Should Arsenal let Xhaka go to Roma if Mourinho returns with a new bid?

Maybe Arsenal should consider a Xhaka’s bid if it happens? By Sylvester Kwentua

Hi friends, I know that Arsenal fans have divided opinions about Xhaka; some see him as our most consistent midfielder and a rock alongside Thomas Partey, while others worry that he will always commit a foul and put the team in danger, and others don’t even believe he should still be on the team. Whatever part of the divide you fall into, you are probably right! However, I am seeing resurfacing  rumours that AS Roma are looking to sign him again in January. In a way, i wish Arsenal should consider AS Roma if they throw in a bid for him this time.

It is not a hidden secret that AS Roma, coached by Jose Mourinho, did everything possible to sign him last summer, but Arsenal held on strong to him, and even offered him a new contract that would take him till 2025. From a business angle, Arsenal did good by extending his contract up until 2025. by doing this, if Xhaka puts Arsenal in a position to sell, they will garner lots of money from his sales, especially at this early stage of his new contract. So with the rumours refusing to go away, and with Xhaka nursing a injury, would it be bad for Arsenal to consider a strong bid for Xhaka from Roma if it comes now? Of course I know the next transfer window opens in January!

The other midfielders in Arsenal have all done well in Xhaka’s absence, and it may take a while for Xhaka to have any chance of breaking into Arsenal’s first team, when he recovers from injury.

Don’t get me wrong; i have nothing against Xhaka but with Italian daily Corriere dello Sport claiming it is ‘not impossible’ that Mourinho may seek to ‘reopen a channel’ for the player.

I feel a bid may come in again in January and if it does, i pray Arsenal seriously considers this bid, as it will fetch us lots of money, and also save us paying heavy wages to a player who may find it difficult getting play time when he eventually returns from injury. Are you in agreement with me famz?

We are Arsenal and proud.


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  1. I’ll even pay for his ticket to Rome.

    Bizarre new deal MA gave may hinder the chance of this happening though.

    1. That’s why you don’t make the decisions.. I believe MA will make a better decision.. Liverpool exposed Lokonga and I have been saying it Partey/AMN is a better pairing.. the boy is too slow to react not once have I seen him give a cutting edge pass or drive the ball forward with purpose.. and they say he is better than big man Granit the insult the man has had to face from some of the fans.. other than Partey there’s no other midfielder in Arsenal ahead of Xhaka.. go to 😴.

  2. he wasnt missed a single minute during our good run of form. So can we officially kill the narrative that he is somehow vital to our midfield, even tho a single fan of his could never explain why? Lokonga has a ways to go before he is certifibaly starter quality, and AMN is good but still we can find an improvement surely. This team is tired of Xhaka and I think it’s clear we can move on from this player.

    1. It was so obvious yesterday how Xhaka was missed. He has one of the best passing ranges of any player in the country and it was crying out for his ability to find our frontmen. I’m certain that once fit, Arteta will rightly put him straight in the team

      1. is that a joke? Xhaka has been pressed into turning over the ball so many times even be inferior teams. Im just going to take this comment as humor.

  3. I wouldn’t sell for less than £20mil, we are short in that department where do we get a better cm at that price of £20m

  4. I think that you will find as long as MA is our manager, Xhaka will remain at our club… for better or worse… unless the player decides to move on.

  5. Partey and Sambi were rocks against Liverpool? Slow and inaccurate (pass into triple coverage) passing, zero ball control since Xhaka is insured, Goal keeping was the best part of Arsenal plus defense – midfield has neither shown defensive not offensive impact the last games, – yes, sell Xhaka to a Coach that gets his potential.

    1. ILL GLADLY PAY FOR XHAKAS TICKET TO ROMA, provided he goes before he ever again wears our shirt!

      Ihave craved this statuesque, hotheaded tortoises exit since the very first full month of suffering his extreme slow play and immobility!

      What any of our last three managers have ever seen in this “player” is way beyond my comprehension.

      A baffling mystery how he could possible have stayed so long.

  6. as to your titular question, for the love of God YES!
    maybe Jose is likewise looking for an coaching assistant/pool boy too, as we just might have the perfect candidate

  7. There’s a lot of us who would pay towards Xhaka’s ticket to Rome airport and I think that is factual. I’m sure we would get him a cab to the airport too. The sooner he’s gone the better.

  8. Granit Xhaka is a good player, but he is atheltic enough to play dfefensive midfield in the Premier League nor is he a good enough passer or scorer to play central midfield.

    Agaisnt top teams, he struggles. Against lower-half teams his aggression, positional sense, football intelligence, and passion for the game make him invaluable. Against the top half teams, his lack of athleticism make him a liability. He would be a valuable squad player because he is a good player and for example, coming in as a second holding player to kill off games, he could excel. In cup games, he could provide the leadership and organization the team’s younger players need.

    The problem is, he is too good for that role but not good enough to start for a top-half Premier League side. In Italy, where play is more deliberate and there is an emphasis on tacxtics, position, and defense, he could be highly effective.

    With Arsenal stocked at defensive midfield, Xhaka’s presence pressures Arteta into poor personnel decisions because the Swiss is better at maintaining possession, position, and passing than Lokonga, more forward-thinking than Partey, and just all-around better than either Miatland-Niles or Elneny.

  9. Roma didn’t do everything possible to get him in the summer! They tried to get him for an insultingly low price by negotiating with the player before the club. Arsenal quite rightly told them to go away and gave Xhaka a new contract to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere. Whatever you think of Xhaka he performed well in the Euros and if alot more solid than the other options we have. This is what we have to consider – how much to get an upgrade? 20-30-40m?

  10. Nonsense Declan. Xhaka would probably have had us down to ten men once the panick button hit and he saw red. It’s better to move on. What has he brought to Arsenal in six years of deterioration.

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