Should Arsenal let Ospina go to Everton?

The Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina thinks that a potential move to Merseyside Premier League team Everton during this summer is a ‘great possibility’.

The 26-year-old Colombian national goalkeeper will fall behind new signing Petr Cech for the next season. Following this, there were rumours that he would move out of the club. Ospina did nothing to douse those links.

The latest reports coming from Colombia have said that the Toffees manager Roberto Martinez will love to work with Ospina at Goodison Park. Martinez rates the Colombian very highly and thinks that he will be an ideal replacement for the ageing Tim Howard.

Ospina should be having an indifferent feeling of the situation at the Emirates. He joined the club after a wonderful World Cup for Colombia. Their dream run is attributed to the goals of James Rodriguez as well as the stupendous keeping of Ospina.

Following his arrival in North London, Ospina showed brilliant form and replaced Wojciech Szczesny as first choice goalkeeper last season. He went on to show great form between the sticks almost shutting the Polish keeper out of the first XI.

But, the arrival of Cech at the club changes the entire scenario. Cech is a world-class keeper and there would be very few around who will have problems with him starting as first choice keeper. This leaves the tussle for the next spot between Szczesny and Ospina.

Reports indicate that Szczesny is willing to bide his time as a challenger and is in fact looking to learn more from the new signing. Ospina is also pleased to get a chance to train alongside Cech – even if it puts his starting place in serious doubt.

However, unconfirmed reports say that he will be willing to move to another club if it guarantees more game time. Fenerbahce were initially rumoured to be a possible destination but nothing moved further. And when reports linked Everton with a potential bid, it caught Ospina’s attention.

The Colombian keeper rates Everton highly and thinks that the Merseyside team is a competitive unit under a good manager. Martinez is looking to shake up things and get Everton back into the European mix after a disappointing season last year. Nevertheless, he lets his side play with flair and this probably is an attraction to Ospina.

It could be a mixed feeling for the supporters if Ospina eventually leaves the club. He served the team with distinction last season though he is not in the same league as Cech. Sometimes, to make the team more competitive and challenge for top honours, you will have to sacrifice some players. Ospina could just be that!

Do you think Arsenal will miss Ospina if he chooses to leave the club? Chelsea allowed Petr Cech to join us for first team football, so should Arsenal let Ospina join Everton for the same reason?


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  1. The Ospina worship based on half a seasons good play needs to relax. YES he should be allowed to go to Everton for christ’s sake, we have 3 GK’s and he’s the odd one out because one is world class and the other is sufficiently good AND homegrown.

    Ospina is somewhere in the middle, but more importantly he’s surplus. Everton won’t challenge us for anything so there’s literally no excuse a fan can create to veto this transfer.

    1. one day Ospina could be a World class
      schez is like Giroud will never be a World Class
      so if we want to be emotional we should be satisfied with 4th place every season

      1. Riiiight….why’s that again? And who’s emotional? Wenger has been about as ruthless as I can remember him ever being because he’s just replaced a player in the lineup who barely put a foot wrong simply because it better the team. Get your head out the sand mate.

        1. it is simple
          Ospina is better than Schez
          so Wenger should keep Ospina and say Goodbye Schez

  2. i believe the ceiling is way higher for schez. i really do think this is as good as ospina will get.

    as has been said, sczes is homegrown that edges it. he still has potential, which wenger will be hoping to realise bc he has invested a lot of ressources into this guy. ospina is super unlucky though.

    you guys can’t call Wenger “too emotional” then complain and panick when he upgrades. typical fans

    he clearly will bring in an upgrade in any position, if one becomes available. just let this window happen guys and relax,
    up gooners

  3. I am not sure if people actually do think about what they are saying before they say, is Fabiaski a world class keeper or in the middle or any where szczesny but when we met Swansea we all came to know about him right. Would Czech be class as a home grown now, so why can’t we swap Szczesny instead.

    1. Can’t believe this has received a green arrow, don’t people understand the home grown rule?

      I suggest a little reading is called for to familiarise yourself with the rules.

    2. Fabianski is better than Szczesny and in fact, Szczesny is no better than Mannone. Szczesny will not improve any even if he were to stay with us ’till he was 40! He hasn’t improved in the last 3 years and whether he is “home grown” or not, he is simply not good enough to be an EPL goalkeeper and he has shown that. How he remains part of the first team is staggering.

  4. If the transfer window shut tomorrow we’d finish 3rd or 4th again, yet there seems to be very little urgency in the Arsenal camp to get deals done and improve the team.

    I don’t like Wenger’s tone that the club aren’t looking to add players but will look to add top quality if it becomes available. Was Schweinsteiger ‘available’? No, not really, but United still got him, because they tried. They were ambitious, and it paid off. That’s the kind of thing I want Arsenal to try and do.

    Of course none of us know what’s actually happening at Arsenal, but nonetheless it seems there’s a laid back approach to transfers this summer, and I really don’t like it. Last summer we were very active. We signed players like Debuchy, Alexis and Chambers early on. This summer everything seems a bit too casual for my liking. There doesn’t seem to be that desperate desire to get the players we need. What hurts most is that you can clearly see that desire from United in particular.

    Everyone praises the signing of Cech as if it’s some kind of magic. It was obvious that he wanted to move. We knew that a year ago. Chelsea were going to let him go wherever he wanted. We didn’t know that for certain but it was rumoured. He wanted to stay in London. We could have safely assumed that. That left Cech with very few choices – Arsenal was the obvious destination. We were clearly the best option. Cech is a fantastic signing for us don’t get me wrong, but it was hardly an amazing piece of work by Wenger or Gazidis. The main negotiations for this deal were seemingly between Petr Cech and Roman Abramovich. Cech wanted to join us. It was clear for months. But obviously he would never publicly say it because he has a great respect for Chelsea.

    Yes I’m impatient. I don’t think I’m wrong to be impatient either. Last summer we ended up running out of time and not getting a centre back, which probably cost us at least 6 points this season. Last summer we also, again, failed to get a quality striker and were left with a panic-buy on the last day of the transfer window because Giroud got injured. That cost us several points too. Throw on top of that the fact that we failed to get a DM last summer as well and the amount of points dropped from not getting these signings may just have won us the league.

    I trust Wenger or Gazidis to buy players we need, but I don’t trust them to buy all the players we need..

  5. Off Topic , I think Lacazette to Arsenal could be a done deal very soon if Wenger wants him. If you look on his official twitter you can see that he favorited a tweet that contained an article linking him to Arsenal. I know this doesnt mean anything but it just makes sense for him to want to come to Arsenal…

    Whatever happens I put my trust in Wenger’s judgement

  6. Also I think we should sell Ospina to Everton if he wants to leave, I feel kinda sad for him but it makes more sense for us to let him go and keep chezz sinces hes homegrown and been with us for so long and is still quality and will only get better.

  7. Since we have enough home grown players and Ospina is better than sczezny, it makes sense to keep the better goalkeeper and sell the worst of the three.

  8. Of course not! Why would you sell the goalkeeper that was unquestionably your number 1 last year and keep the joke Szczesny? Keep Ospina and sell Szczesny to Everton, in fact, give him to them if they don’t want to pay for him and if they are stupid enough to play him in goals, then that’s six points already for us this coming season.

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