Should Arsenal let Maitland-Niles go to Man Utd to fund Aouar bid?

Should Maitland-Niles be sold?

Despite previous uncertainty surrounding him, it finally seems as though Ainsley Maitland-Niles will still be an Arsenal player at the end of deadline day next week.

Reports coming out from the Metro state that he could be joining Manchester United, however Arsenal are adamant that he won’t be going anywhere.

“Maitland-Niles was on the brink of a £30million switch to Wolves earlier this summer but Mikel Arteta made it clear that the versatile 23-year-old remained a key part of his plans for the future after an outstanding performance in the Community Shield.”

A performance that in my eyes he has failed to replicate since!

The Metro also states; “Arsenal and Arteta had backtracked on this stance, with United holding advanced discussions to land Maitland-Niles in a £20m deal plus bonuses and add-ons.”

If Arteta wants to raise the funds to buy long-term target Aouar then the best place to start would surely be to get rid of Maitland-Niles, especially if they can offload him for the £30m fee that would bring us closer to being able to make a decent enough bid to Lyon for Aouar, decent enough that they would let him go anyway.

I know Maitland has the potential to become a decent player, but in my opinion, the only good performance I saw him have was in the Community Shield final against Liverpool, and he has had chances to showcase that talent he showed on the day but he has failed to do so.

I think we should cash in for him if we have the chance to make our own chances of bagging Aouar a lot more easier, because the way it is going at the moment it is 50/50 on whether we will get him and knowing Arsenal it will go down to deadline day! Gooners?



  1. Yes, Yes , yes
    We should have accepted wolves bid for that guy . He’s not really good at anything in my opinion and loses concentration easily.
    He’s part of our useless English players collection

    1. Easy son. Your tone is quite derogatory. The fact that Mr A is better than Mr B in regards to a particular task doesn’t make Mr B “useless”.

      Those you who are most critical of others probably have the most deficiencies and imperfections in your jobs. 😏

      1. Men am starting to follow up your comments, it’s seems like you have full cells in your brain and your apgar scale was 15/15. Keep it up men

  2. Letting Niles join Man United will be the biggest mistake Arsenal can make. Letting Niles join bitter rivals should never be entertained. Arsenal seems to have this problem of letting their best players join rivals and I don’t know why. Why can’t the board release money to support the manager instead of first sell, then buy? Surely other clubs don’t operate that way. If Arsenal continues along this path, they will be a success. Best players on the market will always be snapped by clubs who have ready cash to splash like Chelsea, Man City and Man United. The Arsenal board must act differently and get more involved.

    1. Wont* be a success 😊

      I can tell you now, united aren’t in for him. Sancho will join this weekend and possibly one other.

  3. Man Utd have already denied any interest in AMN who will never fulfil his potential playing on the left side of the pitch.He has been used successfully to snuff out potential danger men, so I was surprised when Arteta did not use him to man mark Salah last week.As you say Charlie ,he lacks the technical nous and natural football intelligence to be a successful AM , and it would appear that he will never be given a chance as a B to B operator where his athleticism would surely stand him in good stead.In any case he will not to moving to Man Utd.

  4. AMN had a number of excellent performances over the past year against teams like Liverpool, wolves, Chelsea… I agree he isn’t the most efficient as an attacker but hes the best 1-on-1 player we have and is the most reliable player if we want to stop a dangerous dribbler. Immensely important to the squad for that reason, and the fact that MA is starting him in the big games surely tells you something. Still think this guy can be a big player for us.

  5. £30m I would probably cash in.

    Shame we can’t swap him for Zaha plus cash, as we could do with a homegrown player or two if we let some go.

  6. No way Jose. We have no idea what Aouar is like as a player, person or competitor. We know Maitland Niles since he was a kid. We should never compare players we raised as kids to people we barely know. Niles is a gem and I am offended by the question. Selling youngsters has never been good business for Arsenal just look at that one in Bayern Munich.

    1. Stop sighing over Gnabry. Be glad for his sake. He got a career he wouldn’t have at Ashburton. He was raised by someone else.

      1. And he is still an Asn’l-man. Four goals against spurs, two against Chelsea. Serge is a diaspora gunner. No doubt. Great guy.

  7. sale Maitland-Niles and buy another 32 year old player…crazy. develop our youth players instead of selling! those who think buying old players like William are going to bring much to Arsenal are dreaming…keep on dreaming. remember the Barcelona and Manu of yester years, they developed their talents from within

  8. It seems that AMN to Man Utd was “fake news”( to quote someone who hopefully will not be around politics much longer). I much hope it is indeed fake news and think so too. AMN is one of those players who has always had talent but some see more than he has, while others see less. He is a useful middler and will improve further. Being a homegrown player also counts towards his value. I believe we would in time much regret it IF, which I doubt we’ll do, we let him leave.

    I also think there is a large body of Gooner opinion, including myself, who cannot understnd WHY he has never been properly tried in midfield or as a box to box. He is not a defender in my book, though can do a useful job there. But all players deserve to be tried properly in their natural position, surely?

  9. If his exit helps fund a Partey deal, then I would not be so upset, and I would wish him well. I think currently bringing in Partey to replace AMN would be an upgrade.

    But not to help finance an Aouar transfer, definitely not!.

    Where will Aouar play if we bought him?
    Will he replace Ceballos, Elneny or Ahaka in midfield?
    Will he play left or right wingback?
    Don’t forget AMN can play in several positions. Can Aouar?

  10. Arsenal will probably not get Aouar because of how they have chose to do their business. Brought back memories of £40,000,001 for Suarez. Krankie only cares for his LA project. We could have bought Aouar and Partey a month ago and then maybe even beaten Liverpool in the EPL. There are two way to buy players. Pay first get the money back later, or sell first and then buy. The second way risks getting shite.

    1. Sean, you need “serenity to accept the things you cannot change”. KS&E owns Arsenal FC 100% to do with what they want within the law and the rules of the FA. They are not going to change the self sustaining model.
      Vinai and Edu have publicly stated that Arsenal don’t have to sell to buy, so where does the problem lie?

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