Should Arsenal let Bayern Munich have Xhaka?

Granit Xhaka still has a lot to offer at Arsenal By SK

Watching Xhaka getting booked in the game against Lincoln FC, could have annoyed not a few Arsenal fans. Ever since he became an Arsenal player, Xhaka has been issued eight yellow cards and two red cards making him the most booked Arsenal player this season. He hardly plays a game without being booked and many are wondering if we should have bought him at the first place.

Granit Xhaka was signed just before the beginning of this season and the Swiss international has struggled to impress Arsenal fans since his 35 million pounds move from Borussia Monchengladbach. Perhaps, this was what prompted Omar Hitzfeld, the ex-Bayern manager to suggest his former club could buy him and help him improve on his game further.

Speaking to sportBild (via, he is quoted as saying this concerning Xhaka: “Bayern Munich certainly has Xhaka on the radar. Xhaka is always an interesting topic of conversation for current top clubs and his development is not yet completed.” Mr. Hitzfeld maybe right but are we willing to let Xhaka leave, just a season after coming to Arsenal?

The Midfielder’s discipline has been the highlight of contention this season but his eyes for a good pass and his tackling ability is something we can still utilize to our advantage in future seasons. We needed a player who will not be scared to go for the tackle and we have one in him. Although he has a rough way of playing, a good coach can still bring out the good side of his game. I won’t forget the powerful shots he has in those legs of his. This midfielder is the big deal and we must not let him go.

I can understand Bayern’s situation if they come looking for him; Xabi Alonso announced he will retire at the end of the season and the German Champions will be looking for a new playmaker once the ex-Liverpool ace hangs up his boots but we need Xhaka more than they need him, that was why we splashed huge amount of money to buy him. Big clubs don’t sell big players! Xhaka is a big match player, all we need to do is to ask for a coach who can bring out the best in him, is that too much for us to ask?



  1. Tas says:

    Let the new manager decide

    1. Budd says:

      I hate to burst your bubble but if Wenger was about to leave they would have announce it already. All this stuff with DoF, Primorac and Colbert supposedly leave, Bellerin, Sanchez, Ox, Ozil and so on are just club PR to shift the weight on other things than the manager.
      Unless something cataclysmic happens at the club, I can bet right now that Wenger already signed the contract and he just wait for the right moment. Honestly, I thought Wenger would announce it after Lincoln game because I am not sure he will win so many from now on. I guess I was wrong.

      1. Tas says:

        Budd your probebly right but it’s not right and it’s geting boring and too predictable

  2. Budd says:

    Spanish press say Arsenal and Barcelona are in talks over Bellerin for a quoted 35 million quid. Not sure why they come with this ridiculous amount when Bellerin is under contract until 2022. If we ever sell players with 5 years to go for this amount of money it means Kroenke is doing pretty bad financially. How can you imagine an English club will sell one of their best players for less than 50 million quid? Like seriously.

    1. HA559 says:

      Kroenke is happy with any profit made. Look at Liverpool selling Sterling for £50M. TOttenham selling Modric, Bale for so much money. If these were Arsenal players Kroenke would have forwarded a move even for £25m+ offers for each of them. I think this, you cannot blame Wenger. I wont be suprised to see Ozil and Sanchez being sold for a few millo more than we got them for.

  3. Midkemma says:

    I think Xhaka has failed to adapt quick enough and needs to learn to curb his temper a bit better, once he does then he could be a TOP player.

    Xhaka does put me in mind of Vieira in some ways and it would be nice to see Xhaka develop into an equally great CM.

    I wouldn’t want to see him sold ahead of Ramsey or Wilshere… Also want to see Ox play more CM alongside Xhaka to see if they can form a solid CM partnership.

  4. RSH says:

    classic Nasri

  5. legend Henry says:

    Leicester are playing like Real Madrid
    They have changed their manager and all of a sudden they are playing like Leicester of last season
    In the case of Arsenal……….they are afraid of a change
    Wenger out !!!!
    As for the AKBs,everything is down to kronke,gazidi or somebody else but never their god ,Wenger the dope

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      I just knew that they would qualify lol these jammy forkers will end up winning the champions league ???

      1. Budd says:

        Nah, is end of the line for them but nevertheless, better than the mighty Arsenal.

  6. muffdiver says:

    quarter final of the champions league for leicester city after dumping out a quality sevilla team who dominated them yet they showed hunger and fight to get over the line against a superior team


    definitely jealous

    1. vinie2000 says:

      For all Gooner fans, First congratulations to Leicester for the achievement against a very good quality team but their HUNGER, GUTS, EVERYONE PLAYING FOR EACH OTHER AND MOSTLY WE DO NOT GIVE UP ATTITUDE something our beloved team lacks. secondly, stop the bias and hatred against Xhaka. Xhaka is not a DM If anyone has seen him in the swiz team and Bourssia? he plays deep and spread the game around and his passing is top notch not side ways or backwards like Ramsey or LeCoq. First season and people are writing him off? This is a fast pace league comparing to the Bundesliga and he’s been told to tackle then DO NOT and also NOT TO TAKE A SHOT. At the start of the season when he scored two crackers then everyone were hailing how great he was. LeCoq has been in Arsenal for more than 5 years now and still average and you want to crucified Xhaka in his first? If he was not good enough not only Bayern were asking for him but it seems tletico Madrid and Lyon too so give the guy at least two seasons and then judge him. we may be losing Lucas cos of the lack of football too. this show how our team is manage! TIME FOR CHANGE

      1. RSH says:

        this isn’t the ideal first season for anyone new to the league. Our entire club is very unstable. Xhaka’s red card problems are his own though and he needs to desperately sort that out. He can’t expect to be a starter if he is out a quarter of the season through reds.

        1. verstellung says:

          To be fair, his first Red was Bull Shutyourmouth.
          Yellow at best, IMHO

  7. RSH says:

    We would’ve been knocked out be Sevilla. Well done Leicester, way to pull through for England unlike us. If they had faced Bayern they would’ve put up a valiant fight too and not lose on 10-2 aggregates like cowards.

  8. PJ says:

    I feel we should give Xhaka more time as he’s still new to the club.
    Speaking of Bayern, did you guys see that we are playing them in pre-season? And we’re playing Chelsea too.

  9. Ronny331 says:

    Leicester through congrats, vardy is still a cheating scrote in my eyes though.
    Just Google arsenal news tonight to see reports primorac could be going to Turkey to manage if true wengers got to be going.
    Then almost spat my tea out as I saw a photo of sanchez and ozil in Man u shirts! Press are loving this aren’t they!?

  10. ArsenalGenes says:

    People so desperate for sampaoli. Need to rethink now. Arsene wenger is best at breaking down the defense who sits back and defends. May be he is bad in big teams but thats the whole reason he achieved top 4 every year nd not the league. Every manager has their specialty. Klopp is good in big games as his team plays counter but sux against small teams. Same goes with mourinho. Fergie was best at both though.

    1. RSH says:

      klopp wins titles, so does mourinho, fergie, pep, conte. Wenger does not anymore. His specialty is breaking down teams that sit back? Well thats something essentially every decent manager can do if they have title aspirations. Only Arsenal routinely get demolished by any decent opposition. Wenger has no specialty, that’s nonsense. Explain how we always are humiliated against Swansea, how we didn’t get past Monaco a few years back? Arsene Wenger is not very special anymore. What he did a decade ago was done a decade ago. And you’re bashing Sampaoli, yet I bet Barca will get him and they’ll be better than they are under Enrique and we’ll be complaining about Wenger next season. Stop being frightened of letting Wenger go. Arsenal will continue to live on without him.

      1. HA559 says:

        Who do you want as the next manager?

        1. RSH says:

          Allegri is my first choice

  11. vinie2000 says:

    Samapoli is better coach than many. Have you seen how the Chilean national team played while he was in charge/ tonight , was a bit of luck and LEICESTER GUTS AND BALLS.the intricate passing and one touch is a delight to watch. again, do not compare pears and apples my friend. if we get that Mariano, Vitolo and couple of them in our team we would go back to the beautiful football again . Do not come and judge them for tonight

  12. davidnz says:

    Leicester City 15th in the EPL
    now into the ECL quarters.
    Chelsea 40 points clear of Leicester
    in the League are not even in Europe.
    Stop confusing me will ya 🙂

  13. HA559 says:

    So is that Sampaoli and Emery off the list? I’m also Wenger out but who can be good for Arsenal except Simeone, he won’t be coming, he is going to a new stadium with Atletico Madrid.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Not sure about Emery, but certainly wouldn’t take Sampaoli off the list. No one should be judged on one game! Look what he’s doing in La Liga. There’s hundreds of managers who could do better than Wenger given the same squad, and finances.

  14. gmv8 says:

    Listening to the press, it seems everyone is leaving apart from Ramsey and Theo…

    1. HA559 says:

      Two players who know they can never go to a bigger club so are easing their career at Arsenal.

  15. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Let’s face it lads, our ship is officially sinking and Captain Pugwash (Wenger) is still hanging on for dear life. ?

    1. arsenal_canada says:

      Could be worse… he could be Davey Jones and be bound to the ship for 10000 years!!!

  16. Ronny331 says:

    I’d favour allegri from what I’ve seen but I can’t help feeling that we’ll end up going for a manager with current or recent please experience.
    If current I’d guess Koeman, if previous then there are loads of options that could work.
    Not saying I’d want him but where’s Laudrup now?

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