Should Arsenal play Alexis and Walcott in every game?

There has been much said about Arsenal’s new defensive partnership between Mustafi and Koscielny, and the defensive depth that we have to cover them if (god forbid) one of them gets injured or banned, but what about our amazing new strike partnership of Walcott and Alexis in the attack. They seem to be like two falsenines,swapping positions at will, but do we have the same cover if we lose one of them?

Perez is quite unproven so far, and although the Ox looks vastly improved from last season, could he seamlessly replace Walcott? Theo himself is more than happy with his strike partner. “It’s started off very well. “he said after the Basel game. “I will look back on this game but, yeah, the combinations between me and him are very positive at this moment in time. We seem to sort of know when we play off each other quite well. If he comes short, I go long and we’ve just got a good sort of combinations.

“The whole team has tended to play very well together, and when we lose the ball everyone tries to be first to get it back. That starts from Alexis at the top and he sets the pace for us all, and it seems to be clicking at this moment in time.”

Wenger himself has said that Walcott is doing much more defensive work this season, and Walcott thinks that he also has another great working partnership. “It’s getting a good sort of partnership there, but it’s not just that, the whole team seems to be clicking. Me and Hector have got a good relationship on that right-hand side, it’s quite a pacy right-hand side.

“I think the whole team tends to react well and defend well as a unit and clean sheets are going to win games because we’re going to score plenty of goals. That combination between me and Alexis, it’s boding well but it’s obviously still very early into the season, so hopefully we can all stay fit and it’s going to be a good run.”

Having started just 7 gameseach, both Alexis and Walcott both are on 5 goals each already,so can Wenger afford to rest one or the other in any game when their partnership is going sowell?



  1. Ddog says:

    They will have to get a rest at some point, not at they same time though. Cup Games, and if 100% necessary, home against ludogrets in the champoins league, thats as far as I would go. We should be wary of underestimating anyone in the Prem of the CL – best squad possible for these games in my opinion

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Theo and Alexis are fantastic right now
    Unfortunately they won’t have much rest during the International break.
    They will need to wait till the Reading match to get rest unless

    Good thing is that both are in good physical fitness

    I am hoping that Giroud and Perez score goals on the few occasions they get on the pitch to show that they are ready and good enough to start.

  3. Twig says:

    Theo needs to be managed carefully because of his fitness history. I think we afford to rest them once in a while

    Perez Giroud Sanchez is a good option

    I am also curious to see

    Sanchez Perez Walcott

    I think it’ll be a better combination than Iwobi Sanchez Walcott. Defenders will not have a moment of rest with that attacking lineup!

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Akpom has recently lifted the lid on how Wenger is in the changing room on matchdays.

    “He just encourages us to go out there and play with freedom. You know the boss is full of class and elegance.
    “He tries to motivate the team, but you already know you’ve got world class players in that changing room so you already know what’s expected.”
    “He doesn’t really say much, it’s all up to the players.”

    More evidence that Mr Wenger just picks the team and let’s them get on with it.
    Now try and imagine how this team would be with Real managerial tactics and game plans lol. ?

    1. Incarnate says:

      Yeah, real managerial tactics like LVG and his famous tactical sketchbook …”hey Schweini, I need u to make a run into the opposition box in the 58th minute”

  5. muda says:

    Not only that, we some more partnerships that seems to click:

    Added to already mentioned ones then we have a complete Organic Chemistry in there.

  6. Uzi Ozil says:

    Muda you just murdered it.. .

  7. Tatek Girma says:

    It is quite obvious to see that our team is so good so far except for the first two premier league games and the champions league game against PSG. But it is too early to judge and be sure on the team future performance. Let’s see more games and evaluate the consistence status. Consistence is key to win titles. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with current performance of Arsenal. Let’s keep it up Gooners!!.

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