Should Arsenal just pay the €30m and get Golovin

The young Russian star Aleksandr Golovin has reportedly been watched by Arsenal for the last couple of years and he just seems to get better and better and has definitely been one of the stand out players at the World Cup so far. So it is hardly surprising that his club CSKA Sofia are looking for a good return if he goes on the transfer market.

The Mirror reported today…..

CSKA Moscow have increased their asking price for Aleksandr Golovin due to Premier League interest.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United are all keen on Golovin, who has caught the eye with Russia at the World Cup.

Juventus launched the first offer for Golovin of around €15m but it was rejected outright by CSKA, who want between €25m-€30m.

Let’s be honest, if he played for one of the top European clubs he would be worth at least €30m, and then some! I personally would consider it a great investment in a top player that is just 22 years old. Should Arsenal just pay the money and get him over here as quick as possible?

Sam P


  1. Arsene is Out says:

    He is a good player, can he become a top player under Emery’s wing, probably. So 30M for a talented 22 year old is not expensive in today’s market. It’s really up to Sven and Unai to decide if the risk is worth the reward and most importantly if e have the budget for this transfer.

    At the moment we have Leno, Sokratis and Torreira coming in and we probably need another defender and at least one winger. Golovin being primarily a central midfielder is probably lower in our list of needs.

  2. Counsel says:

    Japan vs Senegal. . head to head 2-2. Goal difference 0:0. points 4-4. Goal difference 4:4. Yellow cards 4:6. For the first time in history a team has been knocked out on fair play. #senegal out!

    1. Counsel says:

      * goals scored 4:4

  3. Counsel says:

    Golovin is not yet proven to play at top level. We need to be very careful on these kind of gambles

    1. gamble?!! 30 million ?! if he is proven he worth more than 50 so yes its a gamble but with our budget we should takes gambles

      1. Malcolm Townsend says:

        NO, NO let’s get the house in order first remember Arshavin?

  4. gotanidea says:

    No, Arsenal already have many CM and CAM like him

    If they really want to invest in another CM, they better chase Denis Suarez. Older but he is used to play with Iniesta/ Messi and used to play for Manchester City, hence there would be no language barrier

    If they want Golovin as a winger, there are better wingers available

    1. kev says:

      Wilshere has signed for Fernerbache. £7m sign on fee. 5M every year for 3 years with an option of a fourth.

  5. Declan says:

    Don’t need him and I don’t think he’s that good. We still need a decent centre half a defensive midfielder and a winger, that’s all.
    OT just seen the teams for tonight and I think Belgium might just bring England down to earth.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I’ll be honest here, the only time I seen him play a full match was when he played the Arsenal. He did look slick I have to admit, but the problem is when teams want an open game we always oblige. So in these type of games as we’ve seen with Bournemouth, Leicester, etc, it’s not wise to believe the best opponent on that day can do that anytime he chooses. Personally I want us to look at something different, I like the idea of us trying to get a real wide player, a player who likes being wide and isn’t always wanting to cut in and become another play-maker. We’d be better off with a winger who play-makes like a winger. We wouldn’t be as predictable, everything wouldn’t become so congested, we’d be widening the play. I see Golovon as throwing more wood onto the fire. We should wait to see who fits in with Emery’s system before we start adding another one of many.

    1. kev says:

      Wilshere to Fenebarche is a done deal!!

    2. Vukasin says:

      spot on!

  7. RSH says:

    get a decent winger first. If Golovin is fine not starting, I’d take him, he’s young and has bags of talent. No more 30 year olds please after Sokratis

  8. Victor says:

    I don’t think he is a priority for us, at the moment. He is no doubt a good player, but with our limited budget, we should go get what is needed before any thing. We probably still need a cover for the departing Wilshere, and a skillful, pacy winger; if not another reliable CB, aside Sokratis. Should we keep the faith with Mustafi, though?

  9. ks-gunner says:

    I rather have Son at Arsenal. LOl. No idea how such rumors come even to happen? Spurs do often fish out very good players while arsenal was busy helping the likes of Walcott and friends become rich man under Wenger. Glad Wenger is out. As for Golovin. I dont think the is worth all thay money.

    Need to be focused and see if we can get some players from our rival teams out while acting very smart. Martial for example i would love to have at Arsenal as well. Son and Martial are to me dream players i wish would be playing here.

  10. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Nice to see Welwack on

  11. Chiza says:

    I like Golovin..he is a young Iniesta,lots of talent in that guy that’s yet to be unleashed

  12. adi says:

    Golovin is the kind of player that needs mid table experience before jumping ship to top4 clubs.

  13. Diana says:

    Wile he is a really good player, i want to see all the essential needs of the squad met first. Get another quality CB to pair up with Sokratis and whoever the youngster who would have been given a chance, give me a quality DM( really hope the Torreira deal is done) and a quality winger(not make shift) then, only then, get we start talking of strengthening and backing up other positions.

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