Should Arsenal just pay the £8million for Celtic’s Van Dijk?

Last summer it was variously reported that Arsenal had made a last-minute bid to sign Celtic’s talented Dutch defender Virgil Van Dijk only to be rejected by the Scottish Champions because they had no time to bring in an adequate replacement.

I must admit I was of the opinion that the Gunners would be going back again as soon as the January window opened to ease our ongoing defensive injury problems, but there has been no more mention of the matter, despite the player himself admitting that he would be very keen on making the move to the Emirates.

He said when he first heard about the Arsenal rumours:

“Arsenal are an amazing club,” he said “It’s a big club with a great history but so are Celtic and I’m very happy here just now. I just want to play well and we will see what happens in the future. There are stories but until there are bids I can’t say anything.

“I have ambitions but Celtic is an amazing club with a lot of history.There is no rush to leave but you never know in the future.”

But today it has been reported that Gus Poyet’s Sunderland team are also keen on taking Van Dijk to the Stadium of Light, but are unwilling at the moment to meet Celtic’s valuation of £8million at the present time.

Considering the prices being bandied about for other centre-backs in January, I personally think that £8million does not seem excessive for a 6ft 4in defender who was named as Celtic’s Player of the Year last season is an extortionate sum to pay for the extra cover we need right now. He would certainly be handy alongside Per Mertesacker for this coming weekend’s game against the big men of Stoke City

Who else thinks Wenger should just bite the bullet and pay the money that Celtic want right now?

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  1. davidnz says:

    Just promote Hayden and Ajayi.
    Pay me the 8 mill.
    Job done 🙂

  2. SaveArsenal says:


    1. jaweant says:

      They dont want to sell? He might leave in summer. He’d be great for any team. Hope its us.

  3. fred cowardly says:

    I think Wenger has his heart set on Loic Perrin or he may go cheaper and get Smalling or go even cheaper and get Squillaci on loan

    God knows what Wenger will do

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      Smalling is world class….member of the mighty medal winning RVP utd team

    2. goldfish27 says:

      His just been selfish n greedy… much was vamilator sold to barca…
      He will wait till another club buys then start ranting I ALMoST bought him….his time is up at d end of d season….I just pray dis season ends well for all…

      1. jonestown1 says:

        LOL – how many different ways can we invent to bash Wenger? He now sells our players for TOO much money – nasty, nasty man.

    3. jermaineBryan says:

      Dijibolji would be great 26 , plays for a low key team Nantes ,great in the air,strong,tacking stats amongst top 3 in France. Been consistently good in the last 18 months every top team in France would want him and he has a bigger potential than any we currently have 6m

      Schar highly Xp, young,leadership qualities, strong, great in the air good tackler, great potential, 6months left 5-7m

      Rannochia 26 inter Milano best player this season, international for Italy,excellent defending,reading of the game , 6months left 6-8m

  4. Hafiz Rahman says:

    we shld pay even if its 80m….we are desperate for CBs….

    just pay them what they want

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Im expecting a new manager signing rather than a player

  6. Seetsuma says:

    Without a doubt. Van Djik is young, full of potential AND talented right now. He’s 6’4, quick and comfortable either as a CB or a DM. Sign Van Djik, sign Vlaar and sign Luiz Gustavo. You’ve got 2 DMs and 2 CBs with 3 transfers, and they should all be quality, relatively cheap and very realistic signings. Best of all? They’ve all got high, athleticism, and no history of injuries.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      Luis Gustavo!!!

      Excellent choice…World Class DM

      Superb performances for Bayern during his 6 months stint….

      World class display for Brazil against Germany and Netherlands……..

    2. Skandalouz says:

      Don’t need Vlaar, he’s an injury prone defender that’s gonna get exposed with a high line. Van Dijk and Gustavo would be amazing however!

  7. Seetsuma says:

    Height, not high*

  8. Greg says:

    Hummels or howedes! Coyg!

  9. Hafiz Rahman says:

    When a transfer window is open is an indication to spend and strengthen…..

    days past…..nothing has been done…

    Wenger out!!!

  10. t berg says:

    If coquelin really impresses this month especially in the man city game, do you think we will see a new DM?

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      coquelin and song ..

      they are juz not good enough…

      we still.need a DM

  11. ogban says:

    Why do Arsenal always make a heavy meal of even the easiest-looking deals? You have a need for a CB as Mr. Wenger himself acknowledges. So why not just get one for heaven’s sake. Where will all the dillying and dallying take us to that we’ve not been before. All so frustrating.

  12. akuma gouki says:

    Sign David Dein asap!

  13. Hafiz Rahman says:

    get varane and hummels….we can rotate them.with kos and per

  14. cheeterspotter says:

    I am p*sse*d of with any transfer rumours, might have, might not,maybe, maybe not,could be, nearly,ready to sign,changed his mind,out bid, to dear and left it to late.
    have I left any reason out for not getting our player we may or may not want?

  15. lil b gunner says:

    I’m going to launch a medication fr all arsenal fans to control their anxiety and will b called t-pill.with Wenger as our brand ambassador posing “thumbs up”.(note: only available fr summer and winter windows.)

  16. Wonder says:

    We all know Wenger is waiting for a free Winston Reid, who is proven in the EPL. He will never learn. We missed Wanyama the same way!

  17. No10 says:

    Van Dijk + Reid imho. Buying both will not break the bank and would bolster our defence for good. Forget Perrin…too expensive, too old and short on experience at the top level.

    I can’t see us getting a DM in this window unless Carvalho is genuinely available and affordable.

    Wild guess: We’re getting one CB and one attacker then in the summer DM and LB.

  18. proffetic says:

    Every window is a repeat,Wenger trying to buy on the cheap. He usually starts by pursuing a kid. He normally stirs up so much dust trying to get him for nothing that another club moves him aside. This is followed by an avalanche of rumour and news of certain signings. Nothing happens. We then get tales of top players who somehow slipped the net. Later he is seen on holiday, somewhere exotic. This is usually followed by more rumours how he has been trying to sign a couple of super stars, both strikers..Now three weeks have gone by and silence . Then we learn that Carvallo and Hummels have been seen together buying gear from the Arsenal shop. Actually I don’t need to go on do I because we all know how it ends. Just a few words about Van Dijk .He looks very impressive. In fact he seems everything that Mertesacker isn’t.He is great in the air, very quick and reads the game very well. Distribution from the back is excellent and he senses danger, is brave and doesn’t turn his back We’ll all be able to see that when he’s playing for Sunderland.

  19. Simon_MrMac says:

    Surely Im not the only person thats been impressed by Coquelin-
    Thumbs up if you agree?

  20. Simon_MrMac says:

    I think our No.1 priority is a commanding CB- basically to replace Pers – Agree?

    1. Grim Bligh says:

      Every thing is so fake nowadays but only people with sharp senses can see it.
      Just 3 games ahead of the transfer winfow when Arsenal is already done for the title hope Coqlin is given game play impress some and suddenly is the answer for our Dm problems.
      We are in 6 position because Wnger failed to assess our defensive needs in the summer and you want us to continue this same mode in the winter window.
      I stop to think that you AKB want the good of just go allong with your master Wenger.

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