How much should Arsenal pay Martinelli, Saka and Saliba to persuade them to stay?

Arteta’s young Arsenal side are in amazing form with Saka, Martinelli and Jesus combining magnificently in the front line, and William Saliba looking like a star defender already at such a young age.

We know that Arteta and Edu are building a squad of young players that can only improve together and challenge for trophies for many, many years, so it is imperative that the Gunners keep the core of their side so they can grow and mature together.

Most of our current young players have long contracts already, but all the talk right now is about extending three of our budding young superstars in Saliba, Martinelli and Bukayo Saka.

All of these are known to be currently in talks with Arsenal about extending their contracts, but the question is how much are they worth and can we afford to pay all three exorbitant wages and keep within our budget?

I am sure they will all be offered incredible wages by other suitors to try and prise them away from the Emirates, so Arsenal will have to offer them extremely improved contracts to keep the players (and their agents) happy.

According to the Mail, it would take a contract of at least £200,000-a-week for Martinelli to sign on the dotted line, and surely Saliba and Saka’s reps will also be looking to at least match this.

But surely at the forefront of their minds they are also going to be thinking of how successful they can be if they stay together at Arsenal, as every player dreams of winning trophies, which is exactly the same aims as the club and the fans.

So, perhaps Arsenal should pay a large contract to rach of them, say around £150,000-a-week, but with very large bonus incentives depending on how successful we are, trophy-wise, in the time of their contract?

Or do you think we should just pay them whatever they ask?


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  1. No need to panic just yet as Arsenal will be activating the one year extensions they have on all three of them, meaning we have an extra year to sort it, but of course best doted out now.

    1. I’ve read that Saliba only as 2 years left (Athletic)
      And I’ve searched online and that seems to be true ,I cannot find anywhere that says the club have that 12 month option,either way the club should have already tied them down ,we have seen over the last 4-5 years how bad we are at losing players or giving them away for nothing .
      Bigger clubs will already be circling for all 3 of them and clubs that will pay a lot more than we will offer .

      1. Agree, 100-150K, the earlier regimes have set the trend to spoil the players with over the top payments. I’d rather pay something extra to keep Mikel for a longer duration. As long as you have a top notch coach, he can transform any player to world class. The results speak for themselves – Saka, Martinelli, Xhaka, Eddie, the astute signings – Ben, Tomiyasu, GJ, Zinny. I do agree he needs to work more with Sambi and Nelson. And binning the not so productive ones who do not care .Hire a top notch coach and results will follow if the board back him up. If these players fail to renew the contracts, transfer them, will get a very very decent fee and Mikel can spot and coach better talent. Pep released GJ and hired EH and now the fella is having fun banging in goals. Surely Mikel can and will do better.

    1. Apparently Harry Kane is on £200,000/week.

      How a small club like Spuds pays their top player the same wages as our promising youngsters is absolutely beyond me. Are they running a club or a cult over there?

    2. you can negotiate 4 years after this if he on 200k at 21 yrs old.either you sell him or give 300k?

  2. Martinelli & Saka should get £150k a week with another 6 year deal with add ons for contributions to make it to £200k, plus, £200k guarnteed a week once qualified for UCL

    Saliba needs a good pay rise of £100k+ a week or so, what’s he on £40k a week or so! If Eddie gets that then William deserves it no doubt, probably has done more in his short time here than Eddie.

    I’d also like to see Thomas Partey sign an extesnion for another 2seasons since he’s been on the treatment table 75% of his time here so far but what a player he is to be fair when he’s on form.

    If we can finish strong from now until the break for World Cup then we have January to look for reinforcements like;
    1. Douglas Luiz – Villa, 6mnths left
    2. Mykhaylo Mudryk – Shakhter D

    A few more additions to this team and we could well push on for a title push.

    1. That makes sense.
      100k is not a small number. Adding acheivable incentives is a good way to satisfy both club and player.

      1. I think a £120k-£150k is reasonable for Saka, Martinelli and Saliba at their development stage in their careers. As a club we can spice it up with bonuses as longer as we are in Champions league.



    1. A kop out Jon – tell us what you would offer these players to keep them at our club!!!

      I suggest £150,000 a week plus add ons that included trophy and CL qualifications.

    2. @Jon Fox
      We are many, who will agree footballers wages are obscenely high.
      But like Ken, I would also like to hear, what you suggest, Arsenal should do.
      Should we offer them:
      Full time employment with one months notice at an hourly wage i.e. on the level of unskilled workers? Skilled workers? Mid-level management?
      I think we can then agree, Arsenal will be heading downhill very fast.
      The devil is also in the detail here. Either we offer them a wage, which is on the level with what they can get elsewhere, although that means an obscene amount, or we decide more or less to retire from professional football.
      Is there any other way to see it?

  4. All three should be between £150 – 170 mil a week on a five year plus one year option contract, in my opinion.

    Hand d kids the paper let them sign the ting

      1. Oh Snorky the pig that should have been thousands ofcourse, my apology

        We have to offer realistic dough in today market, though I would have prefer to see some type of cap put in place

  5. There are five English (and maybe 4 European) clubs that can at least equal Arsenal on player wages and £250K per week will most likely be the mark (from the players agents) for negotiating new deals for probably irreplaceable players, so we will unfortunately have to pay as much as it takes regardless.

  6. All 3 players are still very young and this could easily pose a problem.
    I agree with Jon Fox regarding player salaries in the premier league but there is a difficult line to tread. Some players – KDB for example, have still played magnificent football whilst earning an absolute fortune each week. Others can just as easily rub their hands with glee and take their foot off the gas.
    I mentioned the age of the 3 in question and silly money could affect them adversely from a footballing perspective
    I like the idea that has been suggested that there should be added financial incentives due to good performances

  7. I think it’s an absolutely stupid question to ask us what they should be paid. How about you ask us what you should be paid. Yes, not right is it?

  8. If any of the young guns (and their agents) are willing to sacrifice a starting role at the Arsenal to sit on the bench at City or Chelsea for more money, they have my blessing to leave.

    At this point in their career, playing time should be more important than money. Unfortunately, their agents don’t share my point of view.

    In other words, we are in a strong bargaining position and our case gets stronger if we continue to win.

    That said, I would prioritize re-signing Saliba over Martinelli and Saka only because of the importance of CB position to the team. It’s also more difficult to find a good young CB.

  9. How about

    3 year contract
    Base salary of 100-120k

    +1 year extension option
    Salary increased by 25%

    + 1 year extension option
    Salary increase of 25%

    Total of 5 year contract but latter 2 being club options.

    1. I’ll say double whatever they are earning now, but none should be earning less than a 100k, and max 150k. They still have more year ahead, for further increment, with performances and success bonuses

  10. They’ve achieved nothing yet and none of them deserves anything above 150k.
    We never learn, even as fans. They’re extremely young, they owe it to this club to take it back to the top before making ridiculous demands.
    For one, I don’t believe the shít that Nelli is demanding 200k. Absolute crap.

    Saka and Nelli should be getting 150k, Saliba, 140-145k.
    Then when they prove they deserve it, we can take it to 230k upwards.
    None of them are Salah, Mane, Mbappe or Halaand FFS.
    I believe they’ll sign, and I believe none of them will be getting close to 200k

  11. Let’s be honest.

    I would offer each a 4 or 5 year contract,

    I would offer each $250,000 per week ($13m per year).

    That would cost the club $39m per year.

    However there would be NO transfer fees involved.

    If we lost one of them it would probably cost a minimum of $45m to replace him plus the expensive a contract the new player would require!!

    So this looks like a good deal to me.

    Plus keeping the three of them could guarantee us Champions League entry for at least the next 4 years!!!

    1. Thank God you’re not in charge of contracts at the club. 250k for players just starting their careers and have not achieved anything yet. What would u pay them when they start winning trophies, half a million or more?

      1. @JW: If that’s the stinking stuff they are being offered elsewhere, then they must just leave. No need even for a farewell. Arsenal should resist falling into the anti-sporting Chelsea et al culture of loosely throwing money around. Destroys the beauty of football

  12. A kop out Jon – tell us what you would offer these players to keep them at our club!!!

    I suggest £150,000 a week plus add ons that included trophy and CL qualifications.

  13. Certainly you would expect each of them to be offered $150k plus add ons. There worth on the current market would be pushing $200m, more maybe.

  14. Think Nketien type wages and double it. Would love to think that its not all about the money and that the three mentioned players might feel that the club is going places and would want to be a part of it, but it doesnt always work like that.

  15. Just relax. The players obviously happy at the club and very excited for coming success. Gotta be prudent with their agents though. Throwing money around is not the way.

    1. I’ll say double whatever they are earning now, but none should be earning less than a 100k, and max 150k. They still have more year ahead, for further increment, with performances and success bonuses

    1. That was the biggest mistake we’ve made now everybody’s going to the table pointing at our EL striker that never play’s in the league and say I need double what he’s on

      1. Lets see if (and hopefully not !) Jesus gets injured then Eddie will have to play… he did well when given the chance last season when Laca wasnt scoring.. and remember to sign a new striker instead of Eddie would have cost what £25-30mn for a backup? Thats 5 years of salary for Eddie. !

        Eddie will score goals in the Europa League and Carbao Cup and be ready to step in so a prudent move..

  16. In an ideal world, we could pay something like 125,000 a year + 2,000 per game they play, and say 500 when injured.
    But I doubt, they and their agents will accept.
    So we are forced to negotiate a bigger deal, think. Personally, I think we should max go to 200,000 a week.
    We now offer a really promising project to be part of, and if they are only after max money, let them go.

  17. And here is the whole issue, for the short sighted people, with Eddie being on roughly 100k per week.

    Basic economics, if someone that barley plays and hasn’t contributed much to club is earning that then surely Saka and Martinelli deserve at least 200k+

    Now I’m not saying they should be on those amounts at all but you can’t argue with their demands if a bit part youngster is earning 100k.

    1. Exactly. However good Nketiah becomes in the future, he’s not starting for us now, and his contract should reflect that. Now we have the problem of the young superstar starting players understandably wanting larger contracts (allegedly). If we give them 200k pw now, what will it take to resign them in 3 years? I suspect we’d have no option but to sell at least one or two and try to rebuild, which is always risky.
      The problem is only magnified by the Nketiah contract,

      1. We need to sell Eddie quick for the reasons u said we should have kept balogun on whatever wages he is on. We have a player on 100k that we scared to play.

    2. Play Eddie on the wings and see if he’ll not compete against the likes of Martinelli and Saka. It’s tougher down the middle.

  18. What ever we agree to pay them will always be contentious but we need to ensure is we have an obscene byout clause to trigger if some some one want to buy them.
    We have got to get away from giving our best players away for below market value

  19. Paying Martinelli 200K a week for 3 years is the same as buying a player of that caliber and ability for 31.2M
    1. It is impossible to buy that good a player for 31.2M
    2. You have a player that has proven himself and grown up and excelled in your own system.
    1. May loose the drive and the desire once he achieves high wages.
    2. Difficult to move on since he is on high wages.

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