Should Arsenal plan transfers around FA cup and Champions League?

The transfer window opens tomorrow Arsenal fans and we are all hoping that Arsene Wenger has a couple of treats in store for us. Everyone has their own opinion of which players the Gunners need, are keeping an eye on and might actually sign, but there is nothing we can do but wait and see.

The manager has his scouting team and must spend a lot of time behind the scenes looking at players and thinking about who might be available and who would be the right players to complete the Arsenal jigsaw puzzle. Wenger has often spoken about only bringing in the right player at the right time, but we have seen him make the odd `panic buy` with varied success (Andre Santos and Mikel Arteta are two polar examples).

While the injury situation at the club is certainly going to be on his mind, I wonder if the boss will take into account the ability of players coming in to help Arsenal in the remaining two cup competitions, defending the FA cup and trying to get as far as possible in the Champions League.

For instance, we have been linked with Ron Vlaar of Aston Villa, Morgan Schneiderlin of Southampton and Winston Reid of West Ham. While both would be available in Europe, Wenger would have to move fast if he wanted them to not be cup tied in the FA cup and that is our most realistic chance of a trophy.

And you have players like Sami Khedira and William Carvalho who would not be able to help in Europe, so should this be a big consideration for Arsenal? Or will Wenger ignore this and look at the bigger picture?

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  1. yes, these are the only competitions we can win now. we wont be champions again, but i knew it. but we must lift a trophy to motivate our star players, and we cant grab the FA cup again. and who knows, any underdog can win CL with a lucky draw, and a few lucky matches. i dont know what you think guys, but i see a tiny chance for us to win the CL. summary: finsh at least 4th, and win FA cup. go as far as we can in the UCL. with these achivements we can finally add the missing pieces in summer, and then dominate the whole football world :D. one can dream.. Happy new year gunners!

      1. If we beat Monaco then we are in the quarters. If we can avoid a first leg collapse in the Quarters and semis, we actually have a decent chance of going deep. 3rd place, and Fa Cup win and a UCL Quarter Final would represent progress for me IMO.

        1. Injuries wipe us out each time. Trying to keep a steady starting 11 is our downfall.
          We just need 4 weeks with the same starting 11, especially the same back four.

  2. table a 30 million plus sanogo an gnabry on loan deal to southampton for schneiderlin.

    offer 16 million plus campbell on loan for fabian schar

    lets start testing there resolve

    1. Mate, Schär is injured until the end of January and with 6 months left in his contract, I think 16 mils is way over the top.

      Unless you’re thinking like Wenger and paying in YENIs!

      1. thats half the price of mangala- plus hes young. plus hes still improving.

        its abit over -but guarantees the buy- many teams want schar

    2. Sanogo is too good to be sold! His goalscoring record at France youth level is incredible! I knew about him before he came to Arsenal! All he needs is a few goals to boost confidence. Schneiderlin isn’t tied for Champions League and he would be a great signing. I don’t see Southampton selling. 16 mill for Schaar is madness!. We are better off signing a DM, sticking with what we have in defence and taking Jenkonson back in the summer.

      1. read what i said- sanogo and gnabry -on loan! not sold.

        no mangala for 32 million is madness- 16 for schar is over but necessary as wenger didnt reinforce correctly- january is always a premium

      2. Please tell me I did not see you write Sanogo is too good to be sold…..He is utter crap…a disgrace to arsenal.His only specialty is Heading the ball and that’s coz he is tall.His dribbling is atrocious for a 22 year old.He can’t finish…..he is too awful.Afobe,Akpom and Campbell are all miles better.
        Gosh I can name 10 young strikers who are all better;Dybala,Morata,Benzia,Lacazette,lukaku,origi,vietto,munir,bojan,jese Rodriguez and more
        Sanogo at best is Championship relegation strugglers level

    3. Hmmm interesting proposal but giving Southampton sanogo and gnarly stregthens them a lot and it might come back to haunt us given that Southampton are one of the major clubs in the hunt for 4th now

  3. Yeah we need to do business according to the time and the future, sign Vlaar and schneiderlin, then sky is our limit.

  4. This time last season we were top of the table and doing well, all we needed was a striker and we would have possibly won the premier league.

    Wenger did nothing in January and we finished fourth.

    This season we are as close to the bottom as we are to the top of the premiership and nothing to realistically play for except the FA cup and the fourth place trophy.

    Does anyone expect him to do anything in January ???

    1. How sad it is
      A top club like Arsenal with an incomplete team where the fans pay nearly the highest seat prices.
      The fans left frustrated and down by an overpaid manager who cannot win nothing of mark for ages,who will not listen to the call or advices of anyone about how to make the team better and who create internal conflict inside the club by having supporters divided about him.
      The thing is the only reason some are against him is because of his refusal of correctly reinforcing the team,thing that he he will not hear.
      how many supporters already dejected and no trusting in a important time as a transfer window is.
      for the last few years I had to support Man city so that thay beat Man U and Chelsea and Liverpool to the title that I hate the most.
      the thrill,passion for victory is became an unknown matter for arsenal fans.
      I still lookf at the FA cup victory as a miracle accident.We avoided The big three.

        1. Have an opinion that does not agree with you and your response is

          “you can leave and go and become a spud”

          Your parents must have been very proud to have given birth to such an informed, intelligent and wise lad…

          Perhaps you can scrape two brain cells together and come up with an intelligent response…

  5. We need to make up for not replacing Vermaelen, selling Vela and not taking back Fabregas/Song in the form of Top striker, defender and DM.

    Hummels, Cavani and Carvalho will do the job
    Benzema, Schar and Kondogbia
    Reus, Reid and Schneiderlin
    Greizmann, Van Dijk and Bender
    any combination of above.

    We will probably end up with:
    Smalling and Milner or perhaps just a defender that’s all.

    1. I hope you’re aware Greizmann hasn’t even spent a season with Atletico??? And why should we buy him when we have Alexis, Walcott and the OX???

    1. i know : i’m sick of wenger’s “buying the minimum”.
      lets excite the players & fans: get some big names.
      lets make a statement of intent and ambition.
      he’s miserly & delusional .

  6. Next 4 windows will be interesting.
    I believe we need to trim the old the
    injury prone and those not up to speed.
    Vermaelen Mertesacker Koscielny
    Monreal Debuchi Arteta Flamini
    Rosicky Podolski Cazorla = age
    Sanogo Wilshere Diaby (injury).
    Ryo not good enough. Walcott Gibbs
    Ramsey are also injury prone. Ozil remains
    a mystery . Giroud and Wellbeck are plodders.
    Jenkinson Campbell Coquelin Gnabry
    Zelalem Hayden unproven.
    Bar Sanchez Szcz and an in form Ozil
    Arsenal remain a classic 4th place Franchise.

    1. So, you’re saying that City should sell Aguero, United should sell Van Persie and Rooney and Cheslea should sell Costa because they’re all injury prone and/or old? You’ve taken a team that lead the league for much of 2013/2014, won the FA cup, and added quality in the summer, and condemned all but 3 of them to 4th place quality. That sure makes sense…

      1. Funny isn’t it? Chelsea have ‘blown the league away’ and are running away with the title and could win the quadruple according to all these pundits. They had 40 points at Christmas. Last Christmas, Arsenal had 42 points, but no one said we were going to win the league, or anything for that matter.

  7. They should plan it around Wenger’s personal life as he always has an excuse.

    PS: They should cancel all annual leave for August and January

  8. Should we plan our transfers around the FA Cup and Champions League? No. Our team isn’t good enough to win the Champions League without some extraordinary luck. The FA Cup? We won it last year, most fans don’t seem any happier and the ‘haven’t won any trophies in 10 years’ line doesn’t seem to have gone away, clearly it isn’t very important to a lot of people.

    I don’t want us to plan for the short term, I want us to plan for the long term – I want us to buy the best players we can so that we can compete for, and win, the league and have a team that can take on the Barcelonas, Real Madrids and Bayern Munichs and actually stand a decent chance of winning, not simply written off as underdogs. So what if a player can’t compete for us in the champions league this season, if next season they can win us the league?

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