Should Arsenal let Debuchy leave in January?

When Arsenal signed Matthieu Debuchy from Newcastle, the Frenchman was hailed as the perfect replacement for Bacary Sagna. He had already displaced his countryman in the national side and was experienced in the Premiership enough to easily slot into the Gunners back line.

He certainly started well, but then he succumbed to Arsenal’s injury curse and played just 15 times in his debut season. By the time he had finally regained full fitness, Hector Bellerin had cemented his place as our Number Two and the far more experienced Debuchy had to make do with a place on the bench, which doesn’t seem to please him much as a seasoned 30 year-old, and it now appears that his place in the France side is also in jeopardy.

The France coach Didier Deschamps made it clear what he thought his defender ought to do. He said: ”Mathieu Debuchy is in a position where he is playing very little, when he does play, look at yesterday’s result.

“He has a decision to make in December or January. He hasn’t lost his quality, he’s playing very little.”

He is playing very rarely, but the fact is that when he has had a chance this season, he has shown very little to suggest he could displace Hector Bellerin now or in the future, so maybe Wenger should consider letting him leave. The problem is that Arsenal cannot recall Carl Jenkinson from West Ham, and who could we use in Debuchy’s place if Hector got injured?

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  1. Debuchy was terrible against wednesday an terrible against bayern.

    He made my eyes water like onion was sliced diced and flinged at me…..twice.

    Fact still remains we could lose it all to injuries.
    An we never buy to precaution such problems.

    The fact also remains i am the best rapper on this site.
    My lyrical prowess is a clinical miracle (genius stuff there )

    1. Ya your right let’s buy players just in case our other players get injured. When we’re signing them we can say you won’t be in the match day squad and we will use you in case our other players get injured.

      We have such a deep squad 3-4 good players won’t be in the 18 IF there all fit. In the summer we should upgrade over arteta and flame and upgrade the RW if theo’s transition to CF is legitmate

      1. Ur sarcasm makes me hungry.

        An yes bayern have players like vidal an gotze on bench so rotation is possible.
        Obviously u dont sign them with that ideal. U buy so they can compete for the position an cover when one is injured.

        Plannin ahead goon. Its not that unbelievable.
        I never tire of u missing my points completely

      2. Or we could tell them they half to fight hard to earn there place and you will play games. Are prob is having a good player for every position but average backup. What’s the point in signing a player as backup we need to sighn players that believe they can be good enough to bench there mentor

    2. I would let Debuchy and Mert Leave even before december………possibly tonight or before the spuds game! L()L


      Okay i’m serious now!……. I’m not a fan of Liabilities

      1. Sadly, I used to really enjoy watching Debuchy play. I’ve been saying it. He needs to leave. If he wants to enjoy a few more good years go back to France.

  2. He was excellent last season. He was even chosen ahead of Sagna for France last year. I’m not sure why he is underperforming this season

    Maybe it’s just lack of match time.

    1. Because he is crap simple. If anything he should show his class to take back his place but we have a player who I think is in the top 5 in the world at right back

  3. There has been many players who have bounced back to good form after coming back from injuries, far worse than Debuchy’s, So that’s no excuse to blame his bad form on that!
    Maybe it’s more to do with a mental thing (Ego! )
    that a young Bellerin is considered far better than him!
    Personally I think Debuchy has already left the club in mind and spirit but I doubt that we will let him go in January,
    without a replacement, but definitely in the summer!

  4. Yes Debuchy hasn’t played well, but that desn’t mean he is a bad player. Sadly you cannot expect players who have not had first team football to slot in and play as well as they can. The levels of concentration, fitness, stamina confidence and just reading and understanding the other first team players game in a real match environment is not there.
    Personally, I hope Debuchy stays, I think we need him, becsuse I think we need more squad rotstion. tbh the last few games Alexis has looked like half the player he is, and that can only be through exhaustion. That could very well be Bellerin, Ozil etc etc in the next few weeks if we are not careful. I think we are too harsh on our players sometimes. They can go from being in the bbc’s team of the week to “nicking a living” in a couple of days. Give them some support, and more rotation of the squad.

    1. Dude thank you finally someone who actually has knowledge of actual football. People expect him to be at the level he was at by playing 1 game here and there. Great comment.

  5. I’ll drive him to the airport. He’s 30, he’s in TERRIBLE form, and he’ll never be able to replace a 20 year old Bellerin. Anyone knows how does Jenkinson fare at West Ham?

  6. low said he need to rest him (ozil) due to lack of winter break…doing us a great favour .I think arsene made some call

  7. If Debuchy gets a run, I feel he will regain his form. He has been thrown in against one of the best teams in world football with so many first team players injured, it was a poor team performance, not any individual. We lacked pace up front and that affected the way we played. Previously Wallcot terrorized them with his movement off and on the ball , Giroud is good but no pace as we all know. Even Ox and Ramsey out , that will put pressure on any team . I love ballerin, always rated him. Give Debuchy a break.

  8. I guess we could ask Pepe Guardiola what philosophy he uses when putting a squad together and where he gets the players from?

  9. Debuchy played too narrow against Bayern, and because Campbell wasn’t fit himself, it was as if we didn’t play with a right wing. I think Sanchez should be moved to the right and Gibbs should be moved to the left until Walcott/OX get fit.

  10. Glad that Ozil is gettin a rest cant afford him getting injured. Big performance from him on Sunday along with Alexis, did he get called up? If so hope he doesnt play both games he looks tired. Who all is back after the international break? Ramsey, Ox, Bellerin, Koss fully fit?

    One question i wanted to ask on here is if this is Pers last season in the starting 11 do we buy a new CB, who, or is it Gab/Boss partnership with per/chambers 2nd choice? We know Jenko/Bellerin our RBs for 16/17 season and Nacho/Gibbs for LB so Debuchy will be sold!

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