Should Arsenal pay Chelsea £25m for David Luiz?

It is a fact that Arsenal are desperately in need of a top class centre-back with Per Mertesacker retiring this summer, and Laurent Koscielny, Mathieu Debuchy and Nacho Monreal also getting on in years, and The Sun is suggesting that Arsene Wenger is lining up a shock bid for the Chelsea defender David Luiz in January.

There is no doubt that the Brazilian is a very experienced and accomplished player but the fact is that he is 30 himself and has been out injured since October with a knee injury. I can understand that he might want to leave Stamford Bridge after a very public falling out with his manager Antonio Conte but would he really consider a move across London to one of the Blues biggest rivals?

It is also true that Chelsea have found a great replacement for Luiz in the form of the 20 year-old Andreas Christensen, who has received rave reviews since becoming a regular in the Chelsea first team. Conte may not even have a place for Luiz in the starting line up when he returns to the squad, which is expected to be early in January, and that alone may encourage the centre-back to look elsewhere.

We know Wenger thinks that keepers and defenders can have longer careers than other positions, but is Luiz really the answer to our defensive problems?



  1. Muff diver says:

    His banter is top notch
    Proper joker
    Plus he’s a 9 on the sideshow bob-a-meter

    Bit of a weird player though can be a great utility player but can also forget what defending is .

    We need a no nonsense cb …that Brazilian guy who played for Villarreal and now Valencia is doing really well

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      Muff, I am sure I saw you sat at front row booed that Brazilian guy when he was red and write???. I’m afraid Arsene’s choice was right, tragicaly it wasnot happened with us.

      1. Rkw says:

        Old and error prone … we need quality

  2. Adega Olatunji says:

    Please we need him

  3. Sue says:

    Another old defender??? No thanks we have enough of them!!!

  4. Vlad says:

    No, thanks

  5. Andy Hallewell says:

    We don’t need another kamikaze defender, we have plenty of our own already…

  6. PATRICK says:


  7. Ivan says:

    £25mil for a 30 year old injured defender who can’t defend? If this happened it would be Wenger’s worst yet so let’s hope it is just newspaper talk.

    1. Sue says:

      Exactly! The amount of times he just stands there & watches the ball go in! Hilarious!

  8. Mogunna says:

    For this season for sure, can stay then as an option if we bring 2 beasts next year. He s top class. Only Kos can compete but he be up there if not first choice. With injury in that position, we need him and 2 more top class..
    Who do we have beside kos really? 2 germans are not top class, forget about Mert.
    To me Luis be great now and next year, as or more securing as Kos, they be great together, probably one top3 pair or best in EPL. He has a leader and fighter spirit, experience needed at this position… threats on corner kock Kos-Luis; that scares right there. No one want to play those 2 together. Bring 2 real competition top class for them, then we okay and as i said, as Luis is for months, this position is most exposed and touched by injuries causing trouble even with 4 top ones. If one injurs, you have one left to rotate or to replace if needed or forced by red card… We cheap, 25M should be fine, we give away 10 times more adding values of our last year players list. 60 million offered for sanchez with a year left, looking at market, he is in 80M easily. Same for Ozil at top level will be 70M Look at Whilshere, Barca offered close to 50M for him… The way he builds up, he will pass this value by end of season and more after world cup this will lead him too. He be 80M with good world cup in market today and be underated… Wilshere does whats he wants with the ball. He has matured now and growing to a man. The ways he goes he will be starbof england team he was develloping to..No one at his position is better in England… So of course we can put 25M if we can give away 10 times more…Get goretska , draxler both cheap and top class and needed additionn. All we need is keep Ozil and they be there, good for their german team play ahead of world cup. Top midfield., add serry and call it a day in middle or wait june. Now you have a team to fear with talented fighters. Up front just bring Dembele from Celtic and watch him blow up our center spot. Can play him with Laca. Let welbeck Giroud go, Theo can stay, he has speed and score, good back up… We could have done these smart moves last summer and can this winter and start building a greater next season, beat anyone first til end of season with such team… love Gunna fam’

  9. kristoman says:

    mogunna you are a dreamer. please wake up

  10. Tristan says:

    no to sideshow bob. seems unlikely but so did cech so prob gonna happen 🙂

  11. GB says:

    Yes, pay it as soon as the window opens and play him centre mid, then sign Arteta to replace Wenger. Before you thumb me down (how pathetic is the thumb system) just think about it before dissing eh!

  12. Declan says:

    ?? what a really juvenile system. Just encourages trolls and stops proper dialogue. Some people just do it cos they either like or dislike the commenter rather than the comment.

  13. John says:

    No………Arsenal has two capable young defenders like Chambers and Holding………and they need to play……….and there are other youngsters looking for game time………I hope Wenger plays Maitland as DM today……..

  14. Colin says:

    Wegner should not be given any money especially if that is to buy David luiz,as we know Wegner always honors his contracts ,so please just allow him to do so and hopefully he would show how much he loves the club and leave the club is wasting enough money giving him a wage rise .

  15. amb98 says:

    I actually rate David Luiz highly as a CB and a CDM. However, I feel him and Wenger would be a disastrous combination. A defensive minded coach that keeps Luiz on his toes and ensures he doesn’t have lapses of concentration is what Luiz needs, Wenger is the exact opposite.

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