Should Arsenal just let Podolski leave in January?

The German international Lukas Podolski arrived with a fanfare in the summer of 2012, but for some reason (only known to Arsene Wenger I am sure) he has never been able to get a regular starting spot unless injuries have forced him into the team.

In two full seasons he has only made 39 starts in the Premier League despite scoring in every second game (19 goals!) even though he has generally been used as a left-winger. With the arrival of Alexis Sanchez and Wenger’s penchant for using central midfielders on the wing, Podolski is even more unlikely to get a game now and it seems that he has finally had enough of sitting on the bench every week.

Podolski was quoted in the Guardian as saying: “I am a full-blooded player, a street player and I love competition,” the 29-year-old told RTL television.

“If I don’t have this competition every weekend then a change must occur.”

Other than a few minutes at the end of a couple of games, Podolski was only given a full 90 minutes in the League Cup defeat to Southampton, where he failed to shower himself in glory. When asked directly if he would be staying at Arsenal until the end of his contract he replied honestly: “We will have to see. But it is certainly something one has to think about,”

The German has the best percentage scoring record in the last couple of seasons of any current Arsenal player, and many fans have often wondered why Wenger refuses to allow him to improve his record. Surely Arsenal should let him leave if Wenger has no intention of playing him, and use his wages for someone who may actually get picked?

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  1. Aggelos says:

    I’d say, if he is to leave, it’d be better (for us) to do it in the summer. He’s a useful squad player that can help us in the mid-late season.

  2. alan_b.stard.M.P says:

    Poldi is an excellent layer who is a victim of Wenger’s stupidity

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Shooting aside, Campbell is now better than Podolski. Let Campbell fill that void.

    2. He does NOT show that he is an excellent player when he starts for us.
      He may, have a good goal record, but, against the best teams you need MORE than that from your forwards.
      Theo tracks back well. AOC tracks back well. Alexis, Danny, Giroud do too.
      We have Mezut, who does not do it, and like Lukas, is a nightmare when he does, and you CAN NOT accommodate 2 players in the team that just can not defend.
      I understand why he is not happy on the bench, and, I would let him go if that is the case.
      He is nearing the end of his career and game time is precious.

  3. agnes9 says:

    Wenger’s lack of rotation causing injuries to important players at important time. Wilshere and Ramsey could have been rested against lesser teams to include Podolski/Cazorla/Ox/Campbell etc, but NO! Wegner treatment to players like Vermaelan, Podolski and now Joel Campbell has only one effect – Vermaelan leaves and the latter 2 have lost all the enthusiasm to play and supporters like me have lost all the enthusiasm to watch Arsenal’s games. Sorry to say but Southampton is more exciting than Arsenal.

  4. andyarsenal05 says:

    Only if we can get Reus

  5. Skandalouz says:

    I would try to involve him with a Reus/Draxler deal. Although I highly doubt he’ll want to play for any other German side than FC Koln now. Podolski hasn’t impressed me for a single moment so far, he just doesn’t look interested or motivated when he gets a few minutes either to prove himself.

    He still represents value though and I hope the negotiators will try to sell that to clubs that have interesting players to boost our squad.

  6. vijaygunner says:

    podolski, campbell all lack match fitness, they need to be patient they’ll get their chance.

    1. dboy says:

      It’s mind boggling how wenger would insist on playing certain off’form players. But won’t give others a chance. I personally think it would be wise to cash in on poldi and get a proper LW.

      1. vijaygunner says:

        not before the next transfer window, god knows how many injuries will happen before the season is over. Podolski will get his chance.

      2. jonestown1 says:

        Didn’t do much with their chance in the League Cup did they?

  7. supertuur says:

    Let him go, we have plenty of cover. His wages and transfer fee will allow us to buy CDM/CB cover. Arsenal are top heavy. If we get Reus than Campbell should go too.

    1. dboy says:

      Not on the left we don’t. But I think Wenger should consider letting him go come January, only if he can find a suitable replacement.

  8. agnes9 says:

    I see we are in a dreamland now and Wegner knows best, because we beat a very,very poor gala team. Sometimes I think the fans here don’t have a clue about football. I will see all on Sunday. Back to reality. I hope I’m wrong

  9. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

    I prefer to give players like Campel and Gnabry more chance than Pod and don’t forget that we will have Walcot back and I really don’t think Pod can offer us much right now … so yes let him go in Jan

    1. KickAssFan says:

      U must be a mind reader. And oh, how I love ur alias.

  10. Matt says:

    Certainly not without a Marco Reus/Julian Draxler-esque replacement.

    1. RSH says:

      yah its not like we need a CDM or CB. Lets blow the money on another attacking player -_-. Seriously this site is obsessed with attacking players, even when our defense is horrible. And then ppl complain about Wenger’s transfers. Makes no sense.

  11. Big Gun says:

    We are looking at this completely the wrong way. Podolski was bought into the club at a time when we were still feeling that financial pinch and couldn’t really afford world class players like Ozil and Sanchez. Now that we are back in business and bringing in better players, I really do not think Lucas fits the bill and his age has a lot to do with it. I like him but I do not think he will suit our new formation and style and this is another reason why we must let him go and give Campbell a decent opportunity.

  12. fred cowardly says:

    I don’t blame Podolski. he wants to play and has hardly played at all. He is also a killer finisher and Germany international.

    Yes, if the money is right or part of deal for a bigger player like Khedira, Carvalho, Reus, Cavani etc. We already have many forwards and makes sense for all concerned to part ways. Although, on a personality basis, I would miss him a lot.

  13. arsenalkid1970 says:

    No do a deal for a world class DM and a CD. Enough of this shit with players doing as they please

  14. Mk2013 says:

    Wenger has a scarcity mentality and doesn’t know how to handle a team full of stars. He doesn’t know anything about rotation. He plays same players over and over again and he doesn’t change tactics to suit the opposition resulting in good players getting injured and other top class players leaving the squad in search of playing opportunities.A top defender like Vermaleen shouldn’t have left if AW was doing rotation.Right now the injury list is increasing and Wenger doesn’t change.If AW remains like that Podolski, Campbell, Rosicky, Nacho must leave in order to serve their career.

  15. RSH says:

    If Podolski leaves in Jan, Campbell should stay. I dont think we should let two wingers go in one window. And yeah, it looks like this make be Rozza’s last season, he gets no gametime anymore. Cant believe Rosicky might leave, but Arteta gets a contract extension. Sell Mikel for peanuts and get a new CDM instead of a 32 year old not playing in his natural position.

  16. leo says:

    yes let him leave he doesn’t fit our system he is a fan favorite but we need someone better like reus/draxler or try for raheem sterling he hasn’t signed a new contract could leave + think joel Campbell 2 would leave he was keen 2 leave in summer

  17. leo says:

    Wenger on Mourinho’s comments about him in past: “One of the privileges of age is that your ego is less important.”
    saw Fabian schar’s performance against liverlool he was good contracts end in summer we can get him jan as our 4th choice cb

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