Should Arsenal let Dani Ceballos leave this January?

Ceballos-futureWhat next for Dani Ceballos?

Dani Ceballos, the Spanish midfielder who was loaned to Arsenal by Real Madrid last summer, has found playing time hard to come by ever since Arteta became coach of Arsenal. Ceballos was loaned to Arsenal under Unai Emery; a move considered by sport pundits to be strategic. Many people were of the opinion that Ceballos was brought to Arsenal to ease out Ozil from the team. How well that has gone can only be answered by the Spaniard himself.

However, it seems the player is tired of his inability to get into the team, with the new Arsenal coach preferring a midfield trio of Mesut Ozil, Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira. Arteta seems not to be interested in making use of the player. The 23-year-old, who had been injured for a long time, returned to full fitness earlier this month but has not played a single minute of competitive action under Arteta. The boss is said to have deemed the midfielder surplus to requirements, despite appearing to offer his compatriot a lifeline earlier this month.

With the European Championships on the horizon, Ceballos is concerned about earning a place in Spain’s squad and is said to have informed Arteta he wants out, according the Metro.

They also report that Valencia is showing interest in ending the loan deal of Dani, in order to help him achieve his dream of playing in the European championship this summer.

Dani Ceballos is one player I have always enjoyed watching, even when he was at Real Madrid. He has skills, he has close ball control, he creates scoring opportunities, and he plays like one who plays from the heart. Why he has not been able to break into the Arsenal first team for now smacks more of tactical reasons than his quality of play. In place of Ozil, Ceballos would play better and add ginger to the attack.

If I had the powers, I would rather allow Ceballos to remain at Arsenal, give him more playing time, and test his adaptability to the rigorous nature of the Premiership. Dani would be a success at Arsenal if given the opportunity to play.

Nevertheless, if Arteta feels Ceballos is not a part of his plan, then maybe Arsenal should just allow him to leave this January, so that the ambitious Spaniard can go to a club that afford him playing opportunities that can aid his dream of playing in the European Championships come June.
We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. If he insists then yes. I think RM and Ceballos have made it clear to Arsenal this is a loan move with no option to buy, this should explain why MA prefers Ozil xhaka, Willock, MATTEO and Torreira ’cause Dani’s a temporary fix that wont be with us past May.

  2. Left for me Cellabos should remain in Arsenal because the player is good, I was wondering if he can play due to injury not knowing that he is back on fit. One cannot say why he is not been fixture in our previous matches!! If Arteta do not have him in his plan then he should let him go for his future. He will be our next Randy if given playing time

  3. I think we are allowed two loan players so if we have two good loan prospects
    yes it makes sense to let him go as he has hardly figured
    and wants playing time to advance his Euro chances.

  4. He should remain since we look not strong in midfield and behind with lots of injuries here and there SO I Suggest let the guy be retained in the club permanently

  5. Let him go ffs! He’s a crab & runs like a duck.offers next to no creativity I.e. chance making whatsoever.Has anyone actuall seen him play.Hes no Santi cazorla or cesc.Thats for sure.we can do better.Much better.

  6. We have cebellos who is far better than many players we have and have used this season, we knew he was a loan and we went on and got him. The plan was a short term fix and to help us achieve our immediate goal, I don’t understand why it all changed instantly I think we make too much of arteta in our reasoning. We have a player who can help us with performance and score from midfield and we are saying he should be let go because of what you believed arteta thinks, even without giving him a decent chance I don’t understand the logic behind This I know arsenal fc understand what a loan means before hiring his services let us keep pretending that we have many midfielders better than him

  7. Ceballos has had one good game and the rest of his appearances, in my opinion, have been very sub par and it certainly looks like Arteta doesn’t rate him. Having said that, perhaps he will get a game Monday in the FA Cup in what I hope will be a strong line up as it’s an important game.
    Off topic, I don’t know if it’s been mentioned here but a group of fans, fed up with the owners, are starting a team called Dial Square FC (where we were founded) and hope to start in the 9th tier of English football, have already arranged a ground share with a team in Surrey. They ultimately hope to emulate AFC Wimbledon’s achievements and eventually have their own purpose built stadium in our original home, Woolwich. Their colours will be Burgundy shirts and white socks, our original colours, brilliant.

    1. Ceballos hasn’t got enough chances to start as no 10, which is his main position

      If Arteta keeps using 4-2-3-1 formation, Ceballos has to stay. Because Ozil alone can’t play in all competitions

      Otherwise get a new winger and let Nelson compete with Ozil

    2. GB, thanks for this news regarding Dial Square…have you anhmore information such as contacts, personnel etc etc?

      As you say, bril liant idea and one that I would support wholeheartedly (while still keeping my s/t at The Arsenal of course).

      1. Look on She Wore…… there is contact details for the originator( but they have not been very complementary about the person setting this up.) It’s also in the mirror and also just google Dial Square FC and it comes up.

      2. BTW Ken have you been down to Dial Square (right next to Woolwich Arsenal DLR station). It’s worth a visit with some great history and a really good pub on the old factory site. I was there a few weeks ago..

        1. GB, found the info and thanks again – never been to Dial Square, so will try and educate myself further next time I’m down for a short break.

          Tried to find out about the make up of our very first competitive game and it seems that six English and five Scots made up that first eleven…unless others have been better detectives than me?!?!

          Love to follow the history of our great club and there is a two part programme currently on youtube that is well worth a visit.

          I’m also doing a study regarding our defensive story from GG onwards, which I hope to produce for “justarsenal” in February, based on facts not fiction…the results look as if they will blow some fan’s opinions out of the water!!!

          1. Trust me ken, Dial Square is well worth a visit if you’re down this way. Tube from Kings X to Bank and then DLR to Woolwich Arsenal. Turn right out of the station and there is the entrance to the original arms factory in front of you. Through that to a green which was the original pitch with lots of info boards detailing the history. Lots of the old factory buildings exist and have been occupied by various companies and there is a lovely gastro pub in one of them called the Dial Arch, various big guns and cannons on the green and a museum.

          2. Thanks GB, I really should have made this pilgrimage many years ago – will let you know when I have done it, so you know I haven’t wasted your time fellow gooner!!!

      3. Ken, you surely must realise this is a brave but hopeless cause. I too wish it well but I know beyond a shadow of doubt that this new club will never get anywhere near even league two in the football league. IT MIGHT TRY TO TRADE ON OUR ORIGINAL NAME BUT IT IS NOT AND NEVER CAN BE ARSENAL. AFC is no more a South London and Woolwich club, after all this time in Highbury and Emirates, than I am a member of the Royal family. IT IS A FANTASY, EVEN THOUGH PROBABLY WELL MEANT. This “news” is IMO tomorrows fish and chip paper!

        1. Jon, as you are wishing it well as well as me wishing it well, can’t see a problem really.

          Did receive an update from Phil via she wore a yellow ribbon website that cast a large shadow over the motives, but I also see it as a further chance to look down memory lane…thanks to GB and Dial Square information.

          Have you ever made the pilgrimage there Jon? I feel I’ve let myself down for not having done so, but am determined to rectify that asap and take my daughter and grandson with me.

          One must/should be proud of The Arsenals history…and we did start out in South London, what’s the problem with that?

  8. Really if cebellos is crab than ozil is dead I will rather have him play than ozil thou cebellos is not fantastic he still offers more than your super ozil

  9. If it’s true Ceballos wants to leave then we must respect that. He is only on loan and doesn’t want to be with us. On another tack Mykola Matviyenko of Shaktar. Although he is not the tallest of defenders and that did put me off a bit, he does have very good technical ability for a CB or even a defensive Mid. He has more control than Luiz, Socratis, Holding and Mustafi put together and importantly he very mobile unlike our bunch of zimmer frame users. If he is available at 20 mill at the age of 23 he looks a real defensive addition. So I wan’t sure but he looks a goodun. No wonder Arteta thought he could play for Man City. I hope it gets over the line with the remaining week of the transfer window.

  10. Arteta in his playing days was a crap, always passing sideways and backwards

    I won’t be surprised if he keeps on persisting with ozil Torreira and Xhaka…

    I don’t think he has d ability to spot a talent..
    Imagine freezing out a pure skilful Baller in person of Ceballos out of the team just to GoTv subscription
    Ariyibi chiji

    1250 that liability Ozil…

    Our midfield is the reason why we are suffering
    I just laugh so whenever I read our fans crying for purchase of defenders..

    IF the midfield is not sorted out
    Arsenal will continue to languish

    Buy ten Van Dirk and leave the midfield with Ozil and Xhaka
    The story won’t change

  11. Arteta in his playing days was a crap, always passing sideways and backwards

    I won’t be surprised if he keeps on persisting with ozil Torreira and Xhaka…

    I don’t think he has d ability to spot a talent..
    Imagine freezing out a pure skilful Baller in person of Ceballos out of the team just to accommodate that liability Ozil

    Our midfield is the reason why we are suffering
    I just laugh so whenever I read our fans crying for purchase of defenders..

    IF the midfield is not sorted out
    Arsenal will continue to languish

    Buy ten Van Dirk and leave the midfield with Ozil and Xhaka
    The story won’t change

  12. I thought we paid a fee of something stupid like £16 million (including his wages) to take him on loan for a year? If he goes to Valencia as rumoured, do we get a fee or does anyone know how this would work?

  13. Ceballos has the potential to be one of the best but i dont think he has proved it in Arsenal.That burnley game was outstanding,he was a consistent starter under UE but he didnt prove his worth.

    And the next thing is i cant understand why ozil needs to be dropped for ceballos.Ceballos is not a 10 but if MA changes his formation to 4123 that will allow ceballos and ozil both to play.

    Man city has a similar player like ozil,ilkay gundogan.He doesnt press hard and he wont track back well.His tackles are not very good either but he doesnt get crticized because he gets his managers and fans support(and maybe he is not getting 350k p/w)and as a fan of him i understand what he brings to the team.A player of his quality should be present in every team.Its hard to understand him but i can see what he brings to thr team, same goes for ozil.DONT LOOK THROUGH A COLOURED GLASS


  14. Sean, I share your views on Marviyenko of Shaktar.A very talented player with a wand of a left foot ,football intelligence and pace.He is also very adaptable and can play at CB,DM or left back.Would be an excellent acquisition for us.

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