Should Arsenal let Chambers return to Southampton?

Chambers close to joining Southampton?

It was mentioned this week that Arsene Wenger was supposedly considering letting Calum Chambers move away from the Emirates for next season and the defender had a whole host of clubs interested in his signature.

After having a bit of a stop start career at Arsenal despite a very promising start two years ago, Chambers has largely failed to impress because of a lack of consistent playing time. Of course that’s not the youngsters fault, but neither Arsene Wenger’s, because of course you have to play with the best players available to you and unfortunately for Calum, he isn’t quite hitting the right heights at the moment. Last season it was very much a case of an odd appearance here and therefore before disappearing from the lineup entirely for the next month or so.

Therefore according to the Daily Mirror, Wenger has decided to let Calum Chambers leave Arsenal on loan next season. It was mentioned before that Swansea, Crystal Palace, Watford, Bournemouth and Southampton were all interested in the England Under 21 star, but it seems the latter, Southampton, are going to win the race for Chambers.

Calum started his career with the Saints playing a handful of games before moving to the Arsenal in a big money transfer two years ago. I think Southampton would be the perfect place for Chambers to develop and get experience because he already knows the club, the team and so will fit straight back in. The other thing is that Southampton are arguably the most likely team out of all of them to go to higher places next season, which will give him a chance of gaining experience on all fronts rather than being potentially involved in a straining relegation battle.

I think Chambers would thrive off the experience he would gain on loan at Southampton and grow into the player that is expected from his potential. But this all depends on whether Wenger can identify another centre back, otherwise we could find ourselves very short in defence once the inevitable injuries kick in.



    1. Loan…Yes…Southampton NO…
      He needs solid run of games at CB and with them having fonte and van dijk, i dont see that happening much at Southampton………He could probably get solid minutes at RB though…but then it whats the point…His long term future for us lies at CB..

  1. Chambers has largely failed playing in both RB and DM positions, but I think he has a pretty bright future as a CB. In fact, I would prefer him over Gabriel, who is just horrendous, if you ask me. So I’m not totally opposed to letting him go out on loan to get more playing time, but I would be more pleased if he stayed with us next season, and started more games alongside Koscielny.

  2. rumour has it Arsenal have triggered Vardy’s release clause.. I don’t know if he’s a one season wonder, or if he’ll fit in our system, but i’m very sure he’s an upgrade on Giroud, so I’ll gladly welcome him. still taking it with a pinch of salt, as it’s common we are linked with every player and his cousin during the transfer windows

    1. It’s beyond a joke but this news is doing the rounds at pace!
      With reports of large bets been placed on vardy joining Arsenal.

      £22 million + add on’s for the 29 year old crackhead Vardy! … and if that’s the best that wenger can do, then ? me, we are ?! ?

      1. Surely one of Milik or Jansenn would be a better option!
        For £22 million you could even pay Ibrahimovic wages for two seasons ?

    2. well Fatty, it’s safe to say Vardy is Premier league proven. I’m totally not against getting Millik or Janssen as I just want an upgrade on Giroud. …I doubt Ibra is coming to Arsenal, so I don’t consider that an option. Vardy won’t do terrible with Ozil and Santi behind him. so get him Mr Wenger, if there’s no better option out there

    1. Now it’s being reported by Sky Sources…. :/
      Don’t get why we’re throwing 20mill at a one season wonder who is already 30 years old and thrives on counter attacking football. Sorry for ever complaining about Morata rumours!

    2. It just feels wrong. For Arsenal. For Vardy. For Leicester. For me it’s not even about whether Vardy can perform at Arsenal. It’s about a big club swinging it’s dick and raiding a club that was the best story to hit the Premier League since the Invincibles. I hoped we were better then that. Sigh.

      1. He’s just not the type of player that would fit in at the club. Mahrez would make far more sense and would fit our style of play more. Vardy is good but when I see him play I don’t see an Arsenal player at all. Never wanted him at any point last season. I don’t really care about “raiding” clubs. We produce enough of our own talent, and when we buy players like Elneny and Xhaka who come from smaller clubs it already looks like that, though without the prestige Leicester had this season I suppose.

  3. It will be a joke!!

    Despite the fact that he did well last season,the jury is still on him….

    Too much risks involved in this one..
    No resale value..
    English striker..
    Remember Andy Carrol???
    I don’t want the English media
    To make fun of us if/when he flops…
    So a big Fat No from fat as Fatboy!!

  4. Chambers is a tough call. So much talent but I still see him make so many very basic mistakes. He looked shaky during Toulon semi-final for England. I just don’t know.

    On the other hand, Gabriel often does not look much better. He often easily gets beat one on one even when he is in good position. I still trust Mert much more because he has proven his reliability.

    Maybe best to pickup a good CB to replace the aging Mert and send Chambers on loan. Hopefully Wenger can then have some time to solve Gabriel’s issues.

  5. I think it’s a good idea, he needs games and has good potential at CB. As a RB he’s awful so I’d be happy if he left because it should mean we will be getting better back up for Bellerin, which I think is essential.

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