Should Arsenal Move For This Barcelona Star to replace Walcott?

As Theo Walcott continues to frustrate Arsenal in regards to signing a new deal with the club, a possible solution may have just opened opened up for Arsene Wenger, as the Daily Mirror is now reporting that the long-term Arsenal target Pedro Rodriguez will be available for as little as £15 million once the transfer window reopens at the end of the season.

The Spanish World Cup winner has been left frustrated at the Camp Nou with Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar all ahead of him in the pecking order. The report from the Mirror goes on to claim that both Arsenal and Liverpool have shown interest in the player and have been informed by the Catalan side that £15 million will land them their man in the summer.

In my opinion, if Wenger is not able to tie down Walcott to a new deal, I believe we should move for Pedro, it shouldn’t be too hard to acquire his services if Liverpool are our only competition! In addition to the fact that the player only has 15 months to run on his contract with Barcelona, he is said to be extremely unhappy about his current situation and will not be signing a new contract, which makes it a certainty that he will indeed leave in the summer.

Quite honestly, I don’t think Arsenal need to try too hard to keep Theo at the club. For me, he hasn’t really been consistent enough for the management to go out of their way to retain his services. While I’d be happy to see Theo stay, it really does seem like an exciting prospect to see Pedro join his former Barcelona teammate Alexis at the Emirates.



  1. If Walcott goes I woul love to see the following replacements:

    1. Reus – Plays across the whole front line.
    2. Lacazette – Not a winger but we have plenty of those
    3. Dybala
    4. Pedro
    99. Sterling

    1. why not sign them all?

      we can offload the reserves Poldi, Diaby, Flamini, Diaby, Sanago, Ryo, Gnabry and Arteta

      Poldi out IN Stirling

      Walcott out IN Pedro

      Rosicky out IN Reus

      Arteta out IN Sneiderlin

      Diaby out IN Kondabagia

      Sanago out IN Dybala

      Campbell out IN Lacazette

      Perfect and formidable!!!

        1. To be fair though we could not
          afford all of Hafiz’s selections.
          It will take 2 years minimum.

    2. Reus isn’t going anywhere. He turned down offers from Barça, Real Madrid, and Bayern, so no offence, but not a chance in hell he’s going to Arsenal then. Dybala seems to have his mind set on Barça, but is possible (certainly won’t be cheap though). Pedro is a very feasible option for 25M EUR. Lacazette could be an interesting upgrade on Giroud, probably for a similar price.

  2. If Walcott goes, is like to see us bring in Reus and either Lacazette or Dybala. We can offload Podolski, Campbell and maybe Sanogo to help pay for these two players.

    As Supertuur said Reus can play LW, RW, CAM and even up front. I know he signed a new contract but these days it doesn’t mean a lot.

    I suppose if we got Reus one could argue we don’t need another striker (even though Reus isn’t one) but I would feel confident that we could challenge for the PL and CL with another top striker.

    1. and Ganabry tooo but with a buy back clause…he would be rotting at the bench and only make occassion appearance in the league and FA cup

  3. We should’ve sign shaqiri from bayern before inter did to replace walcott, he would’ve been a quality LW and alexis’ll be move to RW with ox as understudy.

    1. agreed we need to sell more to make way for more quality players…..

      make no difference if Wishere leaves…he hardly plays and make an impact this season…

      1. Flamini Ryo and Diaby
        are out of contract in June
        Three dead wood gone
        hopefully. 150 k p/w saved.

  4. Poldi, Campbell, Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Ryo, Wishere, Sanago, Gnabry

    These players should leave…make no difference if they leave…they hardly play this season…and therefore no impact….

    we can replace them with quality players

  5. People think @Hafiz is trolling. But he is damn serious about it. on a closer look at his suggestion above, you will see that it is achievable. Look at Bayern, Madrid and Chelsea.
    The only shortcomings are that:
    1). we will not be giving opportunity to producing home grown players.
    2). very high weekly wages
    But we will win matches home and away like Barcelona ruled the world couple of seasons back with commensurate trophies.

    1. Considering we have 3 billionaires and the new tv deal we can offset the shortcomings easily…

      1. Arsenal Holding plc have 3 shareholders who happen to be billionaires. Don’t hint or suggest to the gullible that we have “3 Abramovichs” in our midst willing and able to wildly pump gazillions in to AFC for amusement purposes. They have chosen to buy shares in AFC nothing more.

        1. True, but Usmanov did pretty much offer to give the team a ton of money to finish paying off the stadium early. Take it with a grain of salt as he said it when he was trying to get controlling interest in the club, but I’m pretty sure that’s what people are talking about when they mention it.

    2. Who thinks Hafiz a troll? Not me. My relationship with the House of Rhaman is no joke. The supply me cattle and sheep skin.

    3. Mate, most people on here don’t “think” Hafiz is trolling, they know. But often a misunderstood one; he is very pro-Wenger and he just holds a mirror up to the instant gratification crowd with his outlandish off-the-cuff statements, he lampoons a section of supporters who have a very singular way of improving Arsenal FC – buy, buy, buy and buy big and make sure you buy every flavour of the month along the way and if we are ever in doubt then just buy some more players. We could buy everyone on that list and the next “must buy” list will be out next season replacing them all once again.

    4. 3.) Squad Harmony
      4.) Team Chemistry
      5.) Player Morale
      6.) Adaption periods for new players for both new and old players
      7.) Game-time promises not being upheld
      8.) Youngsters not getting chances to impress in cup games – Bielik, Gnabry, Crowley, Zelalem
      9.) Current important first-teamers wanting larger wages as they are contributing more than the players brought in who are paid more than them to sit on the bench (Coquelin, Ramsey, Koscielny, Ospina, Bellerin, Cazorla, Giroud)

      I have never ever seen any of the teams you mentioned go on a spending spree and axe 6 or 7 squad players and bring in that many players in a window.
      When Barcelona ‘ruled the world’ how many players were produced from their youth team and had been playing together for years and years?
      Only their whole f@#king midfield and Messi!!

  6. We also have krystian Bielik coming through the ranks, that boy is 17 but he is big already , a specialist defensive midfielder, so Wilshere has no future in this team

    1. I am looking forward to KB coming through the ranks quickly – but he is a long way from being “a specialist defensive midfielder” – very much a B2B in background and experience. Very athletic and dynamic – do not see him developing in a specialist holding role.

  7. My perfect summer:
    Out: Flamini, Diaby, Campbell and if Walcott plays hardball on his contract, he can go to. I like him but he’s not good enough to warrant a pay increase.
    In: Schneiderlin or Kondogbia. If Walcott leaves, I’d take Pedro, but would prefer Reus.
    Don’t think we are going to have a massively busy summer because our squad is pretty decent, simply needs a bit of polishing.

  8. @alexhare. And sanogo and poldi out? I’d like to see us have our 3 strikers in giroud, akpom and lacazette. In a proven dm player and a versatile winger whi can play left or right. Reus is top of the tree for me but I’d also throw in pedro, el sharaway, griezman and bolasie as wild cards.

    1. Akpom needs to go on a loan for at least 2 season b4 hes ready… this staying at Arsenal he would be just rotting at the reserves…

  9. Sanogo Campbell Podolski
    all have one more year to run.
    We are in danger of paying
    9 million in wages to dead wood
    who could all leave at the end of
    next season on a free. Some creative
    transfer dealing is needed here.
    May be toss in Podolski and Campbell
    as make weight in deals for big targets?

    1. Podolski’s gone.. I think he loves the game too much to not go into next season without guaranteed playing time. Can see him taking a pay-cut for game-time in the German League.

      Campbell and Sanogo… Again David I really don’t think you understand youth development in the slightest. There’s no imaginary clock for them. They’ll probably just get sent on loan again and have no baring whatsoever on the first-team. So it doesn’t really matter.

      1. Sell Podolski – no brainer
        Sell campbell – He still has some aura left from the world cup
        Loan out Sanago – If we sell now we will not get much for him, however a good loan spell could raise his value.

  10. YES! If Pedro is available we should go all in for him. One of the most dynamic underrated wingers in the world.

  11. I agree with Hafiz regarding Gnabry & Akpom. Both need to go on a loan spell as they will not get much playing time at Arsenal. Hayden is another possible candidate.

    Where as a Sanogo loan spell is there only to increase is resale value, I can’t see him play for Arsenal.

    I do think we can absorb up to 5 new signings again. We have a good core and we can introduce new players slowly into the Arsenal system. I am thinking.
    1. Lacazette/Reus
    2. Schneiderlin/Kondogbia
    3. Schar
    4. Chech
    5. Mings

  12. Plus guys that want Wilshere out, they are nuts he is one of our own. If we need to make space as we have too many midfielders it has to be Rosicky. I do love the guy but at 34 with all the midfielders we have he will not play much.

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