Should Arsenal offload midfield trio to land key target?

The current world crisis is likely to have huge financial implications on the upcoming transfer window this summer, and while that hasn’t slowed the rumour mill from churning out gossip, can we afford the players we are strongly linked with?

One player who is linked to our club almost every day at present is Thomas Partey. The Atletico Madrid midfield enforcer has enjoyed a fine campaign, and is supposedly available for around €50 Million due to a clause in his current deal.

Ignoring whether the club are close to agreeing new terms or not, which will include an increased release clause, our own financial situation needs to be looked at.

There is talk that we are amongst those worst hit by the current suspension of football, and while there are no rumours claiming we could go into the summer with a zero budget, I wanted to analyse if we have a realistic chance of raising the funds needed to cover the signing of Partey.

In today’s game, you wouldn’t call €50 Million a huge fee, but with all things considered, I don’t expect many clubs to pay as much as that for a single player in the coming window.

Chelsea most likely have the biggest transfer budget after an impressive season despite not signing a single new player over the last two transfer windows, but we on the other hand are currently looking at the prospect of not having European football next term on the back of an expensive summer last year.

We do have some players who are believed to be wanted by other clubs this summer, although others finances are also expected to be limited, and that has to be taken into account also.

The French, Dutch and Belgian leagues have all ended early, which will likely have a huge impact on their clubs, while Italy, England, Germany and Spain appear to be keen on finding a way to complete their professional divisions at present.

Roma look likely to sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan in the coming window, although the Giallorossi are not expected to pay over the odds, and while we are said to want £10 Million for the Armenian, I personally think we will get closer £5 Million.

Other Serie A clubs are also linked with a possible move for Lucas Torreira, with the midfielder supposedly valued at £40 Million.

Selling the Uruguayan midfielder may well post as our best bet at raising the funds needed to bring in the Ghanaian enforcer. AC Milan had a change of ownership late into 2019, and it remains to be seen how that will affect their transfer budget this summer. Unfortunately I still don’t see us getting the £40 Million fee being mooted, I believe we could fetch somewhere between £25-30 Million for the midfielder in the coming window.

The last saving I’m eyeing is Mesut Ozil’s wage. I know there is still love for him out there, but even the biggest Ozil fans must see that we are not getting our moneys-worth.

If Ozil is on his supposed £350,000 per week wage, that amounts a yearly salary of £18.2 Million. It has been claimed that he turned down a wage cut because he is aware that he could get his full wage paid in Turkey by Fenerbahce, a club he has been linked with for when he leaves Arsenal.

Surely the Super Lig side would jump at the chance to sign the midfielder a year earlier in order to get the best out of their new player, and I cannot think of any reason why we shouldn’t allow him to move there on a free transfer.

These three departures should easily cover all the costs involved in signing Partey, without the need to look into the ifs and buts of the futures of Alexandre Lacazette, Hector Bellerin or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who I think all have a role to play for us next season.

Would Arsenal consider letting Ozil leave for free this summer? Would Partey be a huge upgrade on Torreira? Do we expect any of our rivals to come in for Partey this summer?


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  1. “letting ” Ozil leave PATRICK? You just don’t get it do you? He is fighting against the clubs sensible determination to move him on and has been fighting for ages already and will not let his obscene salary go, until he is forced to by the end of his contract in June 2021.
    “LETTING” IMPLIES HE WANTS TO MOVE AND THAT WE WILL RELUCTANTLY CONSENT. You KNOW that is NOT the case , so why keep using incorrect language?

  2. We are stuck with Ozil until his contract expires .That is the reality.As to the possible sale of Mik and Torreria ,in the present financial climate we will be obliged to adopt an entirely realistic attitude as far as transfer fees are concerned .If we do not we will simply be saddled with players who have not measured up.Personally I would favour unloading Mik ,Elneny and Xhaka before Torreria as he may yet develope into an effective box to box midfielder.

  3. Excellent player but can’t see him joining us and I can’t see anything major happening in the forthcoming transfer window unfortunately.

  4. If, if, IF… Thomas Partey is ready to come to Ashburton, we must be ready to sell what we have to make that dream possible. Can’t we sell Stanley?

  5. I mean, if the players pay-cut has given Sam K a £323m bonus, he can show some gratitude and pay back. Buy TP for us, Stanley! We maybe start to like ya’ – a little.

    1. Who the h*ll is Sam? Sam Allardyce? I mean Stan K of course. Stan Kroenke could show some interest in his company and help us get this fantastic player. It would be a nice gesture. And Asn’l would definitely be a better team.

      1. Robert , Personally I never deal in coulds and shoulds. I deal only in what WILL or WILL NOT happen. “What ifs” change nothing and only let off steam. I ALWAYS LOOK FOR ACTUAL SOLUTIONS , NOT MERE HOPES AND PLATITUDES.

  6. things i cant understand ,
    why cant a powerful big club like the AFC force a “useless” player as people call him out of the club.

    Why is it that there were always “reports” of this so called useless player being pushed out of the club but is not even in the transfer list

    Why is a young ruthless clever manager trusting this useless player so much and calls him a massive player.

    Why are his teammates calling him one of the best players they have played with

    Why is he still the most chances creating player.

    Why is he involved in many of the goals scored by the club when he played even this season.(Someone who sees football rather than stats will understand,for more details look at the build ups in every match this useless player played)

    Is he really getting 350k and please dont show me the so called “reports”

    I am an ozil fan and i will keep on being one

    1. I could answer but I would get more penetration with Scientologists so no point. All I will say is tick-tock the clock is ticking and freedom will descend from the skies for us all to celebrate for years to come. Well, Arsenal fans anyway.

      1. MARTIN IN MY VIEW – WHICH PRESUMABLY YOU WON’T SHARE, AS YOU BELIEVE FOOTBALL WILL BEGIN AGAIN SOON – both OZIL and AUBA will never wear our shirt again in a Prem match. Several others too, almost certainly Sokratis, probably Mustafi, and hopefully Bellerin and Xhaka, plus Mkhi and Elneny for certain.

        1. If the cost of never seeing Ozil in an Arsenal short again is football being suspended long term then I am converted. Though heartbreaking to think that we may never see Auba in the shirt again, I don’t want to think about that right now.

          1. Well Martin, on Ozil we are certainly on the same page.. I always thought I was his biggest critic among Gooners but having read your consistent and wise views on him I award you equal first place. How a number of undoubtedly dyed in the wool lifelong Gooners on here who I MUCH RESPECT AS PEOPLE, CANHAVE POLAR OPPOSITE VIEWS STILL PUZZLES ME. I know I am being honest and I also know THEY are honest too. So one section of Gooners is just not thinking straight. Obviously I don’t think it is OUR side. How about you Martin?

            ON AUBA IT SEEMS WE ALSO AGREE, but sheer finance will probably mean we have seen the last of him. But I stop short of saying “certainly”. FAR TOO MANY ALL ROUND UNCERTAINTIES, FINANCIALLY SPEAKING, ACROSS THE WHOLE FOOTBALL WORLD LEAVE MANY POSSIBILITIES STILL TO DECIDE.

    2. Phillip Lahm called has played with Kroos, Muller, Schweinsteiger, Lewandowski, Robben, Ribery.

      Sane has played with Aguero, Sterling,
      Gabriel Jesus, Benardo Silva, David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne.

      Yet Lahm called Ozil the most intelligent player he’s played with, Sane said Ozil is the best player he has played with.

      I’ll always be an Ozil fan, bro, cos watching him helped my own personal football

      1. I know bro that hes a great player and hes got his fans everywhere,just because of a few it wont change…

      2. Though I love Ozil but I don’t judge football with sentiment.

        Saying Sane choosing Ozil ahead of De Bruyne makes me think the interview must be about Ozil and not asking direct question about who is the best player he played with.
        Cos the last time I checked, Sane played with De Bruyne from 2016 and Ozil was no more Ozil of Real Madrid till 2015. And Sane started playing with Ozil a year after the World Cup.

        So Sane must be drunk when giving the interview. Ozil is not even better than David Silva during those period I mentioned not to talk of De Bruyne.

        1. Mind you De Bruyne have been on top of assist list since 2015 when Sane has played with Ozil and 2016 when he played with De Bruyne.

          Guess how many pre assist he will get during those period

  7. The way articles go from being normal articles to whether Ozil deserves his salary is just funny. Seriously, it’s literally funny

    1. Whats funnier is that some being “keyboard managers” 😂 think that they are right rather than acccepting what a real manager sees…

      1. LOL, see, this is a classy comment. Shakir gets his pointed attack across without resorting to insults or abuse.

  8. Mesut’ we love you!
    To think that Lampard and Gerrard are gods of football here in England.
    What have they won.
    Wenger said ozil is like a musician. The guy just knows the right keys.

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