Should Arsenal just give up on Willian and move him on in January?

Arsenal fans had mixed views of the arrival of the 32 year-old Willian being signed up to a 3 year deal in the summer. Some were expecting great things from the Brazilian for at least a couple of years, whereas others could not understand why anyone would give such a long contract to a veteran player.

Well the naysayers seem to be correct so far, as Willian has had very little impact so far as Arsenal have been dropping down the table like a lead ballon.

He started well with two assists in his first game, but ten games later he still hasn’t scored a goal, and has only managed one more assist, but for some reason Arteta still seems to retain faith that he will come good.

Now it is being reported by Gol Digital in Spain that Real Betis are considering an approach for Willian to replace their 39 year-old retiring captain Joaquin. The report says (translated by Google): “To strengthen the team and anticipate the withdrawal of Joaquín, Antonio Cordón has in his sphere the possibility of incorporating Willian. The Brazilian currently plays for Arsenal led by Mikel Arteta, who at the beginning of this season has chosen to gradually relegate him.

“The experienced winger has not been able to consolidate himself in the Gunner team and the club’s executives would be contemplating the possibility of signing his exit in this winter market. A scenario that Betis could well mitigate the impact that the departure of a player like captain Joaquín would leave.

“Willian’s qualities in the football universe are well known. The Brazilian is intelligent, has overflow, associative capacity, arrival on goal, defensive profile when required, etc. He is a versatile player who given the development of the game can set up a containment line in the midfield.”

It would ceretainly be a massive U-turn by Arteta if he let Willian go, as he seemed sure that he would be an instant hit for the Gunners, but I don’t think many Gooners would complain if he was removed from our wage bill.

The only questions are; Could Betis afford to pay Willian as much as his Arsenal contract? And; Would Arteta admit that he made a huge mistake by bringing in Willian?

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  1. all front line players should be move on they are using the club to extort high wages and the board falls for it each time may be the board has to go too

  2. I’d be really surprised if Willian was in agreement with a move if one came up as he’d not get any where near the deal he’s reported to be on at Arsenal, and apparently he loves London.
    We’re unfortunately stuck with him and the best we hope for is that he finds some of that Chelsea form.

    1. True, Jax. I doubt Arsenal will want to move him on. He’s only has a short spell at the club and it’s not like he’s the only one who is under-performing anyway!

      He definitely needs to pull his socks up and get on with it though because he has much to prove this season that he was indeed the right choice.

  3. Hahahaha 😂😆😂🤣…can’t stop laughing you want to move on Arteta fan boys very own Messi in January. Never gonna happen. We signed him on 3 years contract so we have another ozil situation. While some fans protested with logic against his signing that too for 3 years, Areta fan boys called them with no football brain and Willian as an absolute beast. There are a lot of question marks on Edu as well and he needs to be question by the board as well for poor dealing…first we sign Luiz then Willian then Mari n Cedric even though they were injured n featured very few time during loan stunt, how we ended up and on what basis did we ended up signing those two players is beyond logic. There is no process or merit in place then we end up pointing guns at wonder for not supporting the club.

          1. Lol nope, no one on here bar you insults fellow fans with literally 99.9% of posts, it’s truly embarrassing. Inferiority complex is rife.

      1. What else can be expected from a grown up man called Dan kit with iQ level of a 6 year old child other then these sort of comments. Keep hating n I keep laughing at fans like you. 😆🤣

  4. No.. for 2 reasons.
    1) It would appear that we do not know what we are doing.. From the Pepe blunder to the mystery surrounding Saliba.

    2) We are not sure if he is a flop since the whole team appear flops at present..

  5. 3 year deal, didnt get it at chelsea but got it here. He will stay until the last day of that deal like he did his chelsea deal. Hes set for life in london and wants to keep it that way reason he chose Arsenal.

    Imo we have quite a few players who should not be here, underperforming whilst over payed & not playing for the badge.

    Luiz, Papa, Kola, Xhaka, Willain, Ozil, Mustafi, Bellerin, Laca & Pepe.

    Auba deserved his deal, is captain and is just having a purple patch atm and that could be down to our Manager.

    He seems abit lost and out of ideas, has made some ridiculous calls in Matteo, Mesut and Martinez plus we are in a relegation battle 2weeks before xmas in 15th place!

    Dont say Europa league as we should be topping that group regardless.

    Saka, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey & Elneny are the only ones who can be relied on atm. That’s worrying!

    1. he has a valid contract so let him “honor the contract” like his pal Mesut is doing. No wonder we are happily perched at 15th. Same applies to the other pals too. this is a charity club with sympathy for aging and useless players. My worry is that tierney, Martinelli and Saka may move in summer while we may soon get into a relegation dogfight

    2. Sean, I must point out that a “purple patch” means exactly the opposite of how you used it. EG a run of say ten games with Auba scoring twelve times would be a purple patch. I REALISE YOU MAY NOT BE BRITISH AND WOULD NOT PERHAPS KNOW THIS.

      1. Any reason for using the uppercase? Is it important if he is British or not?

        Can’t a non-British be an Arsenal fan with opinions like any British one?

        Why you always have to be….

  6. I could not argue with most of your comments Sean, other than for the handling of the Guendouzi issue.The young man showed an arrogance which damaged the image of our Club, and the decision to move him on was justified.Unfortunately, the Pandemic has impacted severely on the transfer market, so a loan was in the best interests of all concerned.I am not surprised Guendouzi is apparently doing well in Germany as he is a talented player.

  7. We should never have brought him. Nothing wrong with reiss nelson who could have and should have been moulded. Anyway

    I think some of the comments around willians Chelsea form are fair. IMO he as never a world beater but not a bad player. I cant understand why we got him and the current coach needs to justify it. A new coach may be able to bring out the best in him but man. Who the hell sanctioned that move. WTF.

    Man what is wrong with arsenal. You say no to Pires becoming a coach but pay willian stupid wages. Bruh

  8. As usual most Arsenal fans amuse me to the fullest…. Their analysis of the game just adds to the predicament the club is in.

    How can people even compare Nelson to Willian????? How many goals or assists do Nelson and Saka have this season??

    Mind you, Willian is a starter at Brazil, the world’s best footballing nation.

    It’s not his problem that Arsenal has a gambler in charge, who’s gambling with the best team we’ve ever had since Wenger.

    And I don’t see Chelsea or Man U fans judging Giroud or Cavani because of age.

    The only good decision this Arteta guy has ever made is playing him regardless of what non-logically thinking people want to make others believe.

  9. I think saka,nketiah&maitland-niles should be sold now that they are still a bit relevant&we should focus on more productive young players like willock,smith-rowe&balogun to build them up for a great future

  10. Willian has been non existent, i was quite excited by his signing but what a let down. He is producing nothing and i woul get rid if at all possible.

  11. I dont know who does our scouting and signing of players . Eberechi Eze was there for cheap ,Ziyech ,Behrama now players like Max Aaron , Cantwell and so many of our youngsters can improve our first team. Instead players like Willian , get signed and players like Xhaka and Bellerin get constant playing time , Auba has been poor .

  12. He won’t leave £200k/week that he’ll get for 3yrs and move somewhere else. He hit a jackpot at Emirates

  13. Arteta is using trial and error method. You can’t blame him because he doesn’t know much about team management. He climbed the tree from the top. Willian was an average player at Chelsea. But Arteta saw him as a game changer. So sad to see the latest developments under the management of Arteta

  14. Yes, Definitely. Please Please Please. It will reduce expenses and provide space for a younger player to step up. Won’t happen though under this administration.

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