Should Arsenal let Bernd Leno go to local rivals Fulham?

It is not really much of a secret that Bernd Leno will be leaving Arsenal this summer, considering that Mikel Arteta has already signed the USA international keeper Matt Turner to replace him, and I am certain that there will be many suitors for the German international to choose from, with Hertha Berlin meing mentioned last week as a possible destination.

But the latest team to come into the reckoning, according to the Arsenal guru David Ornstein, are our local rivals Fulham, who have finally made it back into the Premier League this season.

It is great to see another London team to replace the relegated Watford, and it is only a short journey across town to get to the games.

But do you think it is a good idea to let Leno join them, when we know that all London derbies are tough fixtures whatever the League positions (Brentford anyone?). Leno will definitely improve the Cottagers and will help them to gain valuable points as they strive to stay in the top tier, and I must admit to being a little bit worried that Leno himself would be very keen to show Arsenal that they were wrong to let him go.

On the other hand, we could probably get a better transfer fee from a Premier League club, so it could work in our favour….

Do you think Arsenal should let him go to one of our Premier League rivals, or would you prefer that Leno moved abroad instead?

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  1. It’s pretty much up to the player where he goes .
    Only just turned 30 and should be in his prime as a goalkeeper great bargain who ever gets him especially with the price being quoted we are after .

      1. That’s a decent price for an international 30-year-old GK with expiring contract. I was thinking of 15 M or sell him to a non-EPL club for 10 M

      2. I read somewhere we value Leno at 8.5 million GBP. We are so bad at managing the value of ur players. We let Mateo G go for way below his market and letting Leno go for 8.5 if you see what we paid for Ramsdale is also below market IMO.

        All these millions dropped in the transfer market add up.

        1. John, that is because our players are so bad either in skill or attitude that it is profitable not to have them around, even for 1 GBP. For the Ozil fan club out here, the fella has been binned from Fener. Two distinguished coaches at AFC, at Fener Bache, at RM and the national team thought it fit to bin him, yet our then greatest wisest manager thought something else to hire him. And the list goes on for all the pre Mikel era signings. The unfortunate Mikel could turn around some careers, but others are just like pouring water on the proverbial duck’s back.
          Leno too spoke out of context to the press, he should learn some skills from Ramsdy first, then utter some mumbo jumbo to the press. Fake GK, we were conned to shell out that much for him. Far worse than Manuel Almunia in skills. Not worth 10M.

          1. Not a fair assessment of Leno at all!
            Even Ozil was not as bad a signing as you put it here.
            Obviously one of the anti Wenge brigade!

  2. OT; Brighton(A),Leicester(H) and wolves(A) are our first three epl games for the upcoming campaign,hopefully our run in those three games positively impacts our mental.i must admit we have luck on our side this time around.

    1. It really show how much trust you have in the good job you think Arteta is doing in your….hopefully. 3 years we are still hopefully think we beat those teams. We are really indeed in right direction.

  3. Selling Leno is ridiculous. He is is a good keeper and with games in Europe he can help Ramsdale by sharing the games. Another cost-cutting exercise that dilutes our quality and experience. Neither keeper is the real deal but together the club would be better. I worry as the previous calls for a new second string keeper were poor and for this Arteta has to take responsibility.

    1. Gunner 4 life. You are actually saying then that even “RAMSDALE is not the real deal” ! I have heard everything now! Incredible opinion!!

      1. He is a good keeper with enormous talent but still developing imo.
        His performance in the second half of the season and his numbers have a room for improvement. Check the stats.

    2. Even if we get Allison and Coutoir, you won’t be satisfied. You are like the kid in a candy shop.

  4. IMO it’s ridiculous to sell him. Leno is a class keeper. If Fulham get him, then we will see a repeat of the Martinez saga. Leno will show us, what a great goalkeeper he actually is.

    1. Just like how he showed us last season right, sell him and use the money to invest into other projects,we have good three(3) solid keepers , Ramsdale, Turner and Hein

    2. He should have shown us how great he is for the past 4 seasons he has been here. Some of you just use words carelessly. If Leno is a great keeper, what is Neure, Allison, Coutouir etc, what are they?

  5. iTS FANTASY TO THINK THAT AFC has any real control over wher he goes. The first club to offer what we consider a fair price will get him. Reality!

  6. Arsenal transfer rumours are as predictable and boring as watching England play.

    1. Exactly!!
      The window will close and we will be told again how we almost signed Messi, Jesus, Sterling and, and….and how we will “soon” be challenging for top 4 again…

  7. I’ll be happy to let Leno leave, he is too good to be sitting on the bench, just like I was ok with Martinez transfer.
    Hopefully Edu get us a good transfer fee, it’s been bad last 2yrs, Mavro and Guendozi prices were ridiculous.
    I’ll be mad if we pay over £30m for Jesus or Tieleman or Bissoum, these guys are in the last year of their contract and should be cheap considering how much Halaad was sold

  8. Good luck to the boy. Personally, I thought he was a good keeper and his shot stopping was second to none. Issue was he was expected to change his game for the playing out from the back, which affected his confidence.Ramsdale seems to be more comfortable but I still think Leno will be a great keeper and doesn’t deserve the bench time.

  9. Based on strengths and weaknesses I found it hard to distinguish between Ramsdale and Leno as to who was the better keeper. They both do an adequate job and its up to the midfield and defender to do theirs. However as both a manager’s pick and crowd favourite, Ramsdale is the chose one. Leno can do no right. He would be an excellent addition to Fulham’s defence

    1. To me, Leno was lacking in leading his defenders. He is someone who doesn’t seem to communicate too much or organize his box during set-pieces. In addition, his rather poor ability to play the ball with his feet meant he could not fit in a system that (rightfully or wrongly) emphasizes playing out from the back.

      Leo is a good shot blocker but in other aspects of the job I see Ramsdale as superior (not unlike Martinez who also had much more of a presence in the box.)

    2. Aaron is a better communicator, better movement in the box and better with his feet. Leno excels in his goal, shot stopping.

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