Should Arsenal loan Dani Ceballos again or sign him permanently?

Dani Ceballos has emerged as one of the standout performers in the Arsenal teams since the Premier League’s restart.

The Spaniard had struggled to get into the team when Mikel Arteta first became our manager, and he was even close to returning to Spain in the last transfer window.

He has, however, become very key as we have beaten the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City just before the end of the season.

He scored the goal that helped us reach the semi-final of the FA Cup, and he has also improved other parts of his game to remain relevant.

As we enter the transfer window, it looks likely that he will return to Real Madrid at the end of this prolonged season.

There have been talks that Arsenal will consider getting him back for another season-long loan deal.

I don’t think we should be doing that at the moment. After seeing the kind of performance that Ceballos is capable of, we should be talking about signing him permanently.

We have been complaining about being hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but teams like Chelsea have been busy strengthening their team.

Ceballos has proven that we can trust him and that he can be an important part of our rebuild, we need to get the chequebook out and sign him permanently.

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  1. A permanent deal will be fine but another loan isn’t a bad options either, if he could help us achieve UCL, we can have enough to spend

      1. With clubs monitoring his situation Valencia and Milan to name a few,his parent club won’t sanction another loan spell at the expense of a quick cash on him.He is tailor-made for style of football MA wants to introduce.Only hope Madrid will quote us a reasonable price.

  2. My priorities for midfield would be Thomas Partey if Arsenal can attract him away from Atletico Madrid for his buy out clause of £45 million, as the box to box midfielder and Marc Roca from relegated Espanyol as DM.
    Dani Ceballos has performed well (loved his goal in the FA Cup semi), but loan or buy depends on Real Madrid’s asking price, if he is happy to stay and doesn’t have his heart set on Real Madrid.
    Arsenal also has Smith-Rowe returning and would try to retain AMN. It might be worth sending Willock on loan, if Arteta doesn’t see him getting game time.
    Lucas Torreira is obviously not happy and should be sold back to Italy, along with Elneny and Mhikatarian and hopefully Ozil.
    With Partey, Roca, Ceballos, AMN and Xhaka Arsenal’s midfield would look reasonably solid.

    1. I haven’t forgotten Guendouzi, but his future is in the hands of Arteta, as to whether the head coach wants him at Arsenal. Apparently Guendouzi has been told Arsenal won’t sell him, but I suppose that would depend on the offers.

  3. Chelsea is the only team that has been really active this window and that is because they have saved a lot of money due to their ban last summer, they sold Hazard too so it is understandable if they flex their financial muscles now.

    That said, I am not against resigning Ceballos if we can afford to do so, in fact, we NEED another creative midfielder that can play with him and Xhaka as we seriously lack creativity.
    I remember when we used to have several creative midfielders in abundance, good old days of sexy football…

    1. Lol…. Overhyping the kid again?
      Let’s tone it down guys.
      Smith Rowe Ain’t half as talented as Saka, hell the only person capable of pulling a Sancho apart from Saka is Nelson, but I have no idea what happened to Nelson… I’m saying this as someone who followed all of them right from our academy, Smith Rowe ain’t as talented as even Mason Mount.
      The hunger is there, hopefully he makes use of it well, but to say he’ll solve our creativity issues? That’s blowing it, loan him out to a Spanish team for another season.
      We need an actual creative midfielder.

  4. I would look for better than Ceballos ,he just reminds me of Ramsey ,and we all know watching him for 10 years that he wasn’t good enough .
    I think all fans will agree that our midfield needs a lot of work and IMO signing him would again leave us short against our rivals .
    didn’t he also say that he wanted to play for Madrid ?

  5. As a realist I cannot see RM loaning him out again particularly when Valencia and Real Betis have openly expressed interest in him.I like Roca but he is basically an upgrade for Xhaka,being a deep lying left footed playmaker rather than a dedicated DM which is what we need.One way or another I doubt if Ceballos will be with us next season.

  6. I’ve read we can sign Ceballos for £25m which sounds good business as he’s only 23 years old.

    1. Yes indeed.He is valued at 25M i think pounds or Euros so ive read.If he stays under Arteta for another season his value will double that.Best option is buy him now.Not forgetting the loan deal itself was almost half this figure,11M it was.It cant be far less than that this time around

  7. ceballos is not wanted by Real nor any top club in Spain but Espagnol, nir anyone looks for him anywhere in Europe.

    We need Partey and call it a day.

    He is not a creative role but defends most of the game…

  8. Declan, I really hope you are right about Emile Smith-Rowe. He’ll be back with us soon just after his 20th birthday. Like you I think he’s a great prospect and I see him as a possible No. 10 to replace MO who probably won’t figure in MA’s plans anymore. Unlike Eddie at Leeds he was a regular at Huddersfield and highly praised by the manager, players and fans. We can’t afford to buy an Ozil replacement so why not develope one of our own, that would be something wouldn’t it?

    Better still why not bring in our greatest No.10, Dennis Bergkamp as a coach, he’s available and what an example he would be for our youngsters.

  9. Bergkamp was a great player for us but there is absolutely no evidence to prove that he will be a great coach to take us forward.Its your opinion though,you are entitled to it.

    1. Manovic, Bergkamp has a proven coaching and mentoring track record at Ajax Amsterdam, so the evidence is there.

      1. I don’t have a detailed information about his coaching and mentoring track record.What we aware is a fact,he has been an assistant manager in an obscure European league for 6-7years.He needs to prove his mettle by getting a managerial in Europe Top5 league.Arsenal is too big a club to depend on trial and error method to solve our pronounced problem.Much love ozzie

        1. Bergkamp nurtured the Ajax Amsterdam youth, who carried the Club far in the Champions League last season and are now sought after by the so called top clubs in Europe.

  10. Where will we get the biggest bang from our limited transfer budget, also considering that time is not on our side. To take the next step forward, AFC need to sign a proven play-maker, a confident midfielder with the ability to score and also defend wherever needed. This marquee signing, combined with a new and dominant defensive midfielder, is the surest path to checking our decline in the league. I am still not certain if either DC or the young ESR is the real answer. Bruno Fernandes – are you available!!!!

  11. You’re right it is my opinion based on Bergkamp’s six years experience as assistant coach of Ajax who specialise in developing young football talent. I didn’t think that I required proof and evidence to form an opinion based on experience?

  12. Not overhyping at all Eddie, have you been watching him? No, thought not.
    Just my humble opinion though and time will tell. Remember you heard it here first🙂

  13. I have just read that Pep will try to sign Ceballos if Arsenal don’t manage to sign him or extend his loan!

  14. Bergkamp nurtured the Ajax Amsterdam youth, who carried the Club far in the Champions League last season and are now sought after by the so called top clubs in Europe.

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