Should Arsenal let Szczesny leave this summer?

With the ongoing Arsenal rumours suggesting that Arsene Wenger is favourite to sign the unhappy Chelsea keeper Petr Cech, the question arises of who will be moved on to make space for the brilliant shot-stopper?

Surely the favourite to go must be Wojciech Szczesny, who has fallen out of favour with Le Prof and is in serious danger of losing his place as the Poland Number One to Lukasz Fabianski, who he ironically displaced at Arsenal. One ex-Poland keeper has already spoken openly about Szczesny being made a “scapegoat” after a poor performance was compounded by him being caught smoking after the match. Now another Polish ex-keeper, Jerzy Dudek, has also urged Szczesny to move away from the Emirates to safeguard his international career. Dudek said: “It’s a serious matter.”

“If I were in his place, I would wonder whether there are still opportunities to arise at Arsenal and wouldn’t wait as long as Fabianski, because you can see that Arsene Wenger is firmly set on David Ospina.

“Fortunately, [Poland] have two other goalkeepers who are able to provide an adequate level in our goal.”

“Lukasz Fabianski is in excellent form and, on the other hand, Artur Boruc is very experienced.

“I think [Adam] Nawalka [Poland manager] will wait to make the decision until the very end. Wojciech is the least likely to play in the match with Ireland.”

Obviously if Petr Cech arrived, no Arsenal fans would be unhappy to lose Szczesny, but if the Chelsea legend moves somewhere else, should Wenger still allow the Pole to leave anyway?

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  1. depends on the home grown quota…..why waste a slot to.sign a gk when.we can strengthen other areas?

    1. Sczczesny is home grown right now. I am sure when they introduce the new home grown rules they will allow for some overlapping period for old home growns.

  2. Arsenal must get rid of him,he’s not world class,his arrogance is his worst enemy we need to get a top class keeper in order to challenge for titles and get past the last 16 of champions league

    1. The same Szczesny who had the joint highest number of clean sheets last season is now all of a sudden shit and must be replaced by a Chelsea second choice Goal keeper, what a logic?

    2. A list of current players who have only rarely been slagged or disrespected on here in the past 2 years would be a very short list; Kos and TR7. Not sure why you pick out these 4 in particular as victims of any particular campaign. We are an astoundingly brilliant bunch of flip-flopping expert slaggers on here.

    3. Are you Mr Sczesny? Come on!!! I may agreed some part of your comments, but why those problems doesn’t occured while Ospina wore the gloves. We have to admit that some goal that we conceded are due to Sczesny arrogance, shaky and less communication with our back 4.

      You may labelled as typical Arsenal fans, but how about you? Don’t you think that you as untypical Arsenal fans are not ambitious enough to see we win the title back? Can’t you see how important good GK in our teams may lead us to win the BPL title back. I believed if Manure didn’t signed De Gea, they’re struggling in the mid table right now.

      Sorry, I rarely come out with this type of comment, but your lengthy rubbish myths are unacceptable.

    4. Totallly agree i am yet to see what Ospina as done to be called a better keeper than sczny if you all see it let me know. In the early part Of the season as you rightly said we struggled defensively I am very curious to see what wenger Will do with chambers, Mert, Flamini and Arteta this summer.

  3. I love the guy as a gooner, but actually I lost any hope in him, when he’s playing I feel like its an accident waiting to happen. All the best Sir szczesny.

    1. Damn right, bro. With Ospina, I’ve always felt relaxed and whenever the opposition is about taking a set piece, I don’t vibrate with fear like I do when Calamity Sczcesny is in goal.

  4. No. We won’t get anything for him, and aside from the “world class” hunting plastics on this site who would have had us paying for Falcao over the summer, most actual fans still have some faith in Woj. He was actually pretty great last year besides the blowouts, and I don’t really fault him completely. Ospina is the man in form now, so you roll with Ospina. Game is back on next season. If Woj wants to start he will grab it back and work on his game. If we went by half of you people on here we wouldn’t have Özil, Wilshire, Ramsey, Nacho, Giroud or Coq right now

  5. I think Szczesny is a top quality goalkeeper that’s why he is at Arsenal. And I think he will continue to remain at Arsenal as long as he continues to improve on the quality of his game and also want to remain at Arsenal. Out of no where has Szczesny been accused of arrogant behaviour which was not transparent or known in him before the lose at Southampton. A lose that exposed him technically and socially. And his father (who gave the Rhinoceros term) compounded his predicament by flagrantly urshing out some utterances to support his cause to the annoyance of the boss. I think Szczesny, my favourite Arsenal goalkeeper, should adequately address his technical and mental failings. And fight to regain his NO 1. Spot at Arsenal. He shouldn’t cheaply give up, should he?

  6. No, change the goakeeping and the defensive coach and get better defensive players.
    If I had that defence infront of me I’d be a bundle of nerves.

  7. Szcz is a talented GK.
    This break will be good for him.
    He is still young by GK standards
    so is a valuable asset.

  8. I say sell him as long as we get Cech, is fair play for both sides; but we also need to look into improving our defense; although I like the guy and his attitude towards ARSENAL, one of the biggest culprits of Zceczny fall of grace was BFG , WENGER needs to find a replacement ASAP, if we want to win anything major anytime soon we need a world class CB, just a GK will not make it.

  9. Difficult one all round. Whilst Cech/Ospina looks fantastic on paper even Mourinho is struggling to manage a situation with two top class GKs in his squad. Why would Cech move to a rival and sit on the bench again? Or would Wenger put Cech straight in to the 1st X1 and relegate DO – doesn’t sound too clever or Wenger-like to me. I suspect, IF WS leaves Wenger will promote from within – why is Martinez suddenly going out on loan to get playing time? I imagine Ospina/Martinez could form quite a brotherly bond as fellow spanish speaking South American GKs.

  10. Szczesny is a quality GK on form. Remember he won the golden boot

    However this season a big dip in form. If he is not giving 100% or just his quality is gone down, maybe it would be better to let him go. He may eant to go

    If he wants to stay and fight Ospina, then I have no problem with it.

  11. He is so young for a GK at this level, Ospina was very shaky at the beginning and i wasnt confident, however he has grown in goal and i am confident. Szczesny will come back stronger then ever and we will have what we need, Top competition in the gk position… 🙂 if he leaves we will buy Leno, I hope…

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