Should Arsenal just be glad to cash in on Torreira?

If Torreira Wants To Leave, Let Him Leave by Dan Smith

Lucas Torreira’s agent is yet again making it clear his client wants to return to Serie A. While it’s not the player saying he ‘wishes to return’ to Italy, he’s surely got the power to tell Pablo Bentancur to stop talking.

That’s what you would do if you were truly happy at your current club, especially if it’s not the first time your representative has said this.

I often say to be a big club you have to act like a big club. We need to set standards, we shouldn’t be tolerating a player’s advisor, every time the transfer window is around the corner, saying how unhappy his player is.

Let’s be honest, has the Uruguayan really performed to a level where he’s in a position to be acting like he’s too good for us?

Arteta has spoken a good game since becoming our manager. He impressed many with his first press conference. Maybe because he used to be our captain, he spoke about what’s required to wear the shirt – and simply won’t tolerate anyone who’s not willing to meet his expectations. Now’s the time to talk the talk.

Let’s have a dressing room of gunners proud to there, not begging people to stay like they are doing us a favour. That’s then how you create leaders. A Roy Keane or Patrick Viera wouldn’t tolerate a youngster who’s done nothing but constantly threatening he might leave. It was one thing forcing the likes of Fabregas and Sanchez to stay a year longer then they wanted – but someone who’s been average at best? Is that how far we have fallen?

I asked this question in the summer, how many truly great games as he had for us? Maybe the North London Derby over a year ago?

Guendouzi’s been preferred as our first choice DM meaning when Torreira had played its been in an attacking role. You can blame Emery for that but it’s a player’s responsibility to show in training that he should be first choice.

The new regime has put him back to his preferred position, but has he played well enough to be worried if he left? I would sit him down for clarification but the moment I sense he’s not committed, I would sell him.

At best he gets a sideways move but he’s not going to join a better team than us. Values might be affected by the pandemic but equally we might have to raise funds ourselves.

At 24 years old and a big reputation from his Sampdoria days, Torreira is an obvious asset you can make money from, hence why the Italian media keep being informed how much he misses their culture compared to London.

We have the likes of Guendouzi who will only get better, it might free up space for Maitland-Niles to play in midfield, while even a Callum Chambers could be an option – so the cash could be put towards a new defender?

No one would fault the player’s work rate which made him popular with gooners from day one, but don’t confuse running round like a headless chicken to being productive.

You have to objectively weigh all factors up. Does he make enough contribution to make someone stay where they are not happy? Then consider if is it worth turning down say 30 million at a time when we have lost revenue?

If we are a big club then let’s act like a big club. He wants to leave? call him a taxi, pay for his air fare, don’t worry about sending us a postcard, good bye!

Dan Smith


  1. ken1945 says:

    Your headless chicken and productivity remark made me smile Dan – anyone else in mind?

    The thing is, I’ve yet to read anything from the player himself, at least since Arteta arrived.
    Perhaps his agent is in need of money and is trying to create a move / new contract?

    1. Lenohappy says:

      Ken1945, this is not the first time his agent will be saying stuff like this, so I believe hes saying what torrera ordered him to say. You can’t really expect the player to come out and say I want to leave the club.

    2. jon fox says:

      Ken, as LENO HAPPY below says(by implication) correctly, there is nothing to prevent any player making a public statement about falsehoods circulating, IF they be falsehoods, as you may believe but which I do not.
      I’d call time on Torreira simply because his tiny stature is unsuited to our PREM. He’s a tryer alright but is constantly bowled over by stronger, taller opponents and is thus ineffective at the level we need.

  2. Shakir says:

    Torreira is far better than guendouzi,niles or any other dm(if we have one)in the club.He positions well and win tackles and is a player who will never be questioned for his work rate.He may not have physique to be a top level dm but i repeat he is a very good dm and can be our own kante if he is played in the right position.He had good games under MA and was very consistent till his injury.The UE era,ok lets just forget it..

    But if he wants to leave,let him leave…

    But please get a good dm as well…

    1. Austin says:

      Please going forward for arsenal … Partey or Rabiot

      Done with cry babies in the club

      Let’s show some ruthness and bring with heart

      We move… No player is irreplaceable unless we don’t want to get our head in the game to get better replacement

    2. Austin says:

      Please going forward for arsenal … Partey or Rabiot.
      Done with cry babies in the club, Let’s show some ruthness and bring with heart.
      We move… No player is irreplaceable unless we don’t want to get our head in the game to get better replacement

      1. Robert Acedius says:

        Thomas Partey is the man. Rabiot is a mother’s boy. Let’s go for signing grown men (at least 25 of age). I’m fed up with all these “wonderkids” who never have to grow up and deliver results. Being young is no excuse, as someone in Man United put it. So true. They have the same problems with kids. To many under twenty players in the squad doesn’t necessary mean that you have such a talented academy activity, instead it can say something embarrassing about your signing policy (and lack of cash).

    3. RSH says:

      Being better than Guendouzi isn’t hard means nothing. If we have a chance to sell someone who isn’t good enough, we should take it. Torreira has been fine, but not good enough for a team trying to get into UCL.

    4. Thomo says:

      Your right he is our best dm,for some silly reason Emery put him further up the pitch

  3. Quantic Dream says:

    Torreira is a flop for me. Cash in and throw the money bags at Leicester for Ndidi. If they refuse well, cash in anyway.

  4. Robert Acedius says:

    Sell the little man, if we can get anything for him. I’ve never seen him tackle anybody. He’s to small. What is he – 5 ft 8? That’s junior high. Or Jonathan Swift.

    1. jon fox says:


  5. Rwothomio Godfrey says:

    All the player’s in the arsenal squad are young and can’t do anything.we need a squad of players who are 25-29yrs.

    1. Goonster says:

      I am 5’8 and always felt like a big guy.

  6. Skills1000 says:

    Guendouzi is not good enough. He should be loaned out. You cannot win trophies with Guendouzi anchoring the midfield. Comparing Torrera to Guendouzi makes no sense. We should keep Torrera and Xhaka. Make Ceballos move permanent. Also, buy Thomas Partey. We should bring back Aaron Ramsey. We need goal scoring midfielders in the team. DM: Torrera and Thomas Partey. CM: Ramsey, Xhaka, Ceballos. Move Pepe to the No 10 role. He is the only player in the team who moves with the ball and can draw fouls. Buy one of Nabil Fekir or Thomas Lemar. 4 signings are needed (when you include buying Ceballos from Madrid) We need a bigger squad with experience to win things. Liverpool and Man City invested big. We may have to sell one of Aubameyang or Lacazette to fund these moves. The defense is sorted.

  7. Sue says:

    Torreira has put a post on Instagram of all his goals…

    1. Mogunna says:

      Must be his agent😷 hidding behind lil man’s account, displaying his goals to sell him fast. Perfect. If I may, this is what I would suggest to our retarded board.

      1) offload players while still wanted by other clubs, swap if possible as it is for Torreira, and keep few ones we can use.

      Sell Xhaka, Skoratis Elneny, Gendouzi, Holding, Mustafi, Luiz, Pepe for 150M.

      2) Swap as we have the option:

      Laca for Partey.
      Torreira for Koulibaly, add 50M.

      Or sell both for 70M

      3) Buy players able to strength team where needed most:

      CB:Koulibaly 80M. DM: Partey 40M. CAM Kang-in Lee 50M

      50M profit in transactions, Kroenke be happy.

      We obviously can’t sell Ozil’s wage to anyone!

      Bellerin Koulibaly Saliba Tierny
      Niles Partey
      Kang-in Lee
      Nelson Auba. Saka

      Martinez Nketiiah, Martineli, Willock, Rowe, Chambers, Mari,

      Niles is a great player when used in his position in midfield, helps RB defending, can run forward, make transitions and support attacks on that flank. A BtoB. We safe.

      Partey locks that midfield area, Saka will also defend, support Tierny as Nelson on other flanks. We know Auba!

      Some of us may and most not know Kang-in lee. Valencia signed him at 11, he is 19… Precisly what we need in attacking midfield, who do not complaint but love to come help defending and start play from a lower zone.

      Check him out : phenomenal talent & future ahead.

      Auba will extend another year if we sign Koulibaly and Partey. It defenetly shows ambition to fight for title, what any players would expect signing to Arsenal.

      This team is so Arsenal and can only progress each year, fight for titles indeed! But with a dumb board, we dead!

      1. Sue says:

        I really hope we sign Partey, Mogunna.

      2. Mobella says:

        Bro, Aubamayang will extend if we over him 300k and sign nobody. He has said it himself he doesn’t have to win anything to be happy and be the best.

    2. Dan says:

      That wouldn’t have taken long lol

      1. Sue says:


  8. Olcay Akdeniz says:

    The two players that you have mentioned are very capable youngsters and would do anything that they would be asked of.
    Actually I am in the opinions Tham being Captain material for near future.

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