Should Arsenal keep Flamini next season?

Flamini: “I Have One More Year at Arsenal” by AT

In the midst of all the rumors going around in regards to Arsenal’s attempts to bring in a new defensive midfielder this summer, it seems as though the situation will be a little more complicated for Arsene Wenger than first thought, as Mathieu Flamini has confirmed today that he will be staying at the Emirates, at least for one more campaign.

On being asked whether the FA Cup final will be his last game for the Gunners, Mathieu was quoted as saying: “No, no. I still have one more year at the club.”

The Frenchman also went on to heap praise on compatriot Francis Coquelin and his meteoric rise to the first-team, insisting that he is happy with a bit-part role at Arsenal and further claiming that he is happy with the ‘healthy competition’ for places at the club.

Quite honestly, I thought it was a given that Mathieu Flamini was leaving this summer. Looking at what he had to say, it really seems as though he’s going to run out his contract again and leave on a free transfer at the end of next season. Now while the rugged midfielder is a good asset to have in the squad, there will not be much place for a new defensive midfielder to come in if he stays.

For me, Wenger really has to get rid of him this summer. Looking at the fact that Arteta also looks likely to stay, there is no way we are going to bring in another midfield hardman when we already have Coquelin, Arteta and Flamini still in the team. It is especially worrying considering the very simple fact that we need to sign a world-class defensive midfielder to compete with Coquelin.

While Flamini is happy with the ‘healthy competition’ with Coquelin, I’d rather see ‘Le Coq’ compete with players like Morgan Schneiderlin or Arturo Vidal for the defensive midfield slot in the team. Simply put, I think Wenger should get rid of both Flamini and Arteta at the end of the season. Coquelin can compete with whoever Wenger decides to bring in, and Ramsey, Wilshere and Cazorla can compete for the other deep-lying midfield role.


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    1. i agree we also need to get rid of Arteta,Diaby,Podolski and Campbell probably.This story worries me because the squad is overloaded with midfielders,yet we still need a top DM,the guys i’ve mentioned in midfield clearly don’t come up to scratch imo.Another worrying developement is Wenger talking up Theo playing thru the middle,i sincerely hope this isn’t another attempt at trying to get out of buying a top CF,Theo’s a useful player but hes not a real CF

  1. Since Alexis Sanchez will be absent at the beginning of the season, arsenal need to get a player of his equivalent or better to stand a chance next season.

    1. Copa America ends beginning of July that’s if Chile make it to the final or 3rd place play off. If he’s then gets 4 weeks off that mens he’ll be back begging of August. He’s the type of guy who’ll excercise almost everyday anyway so I’d expect him to come back reasonably fit then two weeks before the season starts. He’ll be fully fit before the end of August he’ll only miss two or three games possibly make the bench. I’d expect 1 more forward in this summer anyway.

  2. At the beginning of this season Flamini was basically the back up to Arteta at this moment in time I’d say he’s 3rd choice behind Le Coq & Arteta I get the feeling one more defensive / deep lying midfielder is coming in this summer and I would expect them to be a top quality player so that would make Flamini 4th choice next season. If he’s happy to not even make the bench most games and be maybe a league cup player / worst case scenario player then let him stay. Unless Arteta is leaving but I’d really like Arteta to stay even if he’s not playing much either.

    1. Oh & arteta.

      Won’t happen, but would make sense to clear the decks for new blood.

      1. We should sell Arteta for huge money – He’s an Arsenal captain, which means that whoever buys him will experience winning trophies with him on board 😉

        1. no ones gonna spend big money on Arteta hes a injury prone 32 year old,let him move to Bilbao for a couple million.The Arsenal captains band has been devalued

  3. No. He has lost it unfortunately
    I appreciate his years here but time to move on.

    If Diaby gets injured then it’s time for him to move on as well, unless there is some kind of pay as you play contract

    I’m okay with Arteta staying for one more year but I hope we go for Milner

    Personally this is what I would prefer:
    OUT: Flamini, Diaby, (Arteta maybe)
    IN: Milner and Vidal or Kondogbia or Schneiderlin
    Loan: Bielik

    We would also have Coquelin and Chambers

  4. Arsenal loves
    Contracts are too long,
    injuries ruin careers,
    players won’t leave because their wages are too good,
    managers hold on to favourites and some times
    the club simply bought a lemon.
    Arshavin Squilacci Bendtner
    Park Chamakh Santos have been followed by
    Ryo Podoltski Campbell Diaby and now Rosicky + Arteta and Flamini
    who is on 70k p/w and enjoying a cozy wind down to his career.
    Gnabry Ox Wilshere Walcott Wellbeck are are the next gen deadwood
    who are overated + injury prone + who play well 9 times a year tops
    but will be injured for another 40 games.
    Arsenal, deadwood, injuries and no major trophy go hand in hand.

  5. I kind of like Flamini, he’s one you can’t fault for effort. He runs until he’s spent, even more than Ramsey! But at the end of the day it’s football, and he doesn’t have the quality we need, so no we shouldn’t keep him, we should replace him.

    I’d love for us the get Krychowiak. Big, strong and dominant in the air. He wouldn’t be bullied by Fellaini, Matic or Toure. He’d also be a contrast to Coquelin to give us a different option in the DM position if we want to set up more defensively. As someone that’s agile and fierce, Coquelin is more suited to defending counterattacks, which is what we have to do 90% of the time. Krychowiak could also play alongside Coquelin if we really want to park the bus for once – love for us to get a 0-1 win at Stamford Bridge next year and listen to Jose after. Krychowiak is experienced, he just won the Europa League with Sevilla, and was outstanding in the game – a big game player is another great trait. Plus he’d cost far less than someone like Schneiderlin, as Southampton like to drive a hard bargain. Luke Shaw cost Man Utd £30m let’s not forget, and Schneiderlin is their best player, he’ll cost around that much too. Having said that if we got Schneiderlin I wouldn’t be complaining. Either of them and I’d be happy, I’d just prefer Krychowiak.

  6. The list of players who are not good enough for Arsenal.
    1.Diaby injury prone
    2.Arteta old and injury prone
    3.Flamini old and injury prone
    4.Podolski old and not good enough
    5.Sanogoal nuff said
    6.Campbell not good enough to be first choice
    7.Szczesny not consistent enough

    1. I agree,but unfortunately it looks like the only ones who will go are Campbell and Podolski,this is what will slow us down our progress as a team next season.If we don’t get rid of at least 5 of these players and bring in top class replacements we won’t make any real progress next season,mark my words

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