Should Arsenal now have to seriously consider signing Ivan Toney?

Newcastle accomplished what ten other Premier League teams had been unable to do this season: they defeated Arsenal. The Gunners’ loss to the Magpies was controversial; the goal that secured Newcastle’s 1-0 victory was deemed to have been out of play before it was crossed to Joelinton, who, while “nudging” Gabriel, assisted Anthony Gordon in scoring.

Arsenal struggled to mount a response after falling behind, with their attack notably lacking in effectiveness during the game. The Gunners should not rely solely on their defense to secure victories; they must also start putting the ball in the back of the net when it counts. While solid defenses are crucial for winning titles, effective attacks are what win individual games.

It is imperative for the Gunners to acquire a sharp striker, a move they should make in the winter transfer window, regardless of whether Nketiah and Jesus are fit. Jamie Carragher, speaking on Sky Sports, suggested that Arsenal should consider signing Ivan Toney. He remarked, “Yes, he could [join Arsenal], and he brings a different dimension to their striking options. I’m a huge fan of his, but making the leap to a big club comes with added scrutiny. There’s less pressure at Brentford.”

Carragher went on to say, “There’s no doubt about the quality, but can he lead Arsenal to a title? Arsenal might need to take that risk if they don’t address that position and the goalkeeper situation, as it could be difficult to catch up with Manchester City.”

That being said, Manchester City demonstrated last season that having a high-scoring striker can be a game-changer in the title race. Their Norwegian star, Erling Haaland, netted 36 goals in the league, a key factor in their ability to secure crucial wins. Arsenal suffered some defeats, particularly in April, because they were unable to outscore their opponents. While Nketiah and Jesus possess quality, they have been less effective in front of the goal.

Arsenal have had to rely on various players to contribute goals across the team, but this approach doesn’t always yield success, as evidenced by the Newcastle game. Bringing in a striker in the mold of Ivan Toney would significantly enhance Arsenal’s attacking efficiency. With a player like him in their ranks, goals could become a more reliable commodity, ultimately making it easier for them to clinch victories.

Is buying a new striker now becoming urgent?

Darren N

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  1. Buying a new striker is crucial for Arsenal IMO. Nketia doesn’t do it for me in terms of a player to rely on as a starter, for a top 4 team hoping to challenge for the PL title, and neither does Jesus (who can be a decent back-up – for now – for Saka).

    However, I hear Toney being valued at £100 mill by Brentfort, which is silly money IMO. I also doubt that going in for a top striker during the January window is something that the club is considering. More likely to happen next summer if we qualify for CL football for next year.

    This January, I expect not much to happen unless there is much needed tweaking of our midfield options. Whether that is letting go of Partey and bringing in a younger replacement or swapping Jorginho is anyone’s guess.

    In an ideal world, the not so realistic, rumours about us selling Havertz to Real in January for £35 million would be true.

    For me, without Odegaard and with Jorginho and Havertz in the side, we are not going to trouble too many top teams in the final third.

    1. If he could help us win something in the short term, it would be worth it. It just depends on how confident we are he could do that

        1. We don’t have many high profile no9 available and his age 27 isn’t old to do a good job for Arsenal. The truth is Toney has Epl experience we can still get 3 years out of him. He is already serving punishment for his offence many club will grab him after fulfilling his term.

  2. I really do think he’d be a great signing for us. I think he’d give us a massive boost that would help us to finish the season strongly. He could either be our main cf or could rotate with jesus and give us a completely different option. I think he’d still fit with the style of play we want, he’d just give us a greater physical presence and goal threat

  3. A striker and midfielder are needed.

    Jesus is an injury wreck and not dependable for sustaining a title run. Nketiah falls flat when given chances, after 6 years it is time to move on.

    Nketiah should be moved in January, and look to move Jesus as well in the Summer.

    We actually need 2 midfielders in my opinion. 1 to replace Xhaka (Havertz not the answer) and a backup to play DM/B2B to cover. Jorginho and ElNeny not up to it, so the club needs to start the replacement and upgrades in January.

  4. Arsenal do need a top-class striker, but Ivan Toney is not the answer.
    Placed thirteen bets on his own team to lose – Arsenal are better off sticking with Eddie or perhaps playing Jorginho up front until Jesus returns than signing someone like that.

    1. ME2 Are you even serious with yourself?Who has never made a mistake in this life.
      You should know by now that if we signed Toney in the summer instead of some signings we made we would be very far ahead on that Epl table than where we are now.
      This signing is long overdue

  5. Of course i’d love we sign him but i’m not sure what that means to our current striker options, sale,swap,change of roles or accept to be a squad/rotation player in order to accomodate him?

  6. I find it odd and somewhat amusing, in a cynical way, that after writing a sensible article explaining WHY we DO definitely need a striker, the writer feels the need to ask us”Do we need a strike rurgently?”

    IF we DID NOT, then WHY has he written this otherwise sensible article?

    Surely Daren does not need our affirmation that what he wrote was obvious sense.

    Or perhaps, sigh, HE DOES feel the need.

    If that IS the case, then he needs a large dose of self belief and he needs it NOW!

    1. Grammar police alert again.
      At least you find his question “somewhat amusing”.
      He is asking for your views, is he not? Not your unsubtle put-downs….

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