Should Arsenal let Ozil leave for free this summer?

Mesut Ozil has come under criticism of late for refusing to take a pay-cut along with the majority of his team-mates, but should Arsenal consider offloading him?

The former German international has just over a year remaining on his contract at present, but his wages no longer represent his place in the side.

It’s widely reported that Ozil receives a monster £350,000 per week, and he supposedly turned down a reduction because he believes he could have earned his current wage with Fenerbahce.

The player’s agent has said that his client will see out his contract with our club previously, but if Fenerbahce really were willing to match his current wage, I would expect him to consider the move.

Ozil has become less and less important to our team since signing his new bumper deal in 2018, and while new coach Mikel Arteta has given him a regular role, he is still not showing enough to warrant his huge wage.

I struggle to believe that the Turkish giants would be willing to pay a fee on top of paying Ozil such a salary, so our club may well have to consider how keen they are to offload his wages from their budget this summer.

It could well come down to Mikel Arteta, who may still see some potential in helping our former assist-king to light up the lights under his guise next term.

The Spaniard is expected to have a limited budget for next term with the current world crisis having cut off almost all income avenues, and offloading the German’s salary may well allow him to add two or three new players wages at no extra cost.

Would Arsenal consider letting Ozil leave for free this summer? Could Arteta bring enough improvement to warrant his current fees?


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    1. Phil
      I write this with tongue firmly in cheek
      Was ‘No’ referring to the 2nd last question, the last question or to both?

      1. SP- it was in reply to the Headline, as I really couldn’t be bothered to read the article. It sort of brings the worst out of a few of us when “discussing” Mesut Ozil, so just left it simple.

        1. Very true Phil
          As Grandad wrote below, the subject of Ozil has been flogged to death
          We can only repeat ourselves so often

    1. I’ll chip in with you for the fare to the airport and help pack his bags. We’d be about £18m better off!!

  1. Like it or not,Ozil will be with us until his contract expires.Please, no more speculation about his future.The subject has been flogged to death.

    1. And will continue to be so Grandad. There is no way this site will ever take the unilateral decision to never report on any single player. If the news is out there, we report it, that is the business model that has been employed on here as Pat has previously explained. No one has to read the article. There is a huge choice now from transfer gossip to massive opinion pieces.

      1. Please then explain MARTIN, what news there has been about OZIL of late? I see NOactual news, just rehashed articles saying the same as has been said countless times before. Which pretty much sums up most of my gripes with this site.

        1. I have not done any I can think of since my opinion piece that caused a stir, maybe a gossip piece or two but that’s about it. The other writers have been writing more about him than me recently so you are better off asking them, But you know my position, there will continue to articles on all the players, no exceptions, so I have no idea why you keep asking Jon, just ignore posts about him, will save you some frustration I am sure.

  2. “Let him leave”? Doesn’t that assume he WANTS to leave, which is the polar opposite of his actual desperation to stay til the bitter end of his contract! Just saying, as “let”jumped out as a most unsuitable word!

  3. I can’t wait for 2021 to come, so I can see the back of Ozil the one season wonder for Arsenal.

    We should have freed him and given even 400k to Alexis Sanchez. Imagine if we had Alexis, Lacazette, Aubameyang as a front 3 we would have one more trophies

  4. YES! Get rid of the useless leech, giving him away for free!! As for Fenerbache or any Turkish “giants”, they can’t even dream of 350K each week, let alone be able to pay!!!!

  5. Offer him half is wages upfront and let him go. 350K a week is ludicrous for someone who offers next to nothing. The wage savings alone from Ozil, Mki, Elneny and Lacazette could get us a top class player and extend Abameyangs deal.

    1. And what would you offer Auba as a salary liam?

      Would you give in to his reported £300,000 a week demand?

      What would you then say, if he turns out as Sanchez or, in your opinion, Ozil?

      Retrospective thinking is very easy – I remember very clearly the fans demanding Ozil stay at ANY cost, to prove we were a “big club”.
      Would love Pat to reproduce the comment made the day he signed the contract offered him, I bet it would make interesting reading!

      Probably the same fans who are now claiming he is bleeding the club dry and want kronkie to let him go for nothing – funny old game when fans can spend our owners money with no problem whatsoever – currently he is valued at £15.75 million pounds, playing in every premier league game this season and Arteta’s first choice as his attacking playmaker.

      1. I can confirm that many that were over the moon about the new contract have since changed their minds. However, I also can confirm that many on here have changed their minds many many times about many different players, situations, incidences etc. It is not just Ozil. What I have found is that when something happens for long enough then opinions are changed. That is normal behaviour in my opinion.

        1. That is life of course, but what would be interesting to see, would be what fans were demanding the club do “at any cost”, but now react as if they were aware of what would happen.

          I haven’t said it is not normal behaviour, what would be interesting is how passionate they were in demanding the club acted the way they did.

          As I say, retrospective thinking is easy, genuine dismay at the time of the contract being offered would be very interesting.

          The thought that we should offer Auba a new contract and give in to his salary demands is one such incident – with fans now saying the club should keep him at any cost, something I believe would be incorrect – liam seems to believe otherwise.

          What are your views Martin? What were your views when the club offered Ozil a reported £350,00 a week?

          1. I am unable to prove what my position was Ken and so best I do not say but I will say that I have been fairly consistent in my viewpoint. But I would go back further to when Ozil arrived and the passion shown then and how that compares to today. I also recall Troopz on AFTV screaming support of Emery but literally two days later screaming for him to be sacked and on both occasions, he received manic cheers. Same applies to Mustafi and the vitriol he received and any time I defended him I got massive criticism. Point is Ken, there is huge hypocrisy on so many different things by everybody, myself included. It is the nature of being a football fan and I do not believe that we are any worse or better than any other football team.

          2. On that we agree sir!!!

            However, I would like to know if you believe we should give in to Auba’s demands, not for any retrospective reason, but rather how you would manage the situation we find ourselves in.

            1. I oppose it thoroughly for many many reasons and if the club do not take a strong position now then this sort of scenario will just keep on popping up.

          3. For the record Martin, I also oppose giving into his demands, but then have to accept that clubs that will have no problem paying his demands, will become even stronger in the short term, while we rely on younger, less proven players to wear our shirt – something our fans and managers have always been aware off…if they are realistic.

            As a further point (as this is an Ozil article) I have always said that Ozil’s salary was obscene and he should never have been offered it – I would have thought that £200,000 a week (taking into account his form at that time) was a more realistic figure but have never used that ridiculous figure to make him a scapegoat for others mistakes.

            In hindsight again, that figure also seems a millstone around our neck, following the corona virus outbreak and it’s consequences – just as Auba’s will be if offered on a three/four year deal.

            That’s why condemning one players salary, while advocating another get’s the same ridiculous amount (give or take a few thousand) seems totally irresponsible in my opinion.

            That’s it from me on this subject.

            1. I will not comment on Ozil in regards to this article but I agree that people cannot have it all ways. You are either against high salaries or not. That is for each individual to decide for themselves. I feel I have been very consistent in this regards no matter who the player is and I will confirm that you have consistently opposed the high Ozil salary.

  6. What have Alexis Sanchez done ever since he has left us
    Lols,don’t flattered yourself Manchester united and there fan’s are now regretting why they sign Sanchez and paying him that huge salary,if he’s here with us and he flop most of you would abuse him same way you abuse Ozil,imagine the other guy saying Ozil is just a one year wonder,so does that means he got all the 72 assist for us in a season?then that’s what a legendary already

  7. I must point out that it really doesn’t matter how many assists Ozil has provided thus far because that yesterday if you rewind. He’s just like Arsen Wenger living on past history and the two became too comfortable with what they’ve achieved in the past which was fantastic for the both of them. But in this very robust premier league we need fighters and not players who sulk.

  8. You can let him to leave all you want but if he doesn’t want to leave he won’t. What a stupid headline.
    And, @admin how can you know people on here have changed their minds about him? Proof please or how about a poll? Oh, I forgot you don’t do them anymore, how convenient!

    1. Decla, that is why Pat could go back and reprint the article with all the comments and reasons why – it would be a really interesting exercise.

      1. I will oppose that with all my might Ken and I will tell you why it will just cause arguments and would not be an interesting exercise at all. You wanted peace, I am giving it to you, digging up old articles and comments serves no purpose in my opinion.

        1. I thought we ALL wanted peace Martin, certainly that was the impression I got anyway.

          I would suggest that a compromise was given by everyone, not just you, as you seem to indicate.

          The idea that we looked back was just that – an idea.

    2. OK, Declan, I am not going to rise to the baiting and so I request we keep this civil, please. The headline, not mine, by the way, is absolutely appropriate in my opinion and I am sure you could have worded your criticism of it better. I know people have changed their mind because I can check, it is not difficult. I do not need to provide proof and you can do your own research, however, I sense that you think I am lying, I assure you I am not but up to you my friend to think what you want about that. Finally, you say convenient about polls, I love polls, I really do, I started them on here, I ran them but our articles go to different sites for publication including Newsnow. We are not allowed to do polls because they are not scientific. So, again, I am sure you could have worded your sarcasm and calling my integrity into question better. Also, I did not do this article but I think it was a good article worthy of debate, lets not see it go into the gutter and keep this debate polite please Declan. I have seen enough of your comments to know that you are a decent eprson with valid comments, you are better than this.

      1. MARTIN, Good to have this new info you have only JUST NOW told us about this site, on polls and why not allowed. We now understand. Why not copy the governments regular news conferences by allowing us all a a little more knowledge about this site(obviously not daily!! )that we are all such a key part of.
        I don’t expect you to divulge financial matters, OBVIOUSLY, nor would I ever ask, BUT its healthy to keep ones customers in the loop as a general life principle. Would you not agree? No more Silent Stans, eh!

  9. The thing is most of these articles just like the admin Martin when writing conveniently leave club statement and managers view out. Hence these articles are really for talking points but they end up actually causing a devided fan base.

    1. Absolutely no need for that comment Jah son. If this continues I will close the comments on this post. Debate it without sniping at me when I did not do the article and have not contributed an opinion about it.

  10. Admin honestly it’s because whilst I understand the business the said player also have a lot of positive to be advertised and hey we are the arsenal. Can’t always be negative about our own it’s contagious. # Artets100

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