actually the real issue is the teams pressing and most importantly the midfielders! Basically arsenal don’t have any CMs that’s can defend and on that basis I’m not watching this season maybe highlights now and then but not another year of anger and shock of how incompetent my old top team are I can’t do it no more! We used to be amazing even when we lost but now we’re the worst run top club in Europe bring on 2022 hopefully by then everything will have changed

  3. GB says:

    Are you having a laugh! Elneny was brilliant today and Monreal has been quite unbelievable since we gave converted to a back three.

    1. John0711 says:

      Wow !!! What game did you watch

      1. GB says:

        Stupid question

        1. John0711 says:

          Stupid comment

          1. GB says:

            To comment further would be to come down to your level.

      2. Break-on-through says:

        Elneny was pulled all over the shop, that was indeed a terrible back line performance. Oxlade was very good. The distance between CB’s was woeful looking at times, positioning extremely poor.

        Worst part is how the tournament rules show us Wengers priorities. Seville won both games. But because Wenger wants forward play to be appreciated more so than anything else, he comes up with this crazy one point for every goal. I feel embarrassed about it. Nothing for match saving blocks or resolute clean sheets, no, just goals so it forces teams to play open just the way we like it. Seville won the tournament, and our defending was almost non existent.

      3. Gunners says:

        AOC was my MOM followed by Elneny the. Welbeck, the rest were useless as their manager

    2. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Eleny was horrible
      He is not a defender
      Monreal is much better as a LB in 4 at the back or LW
      Kolsanic is much better in CB role. He is a very strong aggressive defender

      1. GB says:

        I like him too he was great yesterday but he wasn’t playing today, Elneny was and played brilliant, In my opinion.

            1. Arsenal_Girl says:

              Are you trolling?

  4. Dory says:

    Draxler. If we are going to try to get someone from PSG we should get Draxler. He is young and the real deal.

  5. McLovin says:

    Rabiot. Our midfield can be underwhelming to say the least.

  6. kev says:

    It’s a shame really how people are so plastic over here.We seem to change our views so easily.Why can’t people just make up their minds?It’s like people don’t have stance.As I’ve been saying and will keep saying we have many good players but as good as they are they’re overrated.We’ve just compromised as a club.There are problems in every single role in the team,from defence to attack.Yet these problems will constantly be ignored.Some players are cleary not good enough but say it and the stats lovers will come out.The main problem wrong with the team is the centre.The other problem is Wenger and his misuse of players.I for one don’t really rate Ramsey-Xhaka partnership in a sense that it’s defensively weak with Xhaka not good enough defensively and Ramsey very inconsistent.The only player excellent defensively in the centre in Arsenal’s team is Coquelin and I think he should be playing though many won’tsee why.Look how easily the balls went through the midfield.Coquelin should be partnered with another CM in our current team.People shouldn’t deceive themselves Xhaka that Xhaka isn’t a DM.He’s just not good defensively admit it.We need a DM more than a CM in my opinion or a hybrid like Sanches or Jankto.

    On the article,the Neymar deal isn’t on.Media is just blowing things out of proportion.Don’t let that fake bust up deceive you people.Neymar will be a BARCA player next season.

    1. X says:

      You right, coq is great at destroying opposition attacks. Some fans are just quick to write him off forgetting how great he can be on a good day – with the right partnership. But I’ll disagree on the needing a DM more than CM part – we need a Santi.

    2. Midkemma says:

      I would say that Xhaka is more of a deep lying playmaker than a DM, I would like to see a CM partner for him who will put themselves about and put their foot in for the tackle, I think Coquelin has done better at this in pre season although if he and Xhaka can form a partnership is still up for debate.

      Although if I could I would merge Ramsey and Coquelin and get a much more complete player XD

  7. Dexter says:

    Get draxler and verratti…send Sanchez the other way

    1. Muff d says:

      Yeah cos that’s something that would ever happen

      Lol stop trolling

  8. ZEN2OH says:

    I don’t see Us doing any business with PSG, Wenger will never get Matuidi, Verrati would prefer Barca or United against Us, Lucas Mora and Rabiot not needed IMHO. However we really need a very strong and powerful Midfielder or else we won’t go far in the Season. Wenger should never Play Elneny as a CB ever again. We were outshined, outclassed by Sevilla, We were total rubbish against Chelsea and Benfica is not so strong . We still have a lot of work to do. Lets Put £85million for both Lemar and Fabinho Then Let’s hoe Mustafi gets back to fitness ontime

  9. Mr pat says:

    It’s all good if we can get matuidi but which one of our players would barca want judging by today’s performance the ? ox might get in I reckon

  10. Muff d says:

    I think if we keep Sanchez an get Lemar
    We are in with A shout for top 4

    But there’s still alot missing for a. Challenge

  11. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I agree completely with people saying Draxler and Veratti

    Draxler is possible but Veratti is not because I don’t see Wenger spending that much and PSG will fight to keep him. Also other teams will want him

    But I must say Veratti and Draxler would complete our team nicely lol

    We could entice them with Alexis as they want him but alas Alexis only wants to go to his Papa Pep

  12. Arsenal_Girl says:

    No matter who we get, we haven’t got much time to get him. 4 weeks left to sign more players and we still have Debuchy, Jenkinson, Lucas, Campbell, Gibbs, Akpom on the books. Oxlade’s status isn’t clear

    Oxlade was very good today. I hope he stays. Excellent Squad player. Very versatile and effective

    1. Trudeau says:

      Great in attack but seriously neglected his defensive duties when he was blowing hard in the last 20 minutes.

  13. ThirdManJW says:

    I know it’s only a friendly, but is Ozil really worth nearly 300k p/w?

    1. Muff d says:

      Never was
      He is worlds best luxury player
      But teams don’t need luxury
      They need fight.

      That’s why Sanchez is much harder to accept than ozil leaving
      Cos Sanchez always gave his all
      Ozil chooses when . An that’s not near enough

      1. Trudeau says:

        Can’t really get behind the “Sanchez always gives his all” narrative given the several performances he dialled in during February and March last season. But yes, I’ll agree that he generally leaves less in the tank than Ozil.

  14. The cassete says:

    Wenger seriously needs to sort out the midfield. People can say all they want about us not winning the title and what not, and i agree with them and most gooners, its frustrating, but one thing i cant stand right now is to watch the type of football on display today at the emirates. I would rather have the exciting Arsenal back, today for the best part was a snooze, i can go support Man u or Chelsea for the type of football we played today. But anyways, i hope we improve and get back to playing some entertaining stuff. Also i feel Elneny has something new to his game, would like to see him in midfield, he has really good positioning, just needs to start tackling more. Perhaps we could play 3-5-2 with Sanchez and Laca or OG up-top, Ozil we can rotate if he decides to have his you can see me moments.

  15. ade says:

    I am not happy about today’s game, especially our midfield , Elneny is not has bad as what ppl r saying, am worried abt Koshieny. What happen to Bellerin ? Run run run no brain, He scored a goal yet not a good display Lacasette.

  16. Anko says:

    Hearing Wenger today talking about contracts is making me think twice, i don’t think I will continue to be a supporter of the club except Wenger leaves. He said players are free to go for free because he doesn’t want to pay their wages. Honestly I don’t know the common sense in that. When the players go for free who loses? Are they not going to go to other clubs and earn more? Will he not replace them by buying less talented players for more plus salaries? How stupid can this man be? Does he think the transfer market will slow down because of his stinginess? The only thing I get from Arsenal is football excitements and entertainment, I do not make any financial gain so if he thinks he can sell rubbish and I will buy it, then he should think twice.

    1. Mr pat says:

      I don’t know what u talking about Mr James but the whole of sevilla team cost less than 70 Mil, and they won Europe league 3 times in a row, just to show yu need to have the brain to utilise and get the best out of your players , O bet if we have the same coaching set up as sevilla I can assure you we will archive better results and on top of that we won’t have slackers like oil who can’t even tackle

      1. Anko says:

        My question is what possible sense does it make to not sort out these contracts and allow the players go for free, including the fact that the fans are going to have to endure the transfer rumours that will start in January. Then he will want to replace the players with some quality ones which will cost several millions plus salaries? I hard lacacett will earn 200000 every week, why should the Oz take 100000, why shouldn’t the bigger players get 300000? In the sense of where football market is he does not have a lot of choices. Or are we going to be replacing players after every contracts? They are making lots of money than ever before because of the popularity of the game. The new West Ham players are earning more than 100000. I think he has no remembrance of the several protests against him last season, if he does he will think twice about his actions and comments.

        1. neil says:

          generic comment saying in 8 to 10 years clubs wont be able to afford transfer fees and he is right.. its absurd to pay 200mn for someone to kick a piece of leather around when nurses get paid f** all !…
          so in the end players who want to leave have to honour their contracts as clibs will refuse to simply let them leave as Arsenal are trying to do
          its also a message to Sanchez Ozil and Ox about Arsenals position

  17. Ronny says:

    Bit of a mess today but I think some of the players just weren’t focused mentally kos, bellerin and a few others. We need this transfer window to shut asap.
    Players were shipping out to go asap.
    Bellerin should try cutting his hair he was better when it was short!
    I’m hoping that wenger now sees his staring 11 and I’m hoping elneny won’t be in the back 3.
    I’d like Monreal kos and either holding or mustafi.
    Kolasinac and ox to be wing backs.
    Probably Ramsey and xhaka with ozil and lacazette with theo right iwobi left,(sanchez will go).
    That starting line up leaves no real creativity from the bench. Welbeck still not great but hope we use Nelson a lot this season.
    Stupidly I think we would of scored more goals today if perez had played some time.
    I don’t know what’s going on with Wenger but he used to link well with ozil and sanchez who else does really?
    Ot congrats to the England women on beating France tonight.

  18. wilshegz says:

    Matuidi or/and Rabiot will be perfect partners for Xhaka till Cazorla returns.
    …sell Elneny ASAP
    Aurier could also be a nice addition, can be backup to Bellerin in league games while Ox is back up to Kolasinac on the LWB.
    …Ox and Aurier start LWB and RWB in Europa league, FAcup Carling cup…
    squad depth
    Matuidi 20 to 25m
    Rabiot 25 to 30m
    Aurier 15 to 20m…

    Total: 60 to 75m

  19. Georgy says:

    Can anyone point me what is the role of Iwobw in the team .
    Totally inefective in all aspects.What are his mains attributes?.I think he needs a total resset in his game and then try again.Together with Ozil at the moment are “0 0”
    We needs urgent midfield reinforments.

  20. Ronny says:

    I’d take Rabiot any day of the week. I’ve watched games where he breaks up play and makes tackles one after the other whilst turning the ball winning into attack very quickly. Very Kante like!
    The guys also tall and good in the air.

    I agree Xhaka I really like but he’s a bit of a luxury as he’s not a dm player. I would sell elneny,(sorry dude) and buy an out and out dm player who we can have Ramsey and xhaka pairing with though rotation.
    I also like the idea of a versatile hybrid player who can be a dm or cm depending on what’s asked of them. Herrera is good at this for MU.

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