Should Arsenal make wholesale changes against Swansea?

This is a tricky one as we know Wenger nowadays does not like messing about with his favourite Arsenal players, but many of our top men looked very jaded against Man United, in fact they have looked jaded for a while, especially in the striking department.

With the massive game coming up at White Hart Lane this weekend, would it make sense to rest some big name players, as they rarely seem to be fit enough to play three times in seven days anyway. The Express reckons they have insider information saying that Sanchez, Walcott and Ramsey will be left on the bench tomorrow, with Giroud returning up front, along with Campbell and Elneny.

It would be no surprise if Mertesacker took back over from Gabriel either to be honest, and looking at Coquelin’s performances lately he doesn’t seem to be in Wenger’s good books either, but would we want Flamini to be playing alongside the relatively inexperienced Elneny?

Walcott must be dropped, I have no idea what has gone wrong with him. Earlier in the season he was keen and making plenty of runs in search of an incoming ball, but against Man United (like other recent games) he was practically anonymous.

So imagine if you were a very angry Wenger after the United defeat, who would you be dropping tomorrow?


  1. I would say Joel Campbell should start,but wait… Wenger doesn’t like Joel because Joel loves to shoot instead of pass pass pass pass

    1. I really wonder what Campbell’s doing on the bench…when Theo’s having a field day.
      But what do I know? I’m not the manager.

        1. I repeat myself, Tottenham have atleast 7 though matches remaining. I can see them easily dropping lots of points. It’s Leicester that I’m affraid of, I just can’t believe I said that. Who would have thought that at the start of the season. Anyways Wenger has 11 games to save his season.he better win them all..

    2. Listening to the radio and I ear that Arsenal title challenge suffer a big blow ,my heart start to beat very fast, tinking ozil was out for a season, then the say Ox is out for 2 months I just jump of joy

  2. I wish Arsenal all the best against Swansea. I’ll sadly not be watching the match though. We have to know that Arsenal’s luck with 3rd and 4th place will run out one day.
    I don’t see Arsenal winning the BPL this year, and it hurts. It will hurt even more to see Tottenham win. That’s why I’ll be cheering for Leicester for the remainder of the season.
    I still love Arsenal dearly, and I’ll love them to win the remainder of their matches.
    If Leicester/ Tottenham wins the BPL this season, it’s a real shame to Arsene, Arsenal, and the whole fans. Sorry so say that…but true.

    1. Why welbeck on the bench!?!he was one of our best players in recent weeks.he has barely played 90 minutes since his return and scored twice

  3. Coquelin should start with Elneny…if in the second half we are winning by a good margin take him off (that is the only way Flamini will play in my books). Campbell ahead of Walcott allow Campbell and Bellerin to link up show Wenger what he is missing..Wellbeck to start Giroud to come off bench..I’m going to be bold and say give Gab another chance Per has messed up many times and still kept his place the week after..Gab has something to offer he just need more game time (similar to Campbell). Ramsey should shit at home and I would mind seeing Reine Adelaide on the bench with a few minutes on the field.

  4. We need two changes.
    1. Manager
    2. A proper captain to lead us, who is at the very least half the man these lot were. buchan, hapgood, james, Frank McLintock, oleary, rice, sansom, Adams, Vieira.

  5. why should we rest any of our best player now? Re we resting them for pre-season games ???

    Swansea game is 3 points just as NLD game. Play the best legs from now on till the end of season. Only in champions league we can rotate !!!

    1. Spot on, Sanmi. We drop points in any of the next two games, and then we can for sure say our titles hopes goodbye. Swans have always given us problems in the past, and I see no reason for resting any of our regular starters. Having said that, guys like Ramsey, Theo, and maybe even Alexis can all ride the bench for a little while, because their performance as of late have been pretty atrocious.

    1. You mean hasn’t he done not to deserve a place!! He looks a super talent and I have feeling he will be an integral part of the team next season!

    2. What other players in His position done to deserve a start is the other question 😉

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