Should Arsenal just pay the £8m for Manolas?

Arsenal are in desperate need of another defender urgently, and everybody seems to agree that our top target is the Olmpiakos centre-back Kostas Manolas, who is also being chased by Juventus, according to the Greek giants representative, Christian Karembeu.

He was quoted in the Telegraph as saying: “We are not willing to negotiate his sale for less than £8m. We have not set a deadline for clubs to bid but, if we receive the right offer, we’re willing to sell him. Otherwise, we will keep him.

“Juventus are interested and have made a sound offer. They are not the only ones interested in him, though.

“In the last few days, interesting proposals have also arrived from England.”

Even the player himself is keen on making the move quickly, and has spoken to the club about it. “Yes, Manolas confronted me recently,” added Karembeu. “This is normal, he’s a young guy and for the first time he is seeing his name linked with major European clubs.

“I’m not shocked by the attention he’s getting.

“We were sure he would become a player with a lot of international interest in the transfer market, even more so after his great World Cup performances.

“He has made a deal with the president that he will accept a transfer to whichever team meets the financial demands of the club, be that Juve or an English club.”

So if Arsenal are in dire need, why doesn’t Wenger just pay the money. It’s not a fortune in footballing terms….

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    1. I agree completely and would like to state that in real terms, we have not really added to our squad defensive wise as we have lost Sagna, Vermalean and Jenkinson on loan. We do need a back for Gibbs and another CD and DM. DIABY should be sold!!!!! That’s all we need in my opinion. Striker maybe, but not urgent. Giroud and company shall perform. We lost the title last season coz of over committing our players and not keeping the defensive line firm in the big games. Let’s exercise caution and accuracy in this season especially in the big games. WE CAN DO IT! GO GO GOONERS!!!!!!!

      1. No point in trying to sell Diaby:
        1. No club would pay any money for a player who has spent the last 5 years injured.
        2. On the rare occasion that he plays, he generally plays really well. When fit, he’s an asset to the squad.

    2. if that is the last choice we have left YES!!! Why aren’t we after the likes of Benatia and shitski are???we have the cash and resources, makes me wonder. we have only spent below 30mil so far while it was rumored that we have 100 mil to spend. Wenger plz bring in a world class CB and a World class DM. We need a world class cb to compete with mert…I dont think manolas will do that he would just be a bench warmer….

    3. We should buy him, but I have a real problem with fans saying ‘we have the money, just pay’. We spent way too many years short of cash to just take it for granted.

      The amount of fans I’ve heard saying we should just pay Khedira what he wants is ridiculous, paying him that much would be catastrophic. It’d only lead to the rest of the dressing room asking for pay raises too, then all of a sudden we don’t have enough money to buy anyone next season because our wage bill is so high.

      I know the Khedira deal is seemingly dead, but its an example. We have money to spend but we must be frugal in our spending.

      1. RUBBISH….We have to compete with the likes of CITY and Chelsea Financially if we want to win the BPL. Signing Khedira would not mean that everyone in the dressing room will be asking for a raise. look at the other teams in the BPL

      2. He would be a good buy but I doubt it will happen bcoz under Wenger’s secretive transfer policy d agent wouldn’t b so open about it..Wenger always surprise us

  1. yes. I dont need Howedes, he lacks pace and not everybody can compliment their lack of pace with good positioning like Merts. He was the weak link in German defence at WC drawing criticism from german ex-international so i we dont need him.

    1. Instead of that, let the boys beat the hell out of this Chelsea team there’s so much hype about. COYG!!!!!

  2. 2 hours till I get on the train, 3 till I start drinking and around 5-6 until I’m wasted 😀

  3. We.are so short of defensive cover it’s almost neglgence by Wenger. 1or2 defender injuries or a red card and where up the swanee. offl course buy him and 1 or 2 more.But please,class only.

    1. We have more defensive cover than last season! Bellerin hayden miquel are all much closer to the first team now. Add those to the other 6 and we have 9. Last season we had 7

  4. I just hope that Chelsea don’t win another trophy this year making it Mourinho’s 3rd year running. That means the special one would be the fired one!

  5. Has any player ever been signed by us when the supposed transfer is preceded by talk from players representatives like “there is an interesting offer from England…”?

    I mean whenever some player is linked to us in the media and someone comes out saying that, we will most definitely NOT sign that player.

    Sanchez, Cazorla, Chambers.. No one in their former clubs came out saying “Yes there is interesting offers for this player from England…”

  6. he is not that great. i would prefer to buy k.papadopoulos from shalke but i really think that transfer Windows for us is over.

  7. Chambers is our new vermaelen (3rd Cb) Miquel or hayden are our 4th cb. Last season we used a 4th cb on just 2 occasions (sagna) the 2 seasons prior we hardly used a 4th cb at either. I really don’t see a problem having miquel and hayden as 4th cb cover. But to be fair I think monreal will be 4th cb anyway. It is a really good thing to use as few defenders as possible. It gets them to know each other inside out. Playing monreal, chambers and even debuchy and gibbs at Cb is not a bad thing. I really want to see our back 4 debuchy mertesacker koscielny gibbs play as many games as possible in the league and champions league with chambers and monreal coming in when needed. Then in the domestic cups I want to see chambers and monreal joined by bellerin and either miquel or hayden. Likewise for Szczesney and ospina

    However for the midfield and attack rotation is key, it also paramount to exploit other teams weaknesses by using the right players for the right opposition. Games like palace is where giroud should be thriving, but by the time we play man City, I want to see a pacey front 3 of Walcott sanchez and the ox or campbell.

  8. For 8m, yes all day. This guy has been impressive on the 4-5 times Ive seen him play. To the comment above me where we don’t use our cover, what if Per and Kos bothe miss time together? That’s the only fear I would have

  9. Well, the boss could sign this guy. But I suspect he may not, because the rumour has lingered too long and we haven’t heard of any bidding for the guy by Arsenal. It could be the boss wants to promote Hector Bellerin to that defensive cover. And why not? If he makes the grade, he should give him a chance to comfirm his defending potency. I want the boss to start Hector and Chambers today against Palace. While Debuchy and Gibbs mann the RB and the LB as usual. Koscielny should still rest that his Achilles to heal properly.

    1. Bellerin will be our replacement for Jnkinson. He will not be playing CB. Monreal has been blooded for this role all preseason. Istill think AW is thinking cdm option. Not established but one to develop this year for next season. Chambers and Arteta this season. Flamini cover but also moving Flamini further foward.

  10. I’m going to the match tonight, actually cannot wait, booked my tickets for the Arsenal v Spurs game on the 27th September, absolutely buzzing.

  11. Every year Mourinho has something negative to say about Wenger. It’s becoming a tradition. He is the nastiest Manager in the World.

    1. He’s the most insecure little man. Try’s to mask it with confidence and faux wisdom, truth is he’s got “Wenger Envy”.

  12. I think if we signed Manolas £8M and Rabiot £5-10M we’d be ample covered for a successful season. Both young and can grow into the team for when Arteta and Kos/Mert finally bow out.

    1. Yeah, Rabiot looks very promising. And he’s on his last year of his contract. He got the height and skills alright!

  13. Joel Campbell: “The manager has told me he wants me to be part of his plans and not send me on loan again – now I want to repay his faith.”

  14. “If Chambers goes into midfield, we are short at the back. So we are a bit short.”

    It’s either a defender or a CDM for us. I’m still wondering why the Carvalho thing died… @Leo, any info on that?

    1. @twig dude have patience 100% confident we will sign a cdm we will hear more after our game against besiktas (securing cl spot crucial) after that we will see some movement

      we have contacted olympiacos for manolas as well

  15. José Mourinho has won two trophies out of a possible 18 available in the last 5 years and spent over £350m in that time

    Specialist In Failure

  16. @leo. So with our second besiktas leg on the 27th that only leaves 4 days to get any business done, going to be tight so hope we have players lined up and contracts drafted ready for signing. 🙂

    1. Did anyone see Bony blocking Jones before the shot? He shoved Jones aside like he was Sunday league footballer!

  17. Give Isaac Hayden a chance in the team and we wont need to buy another CB. I dont see why Hayden cant be as good as Manolas. I’m sure if Wenger gives some of our youth a decent chance they will do fine. In the past it worked and we reaped the benefits of taking the risk. Having 4th choice CB be someone from the academy just makes sense to me.

    1. Moyes did quite some damage, they arent going to turn everything around in one match. But again, this just goes to show pre-season doesnt earn you any points. United go undefeated during the summer, but that means nothing today…

  18. I don’t know much about this guy to be honest. But time is running out and we need another CB.

    Most clubs have at least 4 CBs

    We play in 4 tournaments. Even though we don’t rate Carling cup highly, we still want to win every tournament we enter so need a decent CB. Also if Koscielny and Mertsacker are injured we need a quality CB for other competitions.

    Minimum: CB and CDM
    Ideal- CB, CDM and Reus lol

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