Should Arsenal make another move for Wilfried Zaha?

Roy Hodgson has hinted that Wilfried Zaha will be leaving Crystal Palace when the transfer window reopens, per the Independent.

The Ivorian winger is a lifelong Arsenal fan, and he has also been a target of the Gunners before now.

Arsenal tried to sign him in the last summer transfer window before they made a move for Nicolas Pepe.

They had been priced out of a move for the former Manchester United winger, and he was Unai Emery’s first-choice transfer target.

Pepe has had an inconsistent season in the Arsenal team, and he primarily operates from the right.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a striker, but he has been deployed on the left-side of attack more frequently under Mikel Arteta.

If we can sign Zaha, he will take over that position and free Aubameyang to play through the centre of our attack.

I know some people will say we don’t need him as he might limit the development of Bukayo Saka.

The truth remains that all top teams have quality options, if we want to reach the level of the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City, we have to be able to look at our bench and be able to bring in players that can change the outcome of games for us.

Zaha will be an amazing addition to this team and if we don’t sign him, another top team will.

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  1. At 28yrs now not good enough we should look for other options,first we should consider for a strong defensive midfielder,creative midfielder (no 10) with the caliber of Alexander hleb,and a striker if Aina leave.

  2. Yes @Ime, Pepe has had an indifferent season but a far better one than Zaha, with more goals and assists. His price this term is apparently £40 million and he is worth it.

  3. Even when some fans wanted Zaha last season, I have never been a fan. Yes, he can dribble when he is in the mood, he can be good on his day but very inconsistent for me. Didn’t hit the ground running during his days at Manchester United and doubt he will cut it at any big club……

    If we want to be serious next season, we need to look at that midfield seriously.

  4. yes as he would make our midfield better
    but we cant afford him
    even if we raise funds the priority will be elsewhere
    Plus some might argue pay silly money for Zaha or get a Willian or Fraser for free ?
    Not saying they are better but Zaha is not 40-50 million pounds better

  5. Hodgson said he would cost the same as last year
    1 year older, less productive and 1 year less on his contract.
    As much as i would have loved to sign him LAST year, i wouldnt touch him with a barge pole even if we had the £££££ to burn, which we all know we don’t .
    He wasn’t worth that kind of fee last year or any other year for that matter.
    Plus why would we want him when we have Saka, Pepe, Nelson and Martinelli who can all play on one wing or the other or both or the fact he isnt a DM or a CB that we’re in need of???

    get real

  6. In my opinion our forward line and our keepers are areas we do not need to strengthen this year.

    Central midfielders though, and unfortunately antother centerback due to all the injuries. Insane really.

  7. Palace fan in peace. Amazed looking at the majority of these comments. Zaha is a proven , consistent Premiership player who would definitely enhance what Arsenal have attack wise. He is 27 , not 28 , works hard and would be a very good buy at £40.million.Zaha has struggled in a team that plays 3 defensive midfielders every game and he is double marked 90 % of the time. Arsenal would do well to get him. And he would be a nightmare to play against alongside Auba. Zaha moans too much but is fearless and always comes back for more. Doubt there will be a better premiership player available this window.

    1. We just have other priorities really and we wont have too much money to spend this summer. A winger isn’t top of the list of priorities at all.

  8. NO, NO, NO, a THOUSAND Times NO!!!

    Buy a Center Half, Buy a Defensive Midfielder, Buy a top Class forward to replace AUBA when he leaves after the FA CUP.

    Better still, Buy all three, but don’t touch Zaha with a 10Ft Pole

  9. Just another one of the 120 or so players we have been linked with. If we get a single one of those players, if anyone can remembers who they were, I would be surprised. Most supporters seem to be agreed where we need to strengthen and Zaha is not on the wish list. We haven’t got £40000 to waste on a player who is not really needed.

  10. Zaha sign as what exactly?he is not a solution to any of our problem better still not even an upgrade of any of our first choice attackers.With our limited transfer budget and austerity measure taken by the club,he is just an example of those rumored transfers that won’t see the light of the day.

    1. There’s good chance we’ll lose Auba. That’s when buying Zaha makes sense. I’m pretty sure Auba would set sails should we lose to CSKA London in the final.

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