Should Arsenal offer transfer lifeline to snubbed Real Madrid star?

While Arsenal fans will be hoping for some top quality transfers during the summer window, I do have some sympathy with Arsene Wenger. Gooners have become increasingly mistrusting of the boss and his talk of how it is hard for him to find the right players that are actually available but there is some truth in it.

So when we hear about a player with real quality who is available for one reason or another, we can only hope that Wenger and his transfer team are sparked into action. Hopefully the Frenchman will have been keeping an eye on the situation at Real Madrid recently and has the read the Daily Mail report about their star James Rodriguez.

In the report the former Colombian international star Carlos Valderrama, he of the crazy afro style hairdo, has hit out at the current Madrid manager and suggested that Zinedine Zidane must have some sort of personal agenda against the talented James, because since Zidane took over we have hardly seen the Colombian in the Madrid team.

If this is true then perhaps Arsenal would have a very good chance of getting the star of the 2014 World Cup finals to sign for us and the fact that his wife just happens to be the sister of the Arsenal and Colombia keeper David Ospina might just help Wenger to seal the deal. Do you think we should offer this snubbed Real Madrid star a transfer lifeline to the Premier League?

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  1. Kante and Auboumeyang and a solid defender.

    Oh and another manager – at this point anyone will do – heck surprise me1

    1. wenger wont buy james. he’s too talented. we’re running a charity for under-valued infirm injury-prone footballers who represent great value but may never come good.

      1. I presume you have proof of this do you? Or is it just a new insult you have recently learned? If you can’t have a sensible argument go somewhere else…..

        1. admin he is just giving his view there was no insult.whats wrong with what he said even though might be wrong

  2. I can’t presume to know the solution to Arsenal’s problems. But what I do know is that I want to be proud of this shirt I wear. I want us to re-ignite the fear other teams had of us. I want Spuds to choke on their own sh**t. If this involves Wenger’s exit, then so be it. If it’s even possible to seal this transfer. I’m good. Just want to see my team kicking major ass again.

  3. I like James but where will he fit ? He’s a no10 not a winger. Last time the manager tried converting a no10 into a winger he failed miserably *cough*Arshavin*cough*

    The only player I would go for from Madrid is Isco because he’s a like for like replacement for Cazorla and we wouldn’t need to experiment and be patient for him to adapt in the CM position.

    P.S : Wenger doesn’t necessarily have to go for Madrid players, Kante, Mahrez, Bender from Dortmund would all be good additions and signs of intent

  4. No not Rodriguez.
    He is incredibly
    It was a crazy buy
    62 million quid on the back of a couple
    of goals in the 2014 world cup.
    Absolute madness and I thought so at the time.
    But Real was in hypermania overdrive.
    Varane Xhaka Origi (27m plus 1) ๐Ÿ™‚ would do it for me.
    But generally I would stay with our own academy.
    Iwobi Akpom Adelaide Zelalem Willock Niles the Nigerians Bielik
    2 or 3 of them will be a Rashford, a Depay ,
    a Martial, a Boatang, a Vieira a Sol Campbell given the chance.
    And be waaaaay cheaper.
    Did I mention Sanogo?
    I think we can make do with out him ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. James won’t come… besides we have รถzil, which is more than good enough for the#10 position.

    Replace wenger with the Dutch trio (de boer, bergkamp and overmars) winning the league five years in a row. Get lukaku (off to play CL), kante (allowed to leave Leicester), then splash out the last on a defender, or mahrez.

  6. We don’t need James in his position we have Ozil, Willshere, Cazorla and IWobi.

    We do need Kante or Xhaka, i more creative defensive mid than Coquelin is.
    We need a striker: Lukaku, Aubamaying, Morata – we may have to sell Giroud to get it and promote Akpom as our third striker.
    We need a defender: Varane( I don’t think he is for sale) or Howedes. Sell Mertesacker.

    A young right back and left back should also be on the list, but less of priority.

    Of course we get rid of Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Walcott

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