Should Arsenal let the Ox make loan transfer?

The Arsenal midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain may have made almost 30 appearances for the Gunners already this season, but I think it is safe to say that he will not be too pleased with his contribution to the campaign so far, with more of those appearances being from the bench than not and with just seven starts in the Premier League.

With a place in the England side for this summerโ€™s Euro 2016 to fight for as well, the Ox might well prefer to go to another club on loan if he had the chance. Well according to The Sun his former club Southampton want to offer him that chance and so I wondered what you Gooners out there think of the idea.

I think he definitely needs to play more in order to progress and find his best form and Ronald Koeman and the Saints would certainly be good for his development. He could also help the Gunners when playing against our rivals for the EPL crown.

At the same time, though, he could help us and I think that the Ox is an important weapon for us to have in the locker. Before his last few games I would probably have said yes to9 this loan deal straight away but he has looked better of late and against Burnley he played a big part, including the great run and cross to assist the Alexis Sanchez winner.

Maybe if the deal could be arranged so we could recall him if necessary then it might be a good option. What do you guys think?

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  1. Only if Wenger miraculously buys a forward in the next 4 hours (?). If not then not. And let’s postpone this discussion for summer.

  2. Send him back to school so he will be force to develope his football brain a bit. Kid is a fantastic footy talent but stupid as hell.

    1. send him gibbs theo to the same school.
      3 loads of ppl with immense talent but little football brain

  3. Sell Wallcot Wilshere
    Chamberlain Wellbeck
    for 80 million.
    Save 20 mill in wages
    While your at it release Flamini Rosicky
    Arteta Sanogo sell Debuchy (7 mill)
    Over paid under performers shipped out
    young up and comers brought in.

    Team for next season
    Cech Szczesney Macey
    Bellerin Chambers Gibbs Monreal
    Koz Gabriel Bielik Hayden
    Elneny Coquelin
    Cazorla Zelalem
    Ramsey Iwobi Sanchez Adelaide
    Niles Ozil Calechi. Sheaf.
    Giroud Akpom.

    Net save = 115 million quid.

    Then half ticket prices ๐Ÿ™‚

    Why pander to 20 under performing players
    when you can respect 60,000 paying fans?

    1. Oh please… You had Campbell, Chambers, Giroud and Ramsey in your underperformers that should be sold literally half a season ago. You flip-flop so fast your head must spin!

  4. Welbeck will be back soon. We also have Sanchez, Walcott and Campbell who can play the wings. I think it’s a good idea to send him on loan till the end of the season. He won’t like it though ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Who would the OX bench in Southampton if he went there?
    This is an innocent question… I don’t know all Southampton players that well

    1. Ox cost 12 mill is in his 5th
      season here and is paid
      80,000 pounds a week
      for very little production.
      Iwobi gets 750 quid a week
      and is leaving Ox behind.
      The odd charging run and the odd assist or goal
      is not enough to justify Ox playing at the emirates.
      Ox has plateaued and needs a fresh start.
      Nothing wrong with Southampton.
      Damn good EPL side playing great football.
      Not like he’s been sent to Cardiff.
      Ox is not the only one who could do with a fresh start.
      Wilshere and Wellbeck could do with a fresh challenge
      that is if they ever get fit enough to play.
      But sending ultra expensive players out on loan
      would look bad for the management
      so for the sake of their ego they probably won’t do it.

  6. AW needs to play him in the right position end of. He keeps doing it where he says I think he will play better in this position then 4 years gone and we all start slagging the player when it should be AW. Time for new back room staff time for a number 2 to take over from AW and time the yank went because we need to spend in the summer. You all no who pep will want and he can pay our lad 4x as much. Top 4 next year will be so hard. Man U man city Liverpool spuds will all buy players. We need a real hard CF and and a class CB stones will go to city and I think an English CB would be great? Could AW get him

    1. I was under the impression you wanted a class CB then you mention stones who has great potential but current ability would be fighting for a place on our bench.

      If we’re to spend on a CB it should be a high class one eg
      Thiago silva

  7. Wenger “we will be busy in the transfer window”
    1 in 1 out
    wow just wow
    I’m sorry i cannot stand the man, i liar is a liar, he may fool some of you but not anyone with two brain cells

    1. we have mesut ozil and alexis sanchez, petr cech. laurent koscielny- 4 players that could grace any team in world football
      an bit under bellerin monreal cazorla coquelin…

      it could be worse bro!

    2. HAHA your right he has lied to everyone and got away with it, he played a good game pretending we will buy someone knowing full well most of our players are coming back from injury and using that as an excuse not to buy, who said his not a tactician manager Morinhio would be proud.

    3. Careful my friend the Wenger apologists will not allow such dangerous disinformation,

      The police state must be protected and the ol fool extolled to the rafters @ the Emirates.

      Guess Stoke, Everton and Newcastle perceived there to be some decent players out there,

      2 in the last two windows for a BIG club still starving for a WC striker, DM and winger opposite of Sanchez.

      Classic Arsenal

  8. I was under the impression that there were no good players available in January?

    Has the immortal Frenchman fibbed yet again?

    Stoke City, classic

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