Should Arsenal just concentrate on building for next season?

Hello once again friends, hope we are all doing fine? I have been thinking, now that Arsenal have been dumped out of the Europa league, won’t it be a good time for our manager, Mikel Arteta to start building his team? Won’t he like to start using the players he intends using in the future, right now?

I love the fact that our exit from the Europa league generated a lot of reactions from both the fans of Arsenal and Arsenal FC. What this means is that despite our impression about Arteta, we still believe we should be doing better than how we are doing at the moment. Well, we are out but we are not down yet. The only positivity I can take out of our defeat last Thursday is the opportunity dropping out of Europe affords Arsenal.

It won’t be out of place for me to request that we start building for next season, now! We are out of Europe and from the look of things; we may even not qualify to play in Europe next season. Based on this, I feel we should not really kill ourselves over trying to end the season on a high. If we qualify for Europe, then we would have ended the season on a high; but if we don’t, no matter our league position at the end of the season, we would have failed. So what do we do now? Let us start preparing for next season.

Arteta doesn’t really have the luxury of playing with players he feels comfortable with. He came to Arsenal mid season and he was stuck with the same old players Arsenal had during Emery’s time. Even during the January transfer window, he was only provided with two players who came on loan.

Since he finds himself in this type of situation, he would do well to start making use of players he feels he can work with next season. He may start by benching players who don’t really figure in his plans and start making use of those who figure in his plan. The likes of Saka and Martinelli, should start more regularly now, while the likes of Aubameyang should lead them in attack. If he intends keeping Laca next season, he could also give him ample time to blend with the team, by using him often.

The problem that he may encounter by wanting to do this is the possibility of trying to build any player into his team, only for the player to be sold at the end of this season. This can be heartbreaking to him and the only way the club can help him solve this, is by trying their best to tie players who are almost out of contract to a new contract. If they are not sure of being successful in tying down players to new contract soon, then, they may as well inform Arteta and ask him to include such players less in his team, this season. Arteta needs to know those he can work with, and those he can’t work with.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. “I feel we should not really kill ourselves over trying to end the season on a high. ”

    Sorry ?????????????????????

    Not for me, even if ending empty handed.

    “We are Arsenal and we are proud.”

    Contradiction at it’s best, given first statement.

  2. No he needs to push every player so he knows what is needed next year and hope 1-2 more improve to save us replacing them in the summer like Mustafi has.
    Plus who wants to come to a team that didnt push to get into europe.

  3. I’m guessing that by now Arteta has a pretty good idea of who he thinks can make it at the club and those that are past it or not good enough.

    It would look bad on Arteta as a man and manager if he didn’t get the team to play as well as they can until the end of the season. There is an FA cup quarter final game plus pushing in the EPL for a Europa league spot to concentrate on. Finishing as high as possible is a must. Giving up on that to concentrate on rebuilding sends out a terrible message.

  4. We must focus finishing at highest spot this season.

    Next season must see all youngsters take over and sell Auba, Laca, Ozil, Kolas, Miki, Xhaka, Elneny, Sokra, Mustafi… 220 milions!

    Add top young players in to double both back flanks. Sign Partey and Koulibaly.

    Bellerin Saliba Koulibaly Tierny
    Partey/ Gendouzi
    Niles Willock/Rowe
    Pepe/Nelson Nketiah/Martineli Saka.

    Gendouzi, Nelson, Rowe, Martineli, Ceballos, Chambers, Holding, new LB, new RB.

    If not forced to buy, Mari is not a must. This is a good squad that will progress every year.

    All credit to Wenger who left a treasure in this academy and youth policy, emulated by everyone today.

    Sir Alex pointed when he stopped training; team for next decade or to watch for is Arsenal because of that youth policy allowing team to progress each year because young lads are growing while playing regular EPL.

    Arteta witnessed it as player, seeing this lads coming into first team. He is very much aware of this fact..

    For now we must only concentrate fully on top4 and Cup targets. Not sure Auba would stay even with CL and surely many should be sold to make way to a new cycle.


      1. The Academy may have some prospects; too bad about the squad Wenger left Emery in comparison to the squad he inherited from Rioch!
        Admin talks about the players Arteta inherited from Emery, but in truth how many of the players were bought for Emery as cheap options, instead of the types of players he wanted?
        Arteta must be supported by the owner and Board in the transfer market, to augment the up and comers with seasoned hard nosed professionals, otherwise the slide will not be reversed.

  5. If we have the players we can have a good run to the end of the season and salvage our season. It is possible for us to finish in a CL place (not likely though) and it is possible to win the FA cup again not likely. The truth is we have players that constantly let this team down game after game, xhaka, mustaffi, ozil, bellerin, lacca and they are what we are relying on far too much. We can defend them all we want but they let us down and are not of the standards that we need to be a top club. Have we got players to replace them this year regularly, some yes and some no. My problem is Artetas continued reliance on players he obviously believes are better than what they are bringing to the team. My problem is what they are taking away from the team. The truth is i am hopeful for a good end to the season but the truth is because of our sub standard players mentioned i am not holding my breath.

    1. But no, we should not never concentrate on next season until this one is over as far as the team is concerned.

    2. Hi Reggie
      I know where you are coming from with your list of players underperforming and yet some on here rate at least 2 of your underperformers. I think a mix of experience and youth are an essential blend, but I am not able enough to know how good our youth are in their bid to replace the old duffers on a regular basis really are.
      We know that Arteta is learning as he goes, and I am prepared to believe that he has the ability to move us in the right direction. It must be pretty depressing having little money to spend and far too many in the squad that are not really fit for purpose.

  6. Sue, everything is about opinion but the truth is we are where we are because of the players not being good enough. All the players i have mentioned and i could have mentioned more are not living up to their hype. I like Lacazette but truth is like all mentioned are not contributing enough on a regular basis. Some people latch onto any small thing they can to say that this player and that player is doing this well and we aren’t being fair on them. Its not about being fair, its about, they are not producing. Ozils stats however they are dressed up and fuddled to suit are absolutely shocking and if he and others mentioned keep performing like they are we will stay in the same position in the table as we are. Its not rocket science, we have players not doing the job they are in for and are not producing. People can stick up for their favourites all they like but that wont get us better results. I say to them open your eyes we are where we are because of them. If they were that food we wouldn’t. Im not sentimental Sue, i say it as i see it, sentimental doesn’t get results, truth and doing something does.

    1. They aren’t as tasty as they should be:)!!

      Neither are Liverpool tonight either and confidence is a clearly prized commodity

      Everything you said is absolutely fair. I think we all latch on to any strand of hope when the chips are down and you’re right as we’ve been plain and simply not good enough; scratching around for snippets of hope. Football success and failure hangs by tiny margins.

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