Should Arsenal pair BFG with Chambers, Debuchy or Monreal?

While the Arsenal injury problems continue to bite and give Arsene Wenger a real selection headache every time the manager prepares for a game, the problem may not be so extreme this time. At least the Gunners have a week off to rest, recuperate and recharge the batteries before heading to Anfield to face Liverpool on Sunday.

As well as Arsenal having the rare situation of being fresher than our opponents, with Liverpool going to Bournemouth tomorrow in the League cup, the Frenchman does actually have some decent options in his defence, although the France international centre back Laurent Koscielny is unfortunately not one of them.

Because of the growing confidence and form of our young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin, Wenger has the option of using either Calum Chambers or Mathieu Debuchy alongside Per Mertesacker in central defence. Both players have proved they can perform there but they bring different things to the table.

The former Saints man has greater height and strength and is perhaps more natural in that position, but Debuchy has bags of experience, a real calm head under pressure and still has good pace, aerial ability and reading of the game. He has only one game at centre back though, whereas Chambers has quite few more, both at Arsenal and his former club.

There is also a third option if Monreal is passed fit as expected. The Spaniard left back was growing into the role and is naturally left footed so would give balance to the back four alongside our big German.

It is hard to decide, especially as Brendan Rodgers could play big Rickie Lambert, tricky Raheem Sterling or the unpredictable Mario Balotelli up front. How would you line up the Arsenal back four at Anfield?

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  1. gooner100 says:

    My vote goes to Debuchy…looked very impressive and assured at the w/e. Chambers is a little too slow and we’re going to need some pace v Sterling. I’d also start Bellerin for his pace, with Gibbs on the other side.

    1. muda says:

      debuchy of curse, and then Monreal at the LB, Bellerin should keep his place at the RB.

      1. mike says:

        debuchy did well. mind you, if kos is in there, he gets right in front of that lame fk from the toons and clears it before they flick it in the back of the net. but, agreed, debuchy is the best we can do for now.

        1. Brendan says:

          Wow look at everyone debating which defender not to start..Having a proper defender on the bench feels like a rare luxury at this point!

    2. 100percentARSE says:

      The pairing of Chambers and Mertersacker is very stupid, Both tall and slow wenger showed why he plays monreal next to metersacker simply because hes faster and nimble in the tackles to accomdate Merts this way he can stick to his main abilities by game reading and last ditch tackles around the box. when chambers is in there he doesnt trust him enough so he runs out of position trying to cover spots Koscielny would be covering n gets caught out , Debuchy is stronger has abit of pace and very good in the air Merts trusts him and his experience that is the same for Monreal id start Monreal or Debuchy ahead of Chambers although he is impressive for his age we shouldnt be putting all our trust into a 19year old in that position look at Stokes first goal a simple header for the first goal conceded which he completely missed.

      Lets play pace vs pace on the wings and experience in the middle

      —- Flam,Ram —-
      Ox — Santi — Alexis
      ——- Giru ——-

      1. 100percentARSE says:

        If Ramsey and Ox arent fit in time for the game.

        —- Flami,Coq —-

        1. SaveArsenal says:

          Like to see Chambers get a run at DM, Flamini can be woeful at times, why not play Chambers in his spot?
          If it isn’t working sub him.

          —- Chamb,Coq —-

    3. goldfish27 says:

      The best pairing will be to “BFG with Wenger himself” cos he put the club at dis dellima…..

    4. BarryL says:

      Agree – Debuchy brings pace, calmness and experience. But would have Chambers on bench to add extra defensive capability in MF if we’re leading with 15-20 to go.

  2. Skandalouz says:

    Debuchy was excellent and filling in the gaps and preventing dangerous opposition when he played at RB for both Arsenal AND Newcastle, so I wasn’t really surprised he did this well at CB, he’s pretty much known for covering in the middle of the pitch which has been pointed out regularly last season in Newcastle games. I agree that Bellerin should start against Sterling. Can’t wait till the game COYG!

  3. greekgunner says:

    with the cb that wenger bought in summer. oh i forgot….

  4. Trudeau says:

    My gut says Chambers in the middle and Debuchey at RB but I wouldn’t be upset with Debuchey in the middle and Bellerin up against Sterling – that would make an interesting battle.

  5. jonestown1 says:

    Yes, not sure what “technical” masterplan Rodgers has up his sleeve this weekend. Suspect he will start Balotelli – capable of the outrageous (and it will be just our typical luck if he decides to make an effort this weekend) but pretty easy to track and wind-up, a job I would give to Debuchy.

  6. mike says:

    i realize this is trolling, but “bith” players, and “defvence”?

    do yourself, your site, and your readers a favor, and PLEASE, at the very least, use spell check. just sayin’

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    “MAKE-SHIFT DEFENCE” ……….pLease Come quickly Koscienly!

  8. True.Gonner says:

    Wenger should pair chambers and debuchy and rest per. Why bellerin should continue as right back for now

    1. jaweant says:

      Chambers just hasn’t proven himself. He reminds me of Jenkinson but less composed. I wish Debuchy and Kos could start in the back. Bellerin looks more and more like the real deal. Should def. start

      1. YingYang69 says:

        Bellerin looks the real deal and yet Chambers hasnt proven himself. Bellerin had one good game… Chambers has had more than a few. Bellerin is very quick and good at going forward but that doent put him ahead of Chambers and make him the real deal… its much too early saying that. Also i dont think Debuchy has the height for full time CB.

        1. jaweant says:

          Do you remember the Montero massacre, the dive against Lukaku, the missed header against Stoke. I like Chambers but he can be a liability. Everyone was screaming for Bellerin to replace him in Swansea. I get that he’s cute boys, but lets win some games.

  9. Banga11 says:

    Pair Debuchy with Per and give Bellerin start at RB.

    Chambers starts as a defensive midfielder.

  10. Greg says:

    Agreed debuchy would make the better pairing he is much more solid!

  11. fred cowardly says:

    RB: Debuchy
    LB: Gibbs
    CB: Mertsacker and Chambers

    Debuchy is our RB specialist
    Chambers can play RB but better as CB.
    Monreal only for LB

    1. fred cowardly says:

      Another Option

      RB: Bellerin
      LB: Gibbs
      CB: Debuchy and Mertsacker
      DM: Chambers

      Actually, I like the sound of this more. Bellerin has shown he can handle RB. Debuchy can handle CB. Chambers not only can play both RB a
      and CB but started his career as a midfielder. I would give him a chance as DM.


      (I’m not sure if Ozil and Walcott will be available)

      1. RSH says:

        Wenger did say he sees Chambers as a DM some day. But for Liverpool thats way too much experimenting. Flamini has actually been very good these past few games so he should obviously start.

        1. YingYang69 says:

          I dont think its Flamini specifically being very good, i think its more in general our midfield defending well.

  12. juhislihis says:

    Why is everyone rooting for Monreal? Is Gibbs injured? He had a great game against N’castle.

  13. Twig says:

    Chambers is ahead of Bellerin in the pecking order. Wenger has never had a straight choice to make between Monreal and Chambers at centreback. Given Monreal is just returning to fitness I think Wenger will do:

    Debuchy Chambers Mertesacker Gibbs

    Despite Bellerin’s impressive showing, he goes back to the bench…

    1. akthet says:

      i agree with you, we need experience players like Debuchy for RB, Bellerin’s not ready for playing with big team like liverpool.

  14. Greg says:

    “King theirry henry” thank you for the great memories from highbury to the emirates! Enjoy your retirement, “you will always be in our hearts and our ” king henry”! Coyg!

  15. fred cowardly says:

    I wI’ll say that it’s finally great to have some defensive choices at last.

    Koscielny is our main guy and hope he comes back soon.

    Pecking order when all ate fit

    LW : 1. Gibbs 2. Monreal 3. Flamini
    CB: 1. Koscielny 2. Mertsacker 3. Chambers 4. Debuchy 5. Hayden
    RB: 1. Debuchy 2. Chambers 3. Bellerin

    Also, haven’t been too impressed with Monreal at CB. keep him exclusively for LB. Also rotate Gibbs at important times. I remember a few weeks back Wenger could have given Gibbs a match rest and replace with Monreal but he didn’t. This really upset me. Rotation is important. But against Liverpool we must have best players in best positions

    On side note: in my heart I know we can beat Liverpool in Anfield. Please Wenger don’t experiment or put players in wrong positions. Put them in right positions and lets win.

    Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal (Sanchez and Giroud)

    1. Twig says:

      Who scores for Liverpool?

      1. RSH says:

        Gerrard is their top scorer… all that needs to be said :/

  16. Mick The Gooner says:

    It’ll be funny watching Liverpool boo and jeer Alexis Sanchez out of bitterness and spite that he didn’t join them.

    1. True.Gonner says:

      And alexis get upset and bang in hatrick

  17. RSH says:

    Chambers and Mertesacker didn’t partner up the best. I think Debuchy’s pace in general helps Mertesacker play better and feel more secure. I’d like to give Bellerin another shot, but Chambers is better defensively, and Debuchy will need that since he’s in an unfamiliar position.


  18. Ronny331 says:

    Although he’s the only true cb in the list its hilarious to me that we are asking who to pair with Per!? I’d play bellerin, debuchy, chambers and monreal. Let Per look after the half time drinks. We keep going on about certain players postive atributes helping balance/cover for Pers misgivings. Absolute Madness!! I think playing debuchy next to bellerin worked so well as debuchy was watching out naturally for the right flank when bellerin went forward, also debuchy seems to have a natural talent and awareness of reading thw game and covering across the back line.

    1. proffetic says:

      Agreed, I have no faith in Mertesacker. Unless he is taken out of this defense we shall never prosper. I can’t believe how many fans always chose him as first choice. Just watch his game and see how few defensive boxes he ticks; never mind the four yard passes he completes. How many times is he caught flat-footed in the wake of anyone with even moderate pace. Someone described him as organising our defense. Please explain…

  19. van_Al says:

    Mertesacker shouldnt even be a starter in our team !!

    1. karonito says:

      And he’s our captain,i.e in the absence of captain Arteta


  20. YingYang69 says:

    Mert alongside Kos is just fine. A very decent pairing. When our midfielders are on song with the defensive side of our game Mert and Kos are part of a very good defence. Its when we give no protection to our defenders that they become exposed, giving us a problem… especially with Mert. The same would be and does be said for all defences.

    Would have to opt for Debauchery going by our last game. Hopefully that wasnt a false sense of calm. We controlled the newc game from top to bottom with a strong pressing game. The liv game will be more end to end i believe. I just hope that doesnt mean our midfielders give very little protection otherwise we will have a problem… only Debuchy Chambers or Monreal starting might not be the problem as it could be Mert… or it could be a slight lack of pace out wide with Chambers… or not enough experience in Bellerin. Monreal wont start in my opinion as there is a concern with match fitness. I suspect he will go with Chambers on the flank and Debuchy alongside the big man.

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