Should Arsenal just accept Alexis transfer and move on?

I do not want Arsenal to sell Alexis Sanchez this summer, let me make that perfectly clear. What I really would like is for the Chilean superstar to decide that the Gunners were the team he wants to spend the next four or five years playing for and put pen to paper on a new contract.

For that to happen I think it would take some monumental action from Arsene Wenger, both on the verbally persuasive side of things and on the financial side of things and I reckon that Arsenal would have to splash the cash on at least two, and probably more, top class players before the striker was convinced of our ambition.

I would also like to win the Lotto jackpot and shack up with Kelly Brook, but unfortunately it ain’t gonna happen Gooners. I have accepted that, painful as it was to do, so I think we all need to also accept the inevitability of Alexis’s exit this summer.

I certainly do not want it to drag on until the end of the window, leaving no time for Wenger to sign a replacement and I certainly cannot see our club keeping him for the last year of his current deal and then getting zilch for him next summer when we could get around £50 million now.

Time for a dose of reality you think?

Sam P.


  1. Alexis wants to go to city primarily for two reasons
    1. Pep
    2. Trophies

    Alexis may get a lower salary at city then what we offered. I heard We offered around £250-280,000 per week. The highest salaries at City is £220,000 per week

    That tells how much Alexis wants to leave. Money is extremely important but not everything. Some players want trophies too.

    1. Also we put ourselves in this position
      If we had signed the right players over the past 3 summers we would be title contenders not 5 th place and Alexis would have stayed in my opinion.

      I honestly can’t blame Alexis.
      He is happy in England. He is probably happy with the salary we offered. I think he is more ambitious than Arsenal FC

      Also, IF Alexis would stay for £300,000 pw then we should just pay it. It’s better to pay that amount for a world class player than selling him to a rival. I don’t know if that is the case though

      1. I was surprised to read that you’re right, 220.000 a week. And that is only if they reach certain targets. City have them on bonus related contracts because of FFP. Aguero gets 165.000 a week, but it reaches 220.000 a week after bonuses, if he hit’s his targets. Last season Aguero only missed 7 PL games.

        This sort of strengthens our position regarding Alexis. City have limits to what they are offering. We might actually have a fighting chance. We are or never have been in danger of breaking FFP rules.

    2. What makes him think were going to win trophies before or more than Arsenal? see the league now is very tough, No one is sure of winning Anything, what if Arsenal gets to win the league next season ? or We finished above city and we win the Europa and FA cup?.
      Well make sure we get Aguero if Sanchez leaves to city, He’s one of the best strikers in the world right now, if we offer Aguero 300k per week he should move, and that’s like 80k increase compared to what he earns at city currently. (2) Next year is world cup , so he needs to play. but my fears with Aguero is his Injuries, so if he gets injured who will play in his position?..that now takes me to 3 people all french (1) Mbappe (2) Lacazette (3) Antony Martial. I arranged them in order of preference.
      our line up could be. or

      1. Lemar is not a defender…the whole point of playing a 5 man defence is to play 5 defenders…the only reason why OX ever played as a wingback was because Bellerin was injured and subsequently rubbish when he returned.It makes bo sense playing 4 defenders in a 5 man defence formation.

        1. Is Victor Moses at Chelsea a defender? When Ox played in that position didn’t he play it well?

    3. I dint think there is no much deference between city and us. If alixis wants trophies he can archive that here.. Just hope we sign Lemar and/or lacazette

    4. When was the last time city won a trophy stop making them Realmadrid,spending blindly dont make u win great look at Manure. dont tell thy won if yhat is the case we also did win a trophy.I understand you dont lke wenger so do i, but quit with puting my beloved Arsenal down plastic.

    5. Tell me: What has city won in the last 3 seasons?

      Sine Sanchez singed for Arsenal he’s won 2 FA cups, I Community Shield. In the same period City has won 1 Leauge Cup. City has been performing worse than Arsenal over the past 3 seasons so don’t come here with that “trophies” argument because city has been doing that less often than Arsenal. It’s all about the money.

  2. I keep seeing Alexis going to City but I’ve yet to hear him, his agent or the club say this. Where can I find this?

    1. Oh, you haven’t read it? It’s all all over the rumor mill. The most insightful, insider news around. *sarcasm*

      But on a serious note, official news usually comes from the club itself, and besides certain agents like riola , Mendes, most agents don’t blabber around. I say what makes transfer season so newsworthy, is the excitement, uncertainty and the power to dream. So enjoy it brother.

  3. Until we show we’re ready to run down a contract rather than get bullied into selling this sort of obsession with Alexis will keep happening.
    We should keep Alexis, in Jan he’ll be a very expensive non-CL tied player. If we keep blinking, agents & clubs will keep pushing. Giving Alexis to ManC is suicidal. Bayern let Ballack’s contract run down – we can do the same with Alexis

    1. We don’t need to run down his contract. If city are willing to give us Aguero, then Arsenal should swap him with Sanchez immediately. Sanchez would be a very negative influence if he doesn’t want to stay and is kept against his will. He would destroy our season and still leave for free. That would be the worst deal for Arsenal. Should City want him so much then demand Aguero. He’s not getting game time when Jesus is fit and would be willing to come if we show him that we really want him.

  4. You people are so brainwashed it’s not even funny. Alexis, his agent nor the club has come out and said anything about leaving – The same thing goes for Ozil. 1) The only reason they haven’t signed new contracts yet was because they weren’t sure what was going on with Wenger’s contract. 2) Pep Guardiola’s system doesn’t fit Alexis Sanchez and Pep was the one who used to bench him at Barcelona and you people actually believe he is going to join Pep. Here at Arsenal Alexis and Ozil are given freedom in terms of movement and style of play. 3) Both have said many times over that they are really comfortable at Arsenal and when they do screw Wenger isn’t going to just bench them like that or ill-treat them. 4) When both Ozil and Alexis Sanchez were going to join Arsenal both players were approached by Man City and other teams and they chose to come here even when the other teams were offering more money. 5) If you know anything about Ozil and Alexis especially Ozil you know that he is an introvert and he has to be around a coach that understands him and will be patient with him (Wenger). 6)They both state that Wenger was the biggest influence for them coming here and it is obvious he is going to be one of the main reasons they extend their contracts. Yes Wenger and Arsenal FC have made some mistakes over the years but put some perspective on everything. It’s funny that the people who talk the most negative stuff about Arsenal are Arsenal fans and the media. You guys will literally believe ANYTHING the media says. Think, observe and analyse for yourselves and stop regurgitating even bs story the media puts out.

    1. No wonder rival fans and the media will constantly troll our club. We have some of the most idiotic braindead, illogical people for fans. One of the few problems that I have with how Arsenal handles business is the lack of communication from the club at times but our fanbase doesn’t help either. The minute something goes wrong whether if it’s during a match or we hit a bad patch or something else instead of the fans unite and try to get behind the club and manager the blasted idiots abuse manager, players and each other. When Alexis Sanchez has to come out and say something about it we need to take a look at ourselves as fans to. Hector Bellerin hits a bad patch and the idiots abuse him and want him sold….For centuries we cry out for a tough tackling take-no-prisoners midfield player who shows some aggression and the minute we get him(Xhaka) we complain….Most of our fanbase think he is a flop and garbage player but Pep Guardiola wanted him and thinks he is quality but apparently we have a garbage player….Instead of support the lad and get behind him as he adapts to the league we abuse him. It makes you wonder sometimes….you can thumbs down my comments all you like I’m only spitting facts.

  5. Agony and distress of the fans…
    We signed players for our darling club….
    When Le Proff. Refuse our choice then.
    Anti Wenger planes starts Flying over match venues..

    Strange and hopeful in Despair.

  6. They really should, all the fans did already.
    We won’t be furious, we’re used to the fact that we are a feeder club that drives the top players away from itself.
    Also, I wouldn’t bet on us signing any rumored player.

  7. You might have a shot with Kelly Brook. I seen her out in a nightclub one night and she gets fairly plastered. She looks like she responds best to confidence and a firm hand. So strut on over to her with your best John Travolta impression and then firmly pat her on the ass, a nice firm smack on one cheek and then say ..wanna make like a banana! babe!.

    Tell us what happens!!!

    We should maybe offer Alexis a six year contract just to show him how badly we want to keep him. Even if in four years time he begins to lose his pace, I’d say because of his fighting spirit he’d still be a good substitute. He’d still score and create, he’d still battle and inspire. When they get to a certain age they don’t want to feel it’s downhill from here, so we should say you are different Alexis. Give him six year contract at 300 a week, five at the least.

  8. Until I hear an official bid from any of the teams that want Sanchez I will believe it but for now I am keeping my cool

  9. I don’t know how and where this whole stuff about Alexis going to Man City started. However if it’s true it would beg a few questions: why would Alexis leave Arsenal which has won more trophies than City in the period he has been here? What guarantee does he have that City will finish above Arsenal this season? If he was going to Chelsea one would perhaps understand because they are the EPL champions currently.
    Now to the debate on whether or not to let Alexis go to Man City. If you look at the money issue only you will miss the point. This issue is multi dimensional. It has a sporting aspect, psychological angle and financial issue. In order to arrive at a correct conclusion you need to examine all these aspects. Where at the sporting angle is Man City better than Arsenal? This should be judged based on trophies earned in the last three years or so. If you look at the money Arsenal could gain or lose either way you will miss the bigger issue which is the psychological aspect..
    The psychological issue to me is the most important. You can’t convince anyone that you intend to mount a serious title challenge and you sell your best player to a direct rival. This would be a contradiction! Secondly, if your rivals realise that you are weak willed they will always bulldoze you and take away your best players. Furthermore, forfeiting 50 million today for a principle you believe in could earn you much more tomorrow.
    Perhaps we need to understand why Alexis wants to leave Arsenal if it’s true. If his motive is monetary let us offer him the money he wants because getting another player could be more costly. If it is for genuine sporting reasons he might see no need to leave next season when we improve our performance on the pitch. He might even sign a long term contract and end his career at Arsenal. Hence, as a priority, we need to sign at least two quality players who will improve our team. If we are winning no player would want to leave for another club.

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