Should Arsenal make a SHOCK transfer bid for BALE?

At first glance it would seem to be pretty unlikely for Arsenal to make the Real Madrid and Wales international star Gareth Bale one of the targets for the summer transfer window, but when you look into it a bit more then perhaps it is not such a crazy idea after all.

Arsene Wenger has not got the reputation of splashing the cash and going after the really big name players and that is what the Welshman is, even if his struggles in the Spanish capital mean that the transfer fee would be a fair bit less than the 100 million euros Madrid paid for him. But Wenger has started to sign big money players in recent years, with the purchase of Mesut Ozil almost tripling the club transfer record.

I don´t know exactly how much the boss is going to have to spend this summer but our financial situation is strong and the great exchange rate could mean that a little over £60 million might do the trick. Then there is the Tottenham factor, but in an interview with the Spanish media earlier this year, reported by The Mirror, Bale admitted to having been an Arsenal fans growing up.

The pressure on Bale at his current club is growing, with the Daily Mail now reporting that his team mates are unhappy about his lack of fluency in Spanish as well as his struggle for form on the pitch. His agent’s claim that the Madrid players are not passing to his client will not have helped either.

It does look as though Bale’s time at the Bernabeu could be up and there have been transfer rumours linking him with a return to the Premier League with Chelsea or Man United. But why not Arsenal? That is one transfer that would really send out a statement of intent to our rivals!

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        1. I see the title of the article and I’m like, “Wow!!! Wish I had come up with that. That would definitely crown me the crowned king of ‘thumbs down'”.

          A “shock transfer bid” for Bale??? The Mirror???

    2. Well, sell deadwood and we might afford it, considering the galactico-effect. Nothing wrong with a little ambition!

  1. OT :

    From past 3 – 4 seasons I am confused that who is DM and who is box to box midfielder… Earlier it was pretty clear to me… On Just Arsenal everyone has their own DM’s and Box to Box midfielders. 🙂 😉

    1. – In our current set up: Coq = DM , Carzola = B2B
      – Juve: Vidal = DM , Pogba = B2B
      – Man U: Carrick = DM, Herrera = B2B
      – City: Fernandiho = DM, Yaya = B2B
      – Chelsea: Matic = DM, Ramires (when playing) = B2B
      – Lpool: Lucas = DM, Henderson = B2B

      I might not be accurate on all the examples but I hope you can my drift.

      DM’s main role is ball retention and providing a screen for the back 4, while the B2B’s main role is to start play (deep laying play maker), control the tempo of the game and also assist the DM mop up.

      1. Thank you 007…. I hope Just Arsenal readers can now identify that who is DM and who is B2B…. 🙂

      2. Like I was said, though you are entitled to your opinion, I think there is technically no such role as “box-to-box”. The name itself sounds lazy and out of place. Exclusively, you are either a defensive midfielder or a playmaker (also known as the attacking midfielder.

        1. Not true. Keane and PV are examples of players that were technically neither and could be found at either box – hence the name.

        2. There is a reason that formations exist such as 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1 or even 4-2-3-1. There are 3 separate central midfield roles: DM, CM and AM. CM is what we refer to as a B2B midfielder as that is how the Arsenal CM is utilised, however CM also encompasses the deep lying playmaker or the midfield general archetypes. The roles can be positions mostly by the area the player is meant to play in:

          DM – Should be between the midfield and the defence.
          CM – Should be in line with the other midfielders
          AM – Plays slightly in front of the other midfielders

          The role the player does can be slightly different based on individual playing style. A DM will always be a holding midfielder though and will not try to be overly involved in the attack but will always need to link play. The CM can be all different types but the role of “Box-to-Box” is given to players who will cover great deals of distances and attempt to get in line with the DM while defending and the AM while attacking. Specifically in the Arsenal system it requires the B2B to be part of our midfield 4 in defence and also be our late runner into the box.

          It’s frigging complicated basically.

        3. Hahaha you crack me up you do. There is no such role technically as a box to box midfielder. Hmmm I don’t think there is a manager of worth that would agree with you. The game of football has become much more nuanced then “you are either a defensive midfielder or a playmaker”. The game has been said many times to be won in the midfield, and accordingly there are different types of midfielders to fit the occasion. Which perform different roles, to place midfielders into such broad categories is negligent. A defensive midfielder is expected to hold the park, break up attacks, add to attacks, but not get too adventurous going forward. An anchor man is expected to provide cover for the back four, hang back win balls and the pass it on to the more creative players to contribute to the attacks. A box to box has the legs and gas and is expected to operate both in his opponents box contributing to attacks, as well as his team mates box defending. This list is not exhaustive. But they are all midfielders, all performing different roles at varying degrees….

        1. There will be more then one I’m sure of that. Maybe 2 or 3. Who? I don’t know. What positions? I haven’t got a clue.

          Let’s just wait and see.

      3. I think some teams don’t play with DMs, for example Carrick at United, he is not a DM but a solid CM who dictates games. Darren Fletcher was the DM..They play a deep laying midfielder style where Carrick spreads those ball all over the pitch and Herrera does the B2B.

        I have never seen Carrick go in hard in a tackle.

  2. “Why not Arsenal” : Because, he’s out of our budget limit. He won’t leave anyway. And even if there was a possibility of him leaving, I doubt any team would spend as much as RM did to bring him to their club.

  3. Let me make clear..He isn’t a technical player..He just runs fast and skips players and has a hard shot..he really isn’t great dribbler..He is very very over rated..We already have very good players..Theres no need of spending such shitload of money on a player we don’t need and he isn’t quality.. He just runs fast..Even Walcott can run fast and is a little better dribbler than him..he can match his scoring record easily.. then Why buy bale and give him £250-300k per week instead improve Walcott’s contract to £130k per week..give him more gametime

  4. Hahaha Nah fcuk Bale !!
    I’d rather headbutt A hedgehog !!

    Hopefully another 3 points tonight.

    C’mon Arsenal C’mon Arsenal C’mon Arsenal !!

  5. Clearly to me, Daily Mail founded by bunch of idiots journalist. They wrote this Bale story and made it “exclusive”. No wonder these idiots are trolling keep us. LOL!!!!

  6. It’s a possibility but a slim one. When you consider Man Utd and Chelsea would put in a bid and be able to offer higher wages AND have more of a claim to challenging for the PL title, the only factor we have going for us is the Arsenal factor (in that he maybe supported us as a kid). Chelsea have the London factor so even that isn’t going to be a clean pull.

    If we COULD do it, it’d be huge. But it won’t happen. Would love to see Spurs fans if it did happen though 😛

  7. No. We don’t need “Bale”-out. Use the money and get two good (Sanchez-type) players and we would be better for it. Eeh, who else saw that Pedro’s goal for Baca? If Theo refuses to “sign the thing” , why not bring him in? He is hungry to prove his worth like Sanchez.

  8. I honestly can’t see him leaving Madrid. I can’t see Madrid wanting to sell him and I don’t actually believe he wants to leave. No denying he’s a great player I’d put him in the top 10 players after Messi and Ronaldo easily. I feel sorry for him a bit huge price tag means the pressure is on him to perform and I don’t think Ronaldo helps his case I think he’d be a better player if that team didn’t have Ronaldo. I’d take him in a heartbeat he’d defiantly improve the team he’s already done the Madrid thing so you’d have a player for life. Almost 26 if we could get him for 70m ish could easily get 6 – 7 years of his best football out of him. But I’d say there’s about a 1% chance of this transfer happening.

  9. Kondabagia doesnt want to join a club and warm the bench…..

    HE must understand at Arsenal, theres a need to rotate… a game rest the other

    1. Hafiz, don’t u think we should spend big on a guy like Bale? I mean, he’s a big name, u know. We sell, Theo, Giroud, Wilshere and Ramsey, then buy Bale and Pogba. Loan out Wenger, bring in Klopp. Title guaranteed.

  10. thought wenger had changed his approach to games (finally !) complementing some of finest attacking football with defending and less of possession which made arsenal be the best team of europe in 2015 at one team.even injuries had gone down,my hypothesis is less of running and possession less intensity,so more time for muscles and so on to recover between the minor stresses…
    but wenger’s latest comments affirming his obsession for attacking play,am convinced we are back to square one !

    1. I love Arsenal, damn do. But at no time were we the best team in 2015. Meh!!! What is it with u guys and hype???

  11. Would only ever happen if Bale pushed for the move, and dropped his wages. Which won’t happen.

  12. Follow Wenger statements and get it clear that arsenal does not need to buy.Dm arteta,coq,beilik,Defence wenger said no more defenders,goal keepers no,attacking players wenger said we are stacked there.We have the squad that can win us title next season.Listen to the manager not journalist

    1. Yes he has said all the above, and we all know that he is pre warning the fanbase NOT to expect any major signings this summer so don’t any of you expect and Pedro’s or Cavanni’s ect none of these runours have any foundation of truth in them go back several Months when it was stated in the press that we would only have 50 million to spend in the summer? That’s nearer the truth than any of this other bullsh!t

  13. I said it as will keep saying it again and again, when Harry came up with the statement that if Madrid want Bale they should be prepared to pay £60 million I was in stitches, to me bale was always between £28-38 million. But over hype of our British players got the best of Madrid who accepted it.

  14. Bale is worth every penny, one of the best pleyers, we have money from new tv deal, but he wont leave madrid after just 2 seasons !!!

  15. This wouldn’t happen in an entire year of sundays…If Leonal Messi stated in the press tat he would play forArsenal tomorrow wage free for the next ten years then Wenger would have NOTHING to do with it cos Wenger believes that no one is worth the money that the clubs who own them are asking.
    Bale is an exceptional player and the above applies to not only him but all top class players we are being linked to, We already know what the clubs policy will be this summer, why are all these articles being published that state we are in for Isco or pedro or Hummells or Gundogan?? WE ALL KNOW NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!

  16. Why Bale, why not Messi or CR7? When we are dreaming, we should dream big.
    Come on Wenger sign Messi and Ronaldo

  17. Expect little or nothing in the transfer window and you won’t be disappointed.

    All the usual pre-window noises re being sorted and not in need. Groundhog year..

  18. “Groundhog year”? What last year repeated and another £95M of “little or nothing”? Or the £90M spent summers 2012 and 2013?

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