Should Arsenal let Maitland-Niles join one of our rivals?

There are many Arsenal fans that are at a complete loss as to understand why Ainsley Maitland-Niles hasn’t managed to get a regular run in the Gunners first team, especially after Mikel Arteta persuaded him not to accept a transfer to Wolves in the summer.

But for some reason, Arteta has not been impressed with the midfielder in training, and continually tells him to show more willing and apply himself if he wants to make a breakthrough. in fact, after giving AMN his latest run out, Arteta then dropped him for his next squad and told: the media: , ‘It’s about him, his performances, and how much he wants to get back into the team.’

So, it looks like he is a waste on Arsenal’s wage bill right now, and obviously needs to get regular game time, which is why a loan deal is being discussed today.

The problem is that we know he can be an excellent player when he wants to, so when we hear that the likes of Leicester and Southampton are keen to bring him on loan, we know he could improve one of our rivals and perhaps interfere with our race for the Top Six.

There have also been whispers connecting him with Newcastle and West Brom, who are definitely NOT rivals, but would those teams be good for his development?

Should we let AMN go to one of our rivals? Or make him stay and fight for his place?

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  1. Arteta does not forgive and forget. Maitland-Niles and Gouendouzi will never be forgiven by Arteta. Two youngsters who can improve our team but they’ll rather be ditched out because of the Manager who keep grudges. Maitland-Niles is a utility player

  2. I have no objection to AMN being loaned to Leicester where he would be deployed in his favoured position in midfield..The fact that Leicester are considered to be a rival is irrelevant as far as I am concerned.Let’s face it we are unlikely to make the top 4/6 this season, and as AMN clearly does not figure in Artetas future plans, we have nothing to lose by him going out on loan.

  3. What is has Mikel actually got to “forgive” Ainsley about ?

    Perhaps Arteta simply believes AMN does not match up to the type of player profile he is looking for going forward.

    Just try to forget latter stages of the cup winning run last year, which it seems Ainsley is going to dine off for the rest of his career.

    Does anyone actually watch AMN’s performances (if and when selected) for us in the bread and butter, week in week out fixtures ?

    This player is as hyped as much as Leno was totally disrespected in the Emi affair (Leno’s not doing so bad after all is he – leagues best keeper for me !).

    And this never ending “young” attached to AMN – 23 is not so young in footballing terms, we currently have 19 & 20 year old’s tearing it up.

    As soon as M A walked through the door with his “non-negotiables” , it was painfully obvious that the likes of Ozil & Maitland -Niles were in trouble.

    As so it is turning out.

    Talk about some baying for a totally retrospective step in actually playing this guy !?1?

    Still, he has a nice smile I suppose.

  4. I have always wanted him sold for a very long time now.i wonder what fans see in him.he doesn’t create or score goals&his body language is always poor

  5. Looks like Leicester or West Brom as it’s being reported Southampton have now decided not to pursue him further, being blamed on AMN’s reps.

  6. The main thing I’ve learned from the Justarsenal
    comment section is that Arsenal fans will turn on our
    proven brilliant players like Leno, Auba and zhaka at the
    drop of a hat, but defend absolute nonsense players
    like Maitland-Niles, Matteo Guendouzi and co to the hilt

  7. He should have been sold long time ago cos he is a mid teams player not for ambitious Arsenal team nothing special with him ,cos this is the age a player must show real talent and skills but remains a Normal average player.players like saka ,u can really see their commitment at that young age so this boy must be sold quickly.

  8. The only positive out of this scenario would be if he went out on loan to a team that wanted to give him regular minutes in his preferred role, that way we could get some answers on someone else’s dime…unfortunately for AMN, Arsenal didn’t feel he matched his valuation, which creates a difficult situation for both player and team…the player hears that number and can’t figure out why he can’t crack the lineup, whereas the club has a difficult time justifying keeping the player, considering the potential benefits of selling him, yet don’t want to be so short-sighted and get burned by an unnecessary quick sale…the potential dilemma of a loan is that either the player never wants to return, should he come good, or plays so horribly that his market value drops so considerably that we’ve actually shot ourselves in the foot

  9. ..AMN, should have left last season to a club which could appreciate his value. he is a utility player, and such players are not many in the market. if were him couldn’t want to come back. Willock …he was very happy after talking to Bruce , a manager who outlined his plans for him upfront….that says a lot about the way we are managing out young players

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