Should Arsenal let Oxlade-Chamberlain go?

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain loves to be in the limelight regarding his Arsenal career, but unfortunately for him it’s rarely due to good performances on the pitch!

Whether it’s ‘bantering’ off Carl Jenkinson or Calum Chambers as the Ox would say, or doing his latest stunt for the Arsenal media team, it’s fair to say that Chamberlain brings a lot of smiles to Arsenal football club, but rarely do they come from the pitch.

It’s a topic that’s been debated back and forth for weeks and months now and the big question surrounds whether Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has a future at Arsenal beyond this season? The winger was reportedly placed on the transfer list last summer by the club, with Arsene Wenger seeking out a loan or permanent deal for the Ox. Joel Campbell supposedly took the hit to leave Arsenal instead. It now means that Oxlade Chamberlain seems to have one final season to prove his value as an Arsenal player and if he doesn’t manage to reach the heights expected from him this season, then it seems as if his Arsenal career could be over sooner rather than later.

Since joining in 2011 from Southampton as a teenager, Chamberlain much like his companion Theo Walcott, arrived in North London with plenty of promise. But inconsistency, injures and a lack of development has meant that Ox really hasn’t progressed as expected. The Englishman has shown moments of promise in the past and already this season we have seen glimpses of what he is capable of. But his talents are shown inconsistency and to be a regular at Arsenal he needs to prove he has what it takes on a consistent basis.

It’s come to the point where after five years, Chamberlain is starting to doubt confidence in himself regarding his chances of proceeding forward at Arsenal. The winger now admits that if he isn’t able to become a regular in this team, then he won’t rule out leaving the club in the near future. In a report by the Metro, Chamberlain is quoted saying: ‘I’d be lying if I wasn’t going to sit here and say that it has crossed my mind that I need more game time. As a footballer, you want to play every game. Me being myself, I’m not happy when I’m not playing.

“There is going to come a time in my career, and I think I’m approaching that, when I do need to be getting more regular football, but my focus completely and utterly now is on playing for Arsenal and still trying to break into the team when I get the opportunity. Help out if I have to come off the bench, do what I did yesterday and come on and make a difference.

“There is that in my mind that I do want to get more game time. There comes a time in your career where you have to re-evaluate things and think, “Is that going to be here or elsewhere?”

“I’m not there at the moment, I’m fully focused on this season, playing my part in that. When you get to the end of the season, just like managers do where they re-evaluate their team, players re-evaluate their personal situation, and I’ll do that at the end of the season.’

In my opinion Ox has had more than enough chances to prove himself and although injures have no doubt hindered his progress, his statistical return for a player who is no longer considered a youth prospect, are just simply awful for a player in his position.

Arsenal stuck by fellow winger Theo Walcott after many years of doubt, so perhaps they will do the same for Chamberlain. However in my opinion it doesn’t look promising for the player and given that he was reportedly listed for transfer last summer, perhaps Chamberlain is more than aware that he needs to up his game or face the exit door.



  1. After the Theo turn around, still early though, and the Coq, you’d have to have reservations about completely writing anyone off. When he matures he may become a really good player, he could be just a late bloomer. There is huge pressure at a club like ours, I think pressure sometimes gets the better of him. We should know more in two seasons time maybe, if he’s still at the same level, maybe he should try somewhere else were he’s allowed time and freedom to express. Behind the striker or in a midfield three he could become dangerous, at the right club of course. Arsene will know best, I can safely say that.

    1. Let face the reality :Arsenal is to big club for Ox, he was in the transfer or loan list and zero team came for him,that tells you enough. After 5 years we should cut our lost, no need to buy because we have excellent young players in the squad, for me time to sell.

      1. He was never on the transfer or loan list. Wenger rates him highly, always had and will have him in Wengers plans. If he was on the transfer list even Mourinho would have snapped him as Mourinho admitted last season he wanted Chamberlain in exchange of Cech. So stop chatting rubbish. I for one believe he will play a big role this season as people tend to forget our injury record to key players. I’m sure he reminded everyone what exactly he has in his locker against swansea.

  2. I am really worried for Xhaka and in equal measure happy now that the Coq is back. The Coq seems to offer more defensively with a greater workrate. perfectly complements Cazorla and the three game ban doesn’t help his case at all. Could be worse with Ramsey coming back from injury

    1. Iwobi is a fantastic player in the making but he too can improve his game. I think the reason Monreal struggles this season is because Iwobi’s inexperience leaves him exposed. This needs to get fixed quickly. Monreal has been one of our most consistent performers over the last few seasons, yet he looked poor this season. He didn’t lose his ability overnight nor did he lose his ability to read the game overnight. I think it is a result of the defensive help or lack there of Iwobi provides. I am sure they are working on this in training.

      Ox also has to work on his defending. I don’t think you can be a valuable team member any longer in modern football if you can’t help out defending and pressing.

  3. He’s much better this season

    More aggressive, more ambitious shots

    Unfortunately for him – Walcott is much better too. He needs a Walcott injury to get his nose in, hope that doesn’t happen. But we should keep him

    1. LoL. I thought it was Keep Oxlade-Chamberlain, Flog Walcott to Middlesborough at the beginning of the season?!

  4. what Oxlade needs is more responsibility, he should have been loaned out to an EPL side like Southampton where he ll start regularly and more ll be xpected from him.

  5. The ox is an excellent dribbler but he needs more strings to his bow if he wants to be a success in Arsenal. I have wanted him to go on loan from when we were sending jenkinson on loan now he is at that stage we’re he has to stay for squad purposes this season.

    signing somone like Mitchel wisler 22y would be an excellent signing in January. He excels at right back and right midfield so we could use him as a debuchy replacement . He has come on extremely well since leaving Bayern for first team football

    Come next season Joel will be back, Perez and welbeck will also be wide options so we should loan him.

    If he wants out there are many promising right sided players who would jump at the chance to join Arsenal who also has top class potential

    E.g. Berradi 22y Sassulo …. Bernardo silva 23 and Thomas Lamar 20 both Monaco

  6. I think we should give Ox some time. In fairness, to me, he has not lived up to his billing or potential but this does not mean he can not come good. He adds nice depth to the squad and if Iwobi or Theo get injured he might get his chance.

  7. He needs to swallow his pride, and start working his socks off, because currently he’s way down in the pecking order. If Wilshere can go out on loan to Bournemouth, so can Ox. For me, he’s had plenty of chances, but he failed to take them. I’d be willing to give him an option to go out on loan, but if he refuses, sell him to the highest bidder. I really hate saying this, but at the moment, he’s my least favorite Gunner, and I hate seeing him even on the bench. I’d rather play Lucas than him.

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