Should Arsenal let young Gunner Iwobi leave?

It would be just about typical of the way things are going for Arsenal at the moment if Arsene Wenger was to let the young Nigeria international forward Alex Iwobi go to one of the Championship clubs that want him on loan, only for yet another injury to hit the Arsenal front line and leave us short.

But the fact of the matter is that, so far, Iwobi has hardly had any playing time with the Arsenal first team even though we have been missing the likes of Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck and the Ox who he might have hoped to be cover for.

So the opportunity for the young player to go to either Reading or Birmingham City that The Mirror has reported could be the ideal thing to help Iwobi progress and learn his trade in the cut and thrust of competitive football.

The youngster has played six games for the Arsenal under 21s in the youth league and four games in the UEFA youth league but it is not the same and we know that Wenger likes to use the loan system to blood the promising stars of the academy.

The problem is that there is not much time to decide as the emergency loan window shuts tomorrow and until Walcott and the Ox return to action it might be too much of a risk. What would you do Gooners?

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  1. No! we should keep him and let his development among the arsenal youngsters grow, because he has potential, so lets give him some time to monitor his development, then we can make a decision!

  2. Can someone tell me what’s the big deal with Jeff ? Many fans are saying he should play, I know he’s talented but I don’t understand all the hype, did I miss something ?

    1. yeah, you missed something. wenger says he is “special” and you he just oozes class that signals there is some superior talent in there. the way he nutmegged de bruyne and split the defence for theo to score vs wolfsburg was just beyond his age.

      BUT he has got a long way to go, we shouldnt over-hype him and let AW develop him slowly, i trust his judgement more than most. he does seem to have that something though, if he can produce it on the next level, remains to be seen. signs are there however

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