Should Arsenal mirror Man City and Bayern´s protests?

The fans of Arsenal Football Club have had to put up with more than most in the modern age, although I´m sure that the supporters of clubs like Leeds, Portsmouth and others will have a different point of view. Yes we have always had Champions League games to look forward to and despite the failure to win a trophy for almost a decade, Arsenal have never been in danger of relegation or going into administration.

But does that really mean that we have nothing to complain about? Far from it, and the recent AGM was a great example, when our chairman Sir Chips Keswick made it clear how little he thinks about the fans´ feelings and our billionaire owner, who just took a nice £3 million payment for ‘advice’, did not even bother to answer any questions or even speak.

This week the Arsenal fans were right behind the fans of Bayern Munich and their very understandable protest at the extortionate ticket prices they had to pay to come to the Emirates stadium. So why do we not do the same thing ourselves?

The Man City fans have decided that they will voice their own concerns about various issues they have with UEFA and have started to boo the Champions League anthem at every European game. Fair play to them I say, but UEFA in their infinite wisdom have decided that this is worth charging the club for.

With all the corruption and scandal in football, how dare they? I would like every club in England, if not Europe, to join the Man City fans and boo that anthem, if only to show UEFA that they cannot treat us fans with such contempt. And while we are at it, how about a regular protest at the Arsenal home games to make it clear to our profiteering club that we are not happy?

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  1. No we should not! the players are in a great form of run now. we don’t want to start creating mixed feelings for them on the pitch, maybe later but not now.

  2. the bayern protest was well organized and was meaningfull but the man city protest was just moaning for nothing.they deserve what fine uefa gave them for breaking financial fair play

    1. I don’t know why bayern are moaning, I am.paying £39 a match to watch arsenal, whilst bayern are charging us £40 to watch the game over there. How Comes it’s £40 when their season ticket is just £104? So what the rest of their season is just £64? No I don’t think so.

      As I said £39 per match this season yet nearly every club has charged me more than that to watch arsenal away, so where is the injustice???

      There has also been no mention anywhere that arsenal are subsidising the fans with £4 off every away ticket and very cheap travel. Everyone compares our season ticket price but fails to calculate the average, because our season ticket is for 26 matches whilst most teams only offer 19 matches for their season ticket.

      Personally I think it’s time for arsenal to offer 2 types of season ticket a premier league one and a cup add on. 19 premier league games for £762* would represent excellent value they could then sell an 8 cup match add on for £282* meaning they would actually increase their revenue.

      What if we don’t play 8 cup matches at home? Then the following season the ticket is reduced as it is now.

      *Prices based on the cheapest season ticket

  3. please write an article with proper insight.
    I sympathize with Bayern fans they travel all along Germany only to see over the top prices of ticket in England,on the other hand city fans were booing uefa for implementing financial play rule on them.I agree that uefa is corrupted but that doesn’t mean if they are doing something correct we should complain.

  4. We should protest by boycotting all matches.

    Then the money Siphoning Channels will be dry.

    Then the board and Wenger will acquire some vibrational degree of concern for the fans apt opinions.

    until then the entropy of the gunnersphere will either remain constant or skyrocket.

    it is our duty as fans to make demands that will move the club forward. Even for the sake of the unborn gunners to be.

    But Everyday I see structurally delusionary articles.

    writers and fans getting high over a short term result

    They again and again fail to see things in the long term mirror. As a result their expectations get cut short.

    and they blame injury
    they blame d ref

    And they also blame the queen.

    A vicious circle of mental inhibition conundrums

    and unrealistic imaginary lopsided faith in nothing


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