Should Arsenal let Lucas Perez leave after just one season?

This summer is going to see plenty of change at Arsenal, with a new manager quite possibly and an ever likely exit from Alexis Sanchez.

But with everyone growing frustrated at Wenger and Arsenal’s lacklustre performances, we cannot forget that our two biggest names, Ozil and Alexis must be counting down the days to where they enter their final year. It’ll be an interesting summer to see if they commit or quit, but one player who could also be waving goodbye to the Emirates, is striker Lucas Perez.

It is being reported this morning that Lucas Perez is considering an exit from Arsenal in the summer, with the striker showing concern as to why he isn’t getting enough minutes on the pitch. Lucas was a £17 million signing from Deportivo La Coruna and has since scored 6 goals in 17 appearances. The record doesn’t shout ‘top draw signing’, but he has been very limited to appearances under Wenger and a lot of those appearances have only been for a few minutes. Lucas has also suffered regularly with injuries and he’s currently on the treatment table at the moment.

I think Lucas’ biggest issue with getting into the team, is that competition in midfield and on the wings is very high at Arsenal. It means that although his goals and assists ratio isn’t bad for minutes played, often he doesn’t show enough over the course of a 90 minute match. Of course he hasn’t really had a run of games to show Wenger exactly what he can do, but in the times he has led from the front, Lucas hasn’t put in the strongest of performances.

I would be disappointed if Lucas was to leave after a single season at the club, because he hasn’t really given it time to find his way into the team. However at the same time, if the Spaniard was to leave, I don’t think he’d be missed too much because quite frankly, the club has much bigger issues currently on its hands.



  1. muffdiver says:

    He’s very useful perez.
    Not that that matters.

    Loyalty over logic

    Biggie 1992

  2. Bobbyraz says:

    lucas is just a podolski or campbell if u will of this season, no matter his performance he will hardly ever get picked, i think he shows more than enuf in any 90min matches he has played in, the fa cup vs Southampton, the ucl vs basel and looks better than most of our wingers when he comes on for 3 min cameos, but wenger doesn’t see that all he see’s is ozil ozil ozil ozil, ramsey ramsey ramsey, iwobi iwobi iwobi

    1. HA559 says:

      Forgot Walcott Wallcott Wallcott.

  3. Wilshegz says:

    wenger have been really unfair to Lucas… he deserves not just to stay but get more gametime

    1. frank says:

      Lucas should only stay if Wenger leaves. If Wenger stays, it would be in his best interest to leave.

  4. Twig says:

    How many times has Lucas started a premier league game with all the regulars?

  5. palmer17 says:

    No just play him

  6. vinie2000 says:

    Losing Lucas after one season just show us how incredibly inept our manager and board have been. they rather prefer paying 80k – 100k to useless 6-8-10 years core over rated and injury prone players in our team than giving the chance to players like him to develop and perform game in game out but not..simple cameos roles and killing their confidence to the point they prefer going on loan. Believe,this only happens in Arsenal FC. be aware of MOU as he’s getting that Crap UTD full of confidence so does Pochetino. Get rid of those sentimental and “loyal” players who have not shown any improvement at all. send Ramsey , iwobi, theo, gibbs on loan as he did with Jack and all of them will see their place in the squad is under scrutiny but will never happens. Poor Lucas, it will happen same as campbell. One more rason for our only star player to move out.

  7. Blind Love says:

    Only reason I would possibly miss any of the current arsenal players is because they’ll most likely be replaced with someone worse.

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