Should Arsenal make Jack Wilshere’s new contract a priority?

There are plenty of Arsenal players that reportedly want out of the club at this moment in time, largely due to the Gunners poor performances over the years and the unrealistic prospects of becoming winners once again. However another name who may have joined the ‘I want out’ list, is not even a player who is currently at the club.

Jack Wilshere’s career with Arsenal has taken a turn that nobody would’ve anticipated when he first broke onto the scene. When Wilshere made his first string of appearances for the Gunners, he was deemed to be a midfielder who would be present as a leader in the team for many many years to come. Persistent injures and a poor attitude off the pitch meant that his Arsenal career quickly turned sour under Arsene Wenger.

Wilshere was also part of the British core but now, like a lot of players, Wilshere has just a year left on his current Arsenal contract and has no idea as to whether he’ll still be at Arsenal next season. When questioned about his future, and whether he is worried about Wenger still being in charge at the Emirates, Wilshere said: ‘It’s one of them, you know, I’m not really thinking about it. Whatever happens, happens.

‘What’s going on at Arsenal is not really my concern at the moment.

‘I’m a Bournemouth player, Arsenal have let me come to Bournemouth for the year and I’ve got a manager here that I speak to and we get on.

‘Of course I look at Arsenal, I’m an Arsenal fan, I want Arsenal to do well. For me, Arsene Wenger was great. He gave me my chance at a young age and stuck with me.

‘I got injured and he still stuck with me. He’s a big reason I am where I am today, the player I am today, so I can’t think about his future at the moment but he’s been great for me.’

Wilshere does not know where he will be after this summer, whether at Arsenal, Bournemouth or another club. They are words that will interest several Premier League sides.

‘If I go back and he (Wenger) is there, then hopefully he will stick by me again and give me my chance,’

‘But I don’t really know where I’m going to be.

‘I don’t know if I’ll be at Arsenal. I don’t know where I’ll be.’

Wilshere has managed to prove his fitness at Bournemouth this season and has become an important player for the south coast side. There have been rumours that Bournemouth are also interested in signing the player on a permanent deal in the summer; but I think Arsenal will be keen to bring him back.

Now he’s managed to prove his fitness to the club, it only continues to suggest that it’s Arsenal that have the concern regarding injuries, whether that be in training methods or treatment, rather than the players themselves. The issue on a new contract for Wilshere is a pressing concern, but with the likes of Ozil and Alexis also having only a year left, it seems Arsenal have their priorities straight when beginning contractual talks. Or should Arsenal be making the much younger Wilshere a higher priority?



  1. Budd says:

    I guess all will come to the money. I doubt Arsenal haven’t put any offer on the table already.Same goes with Ox. Agents smell blood since Sanchez & Ozil saga. The irony would be to ditch Wilshere and Ox and keep Sanchez and Ozil 🙂 Anyway, one thing we will enjoy this summer will be transfer talk.

  2. verstellung says:

    “There are plenty of Arsenal players that reportedly want out of the club at this moment in time, largely due to the Gunners poor performances over the years and the unrealistic prospects of becoming winners once again”


    Plenty? Please list…
    And while at it, source the reasons quoted above.

  3. antonioro says:

    Why you keep imploring this guy for a new contract?Is he a Messi or something?What do you see in this guy the rest of the world can’t?He is just a mediocre player,on pair with Ramsey or Walcott.Sell them all,including Gibbs,Ox and all the British players we have.They are all mediocre at best.Other than fight in the bars,facebook posting and tattoos,what other things recommend Wilshere for attention?I hope he is not coming back and remains to Bournemouth-a team of his calibre.

    1. Jansen says:

      I have to say that I would have agreed with you until recently, but now after having seen his performances in the middle, I would consider keeping Ox.

  4. vinie2000 says:

    Why? why? Why? have he deserved a new contract? do not come defending how loyal he has been because this is one of the reason we are stale. Priority is to sign extensions to OUR BEST PLAYERS FIRST THEN the new manager who comes will decide their future. STOP THE SENTIMENTALISM as this is why we do not progress. keeping Diaby ( poor fella ) for so long? and others who have been below par ever since. Come on this article does not make sense. We need clear out and pay rises earn for performances related not cos loyalty. priority number one our best players.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I think our Engine room needs a breath of freshness. Xhaka is new, hold on. Oxlade should be given one season to prove himself. Cazorla, keep him around but also get his replacement in now. Elneny at the bottom of rung, I’d keep him. Wilshere and Coq, at least one of them must go, if we could get the right man to come in then I’d think about offloading the both of them. Ramsey, if Arsene stays well then I’d like to see Ramsey go, but if a tactically astute man arrives I’d like to see what he makes of Ramsey. Ozil am afraid is a part of problem, he must go. Keep Xhaka Cazorla Elneny Oxlade for sure, bring in future Caz replacement and a player similar to Kante, he’d look good next to Xhaka I’d bet. That’s six for the engine room, then we have academy players.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      And replace Ozil with a striker who likes to pass, someone like Alexis would be genius, well what a ya know.

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