Should Arsenal make a move for Martin Skrtel?

The Liverpool defender and Scary Monster Martin Skrtel is feeling insulted by the new contract on offer at Anfield and could be leaving the club this summer. The Slovakian hardman may be 30 years old but he has seemed to improve with age, and has today admitted that he would be willing to move to any other club except the Scouser’s biggest enemy Manchester United.

Skrtel made his displeasure with Liverpool public when he was reported as saying: “It’s unacceptable for me. I think that such contracts are offered to players who are much older than me or players who have had some health problems.

“The contract, which was presented to me, makes me uneasy, so I did not sign it.

“There has been some speculation about the interest of other clubs for my person, but they are currently being addressed.”

I would certainly not be upset if Arsenal brought in such a big player with all his experience. He has been practically ever-present for Liverpool for the last five years and is very rarely injured. He is 6ft 3in, strong and very scarey! If Liverpool are not prepared to offer him a proper contract then we have the perfect position for him at Arsenal. With Koscielny’s well-known Achilles problems and BFG’s fluctuating form, it would be great to have such a safe centre-back to come in as cover. And don’t anyone dare suggest he is over the hill at 30, just look at John Terry!

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  1. If he’s willing to stay on the bench, good. He’d be a good signing. But I don’t see Skrtel wanting to warm the bench.
    OT: What d’you guys think of Bakkali? Looking at him from FIFA 14, I’d say Wenger should sign him and loan him again. He has potential in the game, not just sure about in real life.

  2. I’d love Howedes. He can play ALL 4 defensive positions. (RB, LB, CBr, CBl)

    However, we aren’t in need of another defender

    Monreal and Bellerin have been fantastic full backs this season. We have Gibbs, Debuchy, Chambers and possibly Jenkison. We could use a 3rd LB.

    Koscielny is World Class CB. He works well with Mertsacker and Gabriel. Chambers can play cb. Also Debuchy played CB really well the few times he played in that position

    Really defensively we need a DM like Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Bender, Guilavogui, Krychowiak, etc

    If we get Cech and a DM (my favourite Kondogbia) then we are beautifully set defensively

  3. No way. FXXXXX tug. he doesn’t look or play like an Arsenal player. lol
    news from italy is that jackson martinez has agreed personal terms with Ac Milan. Now it is left for both clubs to agree on the fee.
    Its very starge because i was thinking its the other way round. Italians do business in a funny Way. Juven tus have also let tevez agree perdonal terms with either Atlethico de madrid or with PSG. the deal will be agreed later amaongst club.

    I use to think the clubs agree first then they can speak to the player. Its actually all over the italian news that all terms agree between martinez and Ac Milan. I guess after Dybala that a 2nd target gone. Hope we don’t wait for final day.

  4. Skrtel is too young.
    We need experience.
    Sagna Vlar, Rio, Cashley
    Diaby Arteta Rosicky
    Bent, Drogba Podolski

  5. He actually said the contract Liverpool put on the table was and i quote “unacceptable” but unfortunately wenger is not ari gold from ‘entourage’ or i would say he should swoop in to sign him. Can you imagine a transfer window that starts with cech, jackson martinez and skrtel before july even starts?? we can dream.

  6. Wenger won’t make more than 2 signings. Dm who can play in defense and a versatile attacker who can play across the front line. Reus or aubamayeng either one that’s who his gonna sign as our marquee player, you read it here first. And anyone who doesn’t believe me, how long have you been following wenger to not realize that theo starting in the final was a clear sign we not getting an out and out striker.

    1. I’d love it if Reus came. That would be so awesome but I don’t see it as we have lots of wingers. Unless Walcott is turned into CF.

      I think our marquee signing will be Martinez

      1. Acc to sky sports Martinez has agreed personal terms with Milan. Only fee needs to be agreed between the two clubs now.

  7. wtf is happening with Diaby. Now rumours are Arsenal are working on new contract with Diaby.

  8. Casiallas is leaving Real Madrid and De Gea is joining Real Madrid next week. Man Utd will be looking for new keeper too.

  9. I have a theory…
    Zlatan is linked with AC Milan as well as Jackson Martinez… What if a. These rumours were BOTH true and b. Wenger let AC Milan “snub” Jackson Martinez from us, allowing us a free go at Zlatan right after the Martinez deal is completed.
    It sounds like some kind of elaborate plan for a WC player…
    Remeber bale/ozil. Suarez/alexis. Now it’s martinez/Zlatan.
    Just a theory


    1. Milan will sign Martinez and Ibra. PSG will sign Lacazete. Higuain will go to Man U. Benzema will stay with Real. If this happens its a bad news for us.

      1. only concern is Martinez and Lacazette…

        Ibra is 35yo ageing and the EPL is too physical and pacey for him

        Higuain and Benzema failed to score 30+++ goals a season or not even close which is what we need

        1. I agree Hafiz. Martinez and Lacazette are the best option for us. I wont mind if we get
          Carlos Tevez either. He may be 31 but he is a proven BPL player and has won league title with every club except West Ham. He also keeps scoring goals every season.

  10. he will make a good backup…if signing Skrtel would strengthen the team…i dont see why not

  11. skertel?? no no no. arsenal would become a laughing stock…you remember a M.Silvester?
    what experience? don’t we have enough of EPL experienced players who have played in arsenal fc for 5+ seasons? we got enough backup in chambers and Gabriel
    Paulista….otherwise any new CB will be a replacement to mert….i.e next season..

  12. I’ve often thought the best defensive partnerships are ones where you have one aggressive, less ball-playing centre half, and another more sophisticated ball-playing centre-half (i.e. Koscielny).

    However, AW probably has sufficient belief in Gabriel to not want to bring in a centre half like Skrtel.

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