Should Arsenal let Guendouzi go for 25million?

Arsenal willing to let midfielder go for a cut-price deal


According to reports, Arsenal are willing to sell their French midfielder Matteo Guendouzi for 25 million, with a few Spanish clubs whirling around the young midfielder.

The 21-year-old joined the club in the summer of 2018, and was hailed with his brave characteristics on the pitch. The midfielder who has 23 appearances for French youth teams, has impressed at Hertha Berlin this campaign. But his performances won’t be enough to earn him a place in Mikel Arteta’s team for the next season, it is believed.

The Frenchman last started a match for Arsenal against fellow Premier League side Brighton after the first lockdown ended in June 2020. However, a confrontation on the pitch with The Seagulls’ Neal Maupay and subsequently failing to impress Edu and Arteta in a meeting after that saw him axed from the team.

Arsenal were believed to be interested in selling the 21-year-old last summer. As the Guardian reported, the Gunners even offered €22.5 million plus the Frenchman in the bid to land their long-term target Thomas Partey.

However, Atletico Madrid rejected the offer immediately. Unai Emery’s side Villarreal and Valencia were also believed to favour a move for the Frenchman. But no clubs were willing to take the former Lorient man permanently.

It is no secret that Arsenal need better reinforcements at the central midfield department. But it appears like Guendouzi is not considered a part of that conversation.


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  1. He’s always been more hype than actual quality. If only we sold when he was worth 60mill lol…

    1. He was never worth even a third of that price, not even before Covid. Easy to bandy fantasy prices around UNTIL you actually try to sell him. Then you find out the real value , as I SAID, NOT EVEN A THIRD. Even less now!

  2. Take what we can get and move on. Tired of erratic, temperamental players. We need to spend more time assessing the character of the peeps we bring on board.

    1. So then in your opinion of erratic and tempramental, we should pay other clubs to take Xhaka?

      The usual suspects commenting again who hated ANY of UE’s buys. MG would have been OUR Viera.

  3. for the love of god, just get rid of him before he’s allowed to return to the Emirates and infect our other younger players with the same misplaced arrogance and entitlement that will likely end up derailing his career in the not too distant future

    1. Well said! So totally true and rotten apples are poison in any club. The good news is he will not be coming back EVER under MA and MA will be here for many years ,IMO.

  4. No, I would keep him, then we will have more chance scoring,

    He goes forward not back with loads of trying to score and plenty of pace.

    1. @Almaria
      Thank you. He’s much better than any of the CAMS we now have. And less injury prone…

  5. He’s gained so much experience playing regularly but still has room to learn. Not sure about this arrogance that is being perpetuated. Many are just running with this tag now and have labelled him as such. I’m sure most know nothing of this young man personally. Sure there’s been incidences where he could have done better or made a better decision but he’s still learning and growing. Who hasn’t?
    At 25 he could be a beast of a player.

    1. I concur. MG has talent. He needs to be polished. You need a manager that can do that. MA has the potential to do so. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance!!!

  6. If he’s not going to play for Arteta again and not having exactly covered himself in glory during current loan spell, I’d take anything over £10 million cash for him this summer.

    No one will be offering £25 million in this market.

  7. He is much better then what we have at the moment apart from Partey of course but then he is way younger then him. I don’t get the hate from some of our fans just because he did not get along with Arteta? He is way ahead of Willock in development and gives us more then Xhaka. All is required is man management from Arteta you can not just chuk talented young players out of club just because you can not man manage them n grow them. MG, Saliba are few example. Good managers have worked and mananged players with far more worse attitude then MG. Some fans here preach positivity and supporting team when it comes to current regime but then they go against their own words when they become cut throat when it comes to some Arsenal players specially the one who have not been at club for long as well. Why double standards? If a new manager deserves a chance then same chance should be given to a young talented player. Why take off those rose tinted glasses when it comes to players like MG, Saliba n co.

  8. While I share your views on his credentials on the park Logic,three different Managers have had real problems with Guendouzi who has an arrogance about him which I find distasteful.Basically he needs to buckle down , work hard and show he has the talent that many believe he has but has not shown on a regular basis.

  9. I concur. MG has talent. He needs to be polished. You need a manager that can do that. MA has the potential to do so. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance!!!

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