Should Arsenal keep Mustafi until the end of the season?

With the transfer window in full swing, Mikel Arteta has vowed to trim down Arsenal’s bloated squad to a manageable level, and it would appear that there is a massive clearout in progress especially amongst our defenders.

Kolasinac has gone back to Hertha, Saliba is on loan at Nice, Sokratis is reported to be actively looking for a new club, and there have been rumours that Shkodran Mustafi is also on the disposable list having just six months left on his contract. Arsenal have tried to offload the German in previous windows without success (probably due to his high wages) and just today it is being reported that he has turned down an offer from Genoa in Italy, and another report says Mustafi has been offered to Inter Milan for free.

Should Arsenal really be so quick to let him go? If all the above departures go ahead, Arteta will still have Luiz, Holding, Mari, Gabriel and Calum Chambers available as centre-backs, but will that be enough considering our record of injuries and suspensions to our back line?

Mustafi has literally played just 45 minutes in the League so far this season, but he has been useful in the Europa League games to give our main defenders a break, and with hopefully a long run in that competition and the FA Cup, we could probably do with an extra body at the back.

I know we are trying to save on our wage bill, and Mustafi is believed to be in a high wage bracket, but I think he has set his sights on a bigger move in the summer with a large signing on fee going his way as a free transfer.

Do you think we should keep him in reserve until the summer or try and get a small transfer fee for him this month?

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  1. Arsenal’s Shkodran Mustafi has turned down 3 clubs in the January transfer window, Turkish duo #Fenerbahce and #Galatasaray and Serie A side #Genoa. Barcelona and Inter Milan are the only other clubs he will go to, if those moves don’t happen he will see out his contract. #AFC (TransferExchange)

  2. Arteta has been collecting defenders the way AW collected midfielders. We don’t need this many. Massive respect to Mustafi for how he turned things around last season (went from laughing stock to key player after Arteta took over) but he still should have gone in the summer. Fear that this is another bloated contract (relative to ability) that makes him difficult to shift.

  3. He doesn’t want to stay and we should sell him if there’s a good offer. If Arteta still wants to use a two-CB formation, we just need maximum five CBs for the rotation and we should’ve given the games to the players who still have future at the club

  4. Where are alll the calls for him to see out his contract and stay loyal? No mustfi fan boys on here

    1. Gunnerdev, your pointing fingures to someone? The troll army will be out to get you if you dare point a fingure to their cult CR7 clone

      1. final days of the cult. will be happy to see the exodus of fans who only stuck around to defend one player.

  5. OT:Saliba back in France has said that he believes MA never gave him the chance to prove himself at Arsenal!

  6. Clowns belong in a circius not in a football cluB and we have three clowns.

    MA has arrived and is charged with creating a proper defence, something that has been disgracefully neglected for over a full decade and must NOT go on any longer. Of course Mustafi MUST leave. Sokratis and Luiz should also go, right now, or at least ASAP.

    Irrespective of any possible transfer fee – which is unlikely with any of them – at least we will save the wages these clowns have been massively overpaid all this time. AT HOME I PUT MY RUBBISH OUT TO BE DISPOSED OF WEEKLY; IF ONLY IT WERE THAT SIMPLE, WITH OUR CLUB DISPOSING OF ALL ITS RUBBISH TOO.
    Until it is all gone, MA is not given a fair and proper chance, which he more than deserves!

  7. Of course it is better for Arsenal to sell him now if they can but it is better for Mustafi to stay until his contract expires then get a better deal as a free agent.

  8. Let go as soon as possible of course. Mustafi should not have been registered and Saliba should have been. It’s more poor decision making from management. These players need to go, and Arsenal should have prioritized the future players of the club instead of deadwood. Saliba treatment has been awful.

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