Should Arsenal join Man Utd and offer Fabregas transfer lifeline?

From being a massive favourite among Arsenal fans, even when he left the Emirates to return to his boyhood club Barcelona back in 2011, the Spain international midfield star Cesc Fabregas became persona non grata with Gooners after he came back to the Premier League two years ago to join up with Arsene Wenger’s old nemesis Jose Mourinho.

At the time a lot of us wanted Arsene Wenger to activate our option to bring the former Arsenal captain back to north London but we did seem to be already well stocked in that area of the pitch. Is the same thing still true though, because a report in The Mirror suggests that Cesc’s time at Stamford Bridge could be coming to an end and if this is true then would we want Wenger to offer him a return?

The gist of the report is that the new Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is looking at the possible transfer of four players who occupy the same sort of position as Fabregas. But it also suggests that the new Man United boss Jose Mourinho is keeping tabs on the situation and is ready to try to sign him again.

I know that Wenger has already brought in Granit Xhaka and there is a feeling that he is not exactly close to his former star anymore, but we did lose two players in Flamini and Arteta this summer and with the injury history of Jack Wilshere a constant concern, is it time for the boss to at least try to reunite Fabregas and Arsenal?

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  1. Cesc is world class,counts as home grown and as a player is 5 times better than the over rated,injury prone,non contributing Jack Wilshere so I would sell Jack to City for 40mil then bring back Cesc for 20mil it would be great business and we’d get rid of some English deadwood because English players are useless!

    1. Nice idea but not gonna happen.
      I think the article is repetitive. We already knew the answer : hell no.

  2. what exactly is wrong with our mentality…… Why do we think so Low like a cockroach?

    Just when we are badly in need of a Striker, CB, LB and a winger…. This hapless suggestion of giving fabregas a Life line pops up….. U are having fun right?…… Guess u dn’t know it hurts (the eyes, the conscience)

    maybe it wasn’t clear to you when wenger said we had Ozil and wouldn’t need Fabregas…..

    In a world where we have more than 300 Leagues and over a Thousand football clubs , one can be sure of a Lifeline

    NOT NECESSARILY ARSENAL………. Let it go boy!!!

    1. Exactly ! If Arsenal want to be taken seriously as a “big club” then we should start acting as one. Fabregas believed he was bigger than Arsenal and has payed the price. The fans have high ambitions and therefore NO REASON to bring ex-players when they’ve been replaced with better ones. We have Cazorla and Ozil and therefore no need for Cesc in our team, especially considering the fact a forward is a our priority not an outdated midfielder. Buying him would just send a message to all players that they can join us, leave for a bigger club then come back when they’re outdated and overused. It’s embarrassing that OP is even considering Fabregas signing to be a good idea.

      1. I hate to be a spoil sport…but I think Wenger Told Cesc we didn’t need him because of his pride…you can’t believe that Fabregas wouldn’t have helped Arsenal in pushing for the title if he joined us instead of Chelsea. One thing you should know is that Fabregas is an Arsenal Fan. I’m not saying that we need him now…but he’ll definitely add quality to the team if he does join.
        We have more pressing needs at the moment though. Don’t go criticising Fabregas because he left to Barcelona and wanted to return. Same thing happened with Henry, and he returned to Arsenal. No difference with the two players…
        Henry wanted to leave to win titles/ Fabregas wanted to leave to win titles
        Henry took the chance to play at Barca/ Fabregas took the chance to play at Barca
        Wenger took Henry back/ Wenger refused taking Fabregas back
        There’s more to this than meets the eye.
        Just saying.

  3. Noooooo way..
    We’re already stocked in cm with xhaka,cazorla,el neny,Ramsey and Wilshire..
    What I’d love to see is another pure defensive midfielder brought in to rotate or compete with coquelin at the base of our midfield, and yes am implying that we raid Leicester city for kante.

  4. Fab is a 550 game veteran.
    He was good at Arsenal
    many moons ago but now
    he is way past his prime.
    Wilshere Elneny Xhaka and Cazorla can all do his job.
    Arsenal has 10 midfielders besides we need a CB and striker.
    If he is available for 12 mill and on 50k p/w I’d take him.
    Lets get Morata for 40 mill and a CB.

  5. Just more dead cat talk that distracts from wenger’s failure to upgrade by getting rid of average players who we all know can’t deliver trophies even in a weak year … And EPL and cl were both that last year … Walcott Campbell Gibbs ox and mert should all have gone by now … Draxler Rodriguez subotic (there are better though) could have come in as all are actually available with a net spend of very little … Then focus on goal scorer and splash the cash … Would still go for for the borrusia guy but if wenger shows no intent nothing will happen

  6. Wengers opinion is that if you leave you leave for good. He made an exception with flamini but took a lot if persuading.

    When fabregas left barcelona, wengers reason for not signing him was that ozil had taken his place, same reason applies now.

    Our priority is striker and centre back.

    Suggestions on here that RVP if currently fit and up to the job could be a suitable signing were generally thumbed down and criticised, and that was for a position we desperately need to fill.

    Fabregas played for chelsea and mourinho, the classless crass one. So burnt his boats.

    Answer is simple, NO

  7. I have to admit mixed feelings here, He did leave, albeit for his boyhood club, taking a paycut to make it happen. I can understand that as i’d pay to play for the Arsenal and dump any other team on the planet to do so no matter how I felt about them.

    He was brilliant for us and showed some of his old skills last year too although his heart isn’t in it at Chelsea. It’s like going out with an ex, it can work out if you’ve both grown up a bit, we have, where he’s only aged.

    He’s more like Santi than Ozil to me and with Santi’ injury record and Fab’s quality he would be excellent cover for his contryman.

    If he ever does come home (I bet he’d love to) I’ll forgive the little £^%* and hope he makes ammends

  8. The only way this happens is if Ramsey leaves. Wilshere isn’t going anywhere, there’s no way anyone would pay a fair price for him after he’s been out for basically 2 1/2 years.

    If the rumors are true that City want to pay for Jack, then we should pay for the cab ride. Everyone should know by now that if Arsene has his numbers in a position, he WILL NOT buy another player before selling one.

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