Should Arsenal play Laca alongside Auba against Aston Villa?

 Should Lacacazette start against Villa? 

A player who seems to be reluctant to sign, or who we seem reluctant to want to offer a new contract to, we don’t know what the deal is here but whatever the issue is with Alex Lacazette, surely, he deserves more game time doesn’t he? 

After his super sub appearance against Palace, when he came on and seemed to bring the team more energy and more attacking threat, is it safe to say that Lacazette has warranted a start against Aston Villa on Friday? 

 Despite not playing for a while in the league, and alongside his best friend in the team, it didn’t take the two of them long – Lacazette and Aubameyang – to link up within minutes of Laca taking to the pitch, in a move that could have resulted in us equalising much earlier, but for the gloves of Palace keeper Guaita. 

 The two of them clearly haven’t lost anything they had between them on the pitch and they have shown previously they work well together.  

 Shouldn’t Arteta take note of this and if it is the unfortunate case that Bukayo Saka is injured after coming off, Laca has shown he is able to come in and step up to the plate.  

The worry if he does start will always be that he won’t be having as much affect as when he comes off the bench, but if Arteta has no choice, he may just be surprised. Laca has shown with his attacking threat last night and his energy, that he has more than enough left in the tank to help this team in more than just the cup games.  

 So, has Laca warranted a start or will Arteta stick with Pepe and Aubameyang?  

 Well we will see on Friday night but if he produces the energy and goal threat he did in the small amount of time last night then I don’t see why not! Gooners do you want to see Laca start in the league more often? 


Shenel Osman 


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  1. No, we’d better put Lacazette back into the CF position and assign Smith-Rowe back to the left wing. We have seen both Aubameyang/ Lacazette played as starters together in many games and it didn’t work

    Aubameyang is tall and pacey, but he can’t cut inside as effective as Martinelli and Smith-Rowe. Smith-Rowe isn’t bad aerially, so he’s got to play on the left side

    1. I would start Laca 💯% and bring Auba on for the last ½ hour.
      I would have same back 4 with Elnenny destroying & Partey box 2 box. ESR attacking mid. Wide we’re spoilt for choice. Any 2 of Saka, Pepe, Martinelli or Auba again with subs ready if and when needed.

        1. gai I am fed up with saying we should try him in this position Bloody Arteta should know by now he has nearly 2 years and still tinkering

        2. Aston villa will be a tough match.
          We need to take initiative and to be more clinical.

          Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tierney

          Partey AMN


          Auba Lacazette Martinelli

          1. If I were Arteta, I wouldn’t play Aubameyang and Lacazette as starters together. Because the combo has been tried in many games and it mostly didn’t work

            I’d move Odegaard back to the right side and Smith-Rowe to the left wing, so they can make plenty of diagonal passes and runs

    2. Gai
      With counter attack in mind we need Auba. But we can start with Lacazzet the coach only needs to know when to make a change. If Saka is fit he is better in PEP position. But if we want to be directagainst Aston villa it’s better to start with Matinelli instead of Smith Roe. We can try AMN with Pathey Elneny can come in later if need be. For me



      Smith Roe/ Matinelli Odegard Saka

      AMN Pathey

      Tavares. Gabriel White Tekehiro

      1. One of our wingers must be able to receive Ramsdale’s long ball, in case Ings and Watkins constantly press us high up the pitch in the first half

        So either Smith-Rowe or Pepe must be start the game as a winger, because they’re decent aerially

        1. gai What is with all these long balls I thought we were playing football I thought Arteta wants it played from the back or has he changed his mind again

          1. If the opposition assign their three attackers to press us high up the pitch, we’re usually too panic to play from the back

            The long goal kick is just a method to escape the opposition’s high pressing

  2. Yes, Laca must start! His link up play was excellent. I’ve always believed Aubameyang is more effective from the left wing anyway.

    I also think it’s time Tierney is dropped, his inclusion in the team is a big problem IMO. A CM’s priority should not be to cover a fullback constantly bombing forward. How ridiculous would it be to see Cazorla covering Monreal’s forward runs? Finally, if I could drop Ben White I surely would. Backing up from Edouard like a stormtrooper who has just seen a jedi is disgraceful defending. We should be thinking about calling back Saliba in January.

  3. I think it doesn’t make that much difference who we play.
    We have played well with key players missing and we have played poorly with our best players in the squad since Arteta arrived. We didn’t exactly set the PL on fire when we started both Auba and Laca. Fitting in Auba is harder IMO than fitting in Laca. So I would start Laca.

    I would like to see Saka on the right and not on the left. Maybe we can not play ESR and Odegaard in the same 11. Yes, it went well against Spurs but the other games it didn’t go too well. Odegaard is a bit too anonymous for my taste.

    I would give Lokonga and Partey a chance to start together for a few games and bench Odegaard.

    Martinelli – Laca – Saka
    Partey – ESR – Lokonga
    Thierney – Gabriel – White – Takehiro

    1. I think that would be Close to the team I would like to see also JANV.
      Problem is Odegaard seems to be first name on the team sheet and no matter how awful he plays he’s there the next game .
      How Martinelli is not getting starts is a complete mystery to me and surely now he should be given the nod against villa .
      I think would rest Tierney also and give Tavares ago or even rest tomi and put Tavares at right back .
      Mind you all this talk is just pointless as like I say before most games most of us can already pred his starting 11 when all fit .

  4. We are going to lose with out an exceptional performance from Midfield .. we miss two players to defend if we play Laca and Auba

  5. I would try Emile Smith Rowe as a false 9 or a proper 9, I think he has goals in him.
    He looks to me like someone who has alot of attributes of a number 9 in my opinion and that’s taking account of his new found selfishness in front of goal… Not a bad idea if given a thought..
    Secondly I would gladly welcome back holding in place of White, Cos I don’t see much difference in that department, atleast Holding doesn’t shy away from blocking a shot and decent in the air.

    Thirdly if we are not going to use a back three then Tierney should be replaced, he is as lost and useless as Auba on the wing in a flat back 4..
    Lastly to to address the initial question Auba and Lacazette would never work cos that means one playing in an unfavorable position, and that’s the reason why Odegaard and Emile Smith Rowe are not working either… It’s not playing them all but identifying which of them is more suited to a certain system and on current form.. So that brings me to the Manager he knows this things but he is either stubborn to accept a failed system or bias in picking certain players

  6. Actually should Arsenal play against Villa under Arteta’s Management?

    I think this something more important question

    1. I am trying to be a “good” supporter right now so won’t answer your interesting question 🙂

  7. Auba can run around Huff and Puff Lacca puts a shift in and is very good with ESR they work well together and compliment each other. He is a must against Villa, BUT will Arteta drop Auba answer NO he won’t

  8. I think Arteta should ring a starting XI team change on Friday night at home against Aston Villa from the team he started in our last home Crystal Palace game at the Ems last Monday night. But that failed to win the match. But this time around I’ll suggest to him to start both Auba and Laca in our home Villa game. And also bring in Martinelli and AMN to start the match. While in the same vain, let him retain ESR to start,

    in summary, my starting X+ team for our Villa match is as follows. But uncomfortably for me, I have to drop Pepe to the bench who I didn’t want to drop so as to allow AMN and Martinelli to start. But it’s all depend if Arteta will agree with this my starting XI making submission for the match and consider it. If he does, I’ll be happy as I am confident my starting XI for the match will win the game,

    Timoyasu White Maglhaes Tierney;
    AMN Partey ESR Martinelli;
    Laca Auba.

    1. well that is a way to get M and L and A on the pitch at the same time. Do you think that there is enough support for the back four in the middle though? I guess you are assuming Saka is hurt (and I haven’t looked beyond this post :-), or he needs a rest.

      Regardless, the issue for me, is that we still don’t have a set line-up or formation that stands out – we can play really well occasionally, mediocre often, or really poorly by times in any set-up.

  9. 3 – 4 – 1 – 2 formation with 2 wingbacks and a solid midfield base of Partey + Elneny as they play well together and then put Smith-Rowe as the 1 to link play. Drop Odegaard & Pepe. Wingbacks become key: Tierney & Maitland-Niles. Martinelli/Pepe to come on as super-sub around 60 – 65 mins.

  10. Arteta has to shake things up, the team has fallen back into its hole after poking its head up for a game. A lot of players are worthy of sitting after the last couple but I think it is the top half of the field where he needs to try something.

    When we are in the offensive end it seems that the opponent has about 20 players as there are always a few swarming the ball – right now we can’t handle this…against CP it always seemed to be 1 on 4…

    I would keep the back four but I am thinking that Tierney may be due for a sit-down soon, he just isn’t on his game right now either personally or because of strategy. White may fall into that boat as well…

    I would give Auba and Laca a go together (I know that it doesn’t always work and hasn’t worked in the past, sometimes it does though). I might give Martinelli a shot and let Auba sit but Auba seems to be coming back into form. Perhaps it is Auba up top with M on the wing and dropping Laca to be a shot off the bench.

    I would drop Pepe (I like the guy but he disappears too often and he is too one-dimensional).

    I would try AMN or Elneny with Partey (but I am getting a little tired of Partey and keep waiting to see his outstanding form – if he shoots again from long range he should have a toe cut off).

    Hopefully Saka is okay and gets up to speed. If he is at all off, then he should rest.

    Smith-Rowe is working hard but isn’t getting too far most of the time. I would keep him over Odegard right now…

    L or A
    A/S-R/S M/S-R/S
    T/G/W/T same at back…

    Not sure how that shows up when I hit send!

    Regardless, I hope we see a better effort over the course of the game, not just glimpses.

    1. As some have said, Elneny does seem to play well with Partey – I would just like to see AMN given a go…

  11. Ramsdale
    Tomi White Gabriel Tavares
    Partey Lokongs/AMN
    Saka Laca ESR
    First sub Martinelli 60 mins
    I don’t see any slackers in that team, nor anybody being played out of position. Therefore everybody knows their role. ESR and Tavares can cause a lot of damage both wide left and cutting in. Laca will get involved, drop deep if necessary as he can provide to Saka and ESR. Martinelli to get AT LEAST 30 mins for whoever in the front 3 has been least effective.

    Tierney needs to be dropped as he’s been awful, and Tavares has looked great and deserves a chance.
    Pepe and Auba are too inconsistant, go AWOL and don’t work in this system
    Ode must play further up the park. Not fair to judge him for the Brighton/Palace games where he was expected to be a second DM.

    It’s a pipe dream because we all know our esteemed manager will pick Auba and Tierney and will play as many as he can out of position – Bless him!

    1. I like that as well, a more radical change.

      Has Tierney lost his mojo or is he following his instructions – without his bursts he is a lot less effective…

      And maybe that applies to the rest of them, maybe they are following their orders or there are no real orders and they are just improvising. It is always hard to tell…

      1. True Stewart – that’s why it’s tough as they all underperform under Arteta – either out of position or having to stick rigidly to instructions that are ultra-cautious or simply wrong.
        Tough to criticise any of the players in that scenario honestly.
        Could even Pepe and Auba be playing poorly because they are doing as they’re told?
        So frustrating because we have in theory some REALLY good players here, and all that’s good is slowly getting knocked out of them!

      2. ps from the little we kow about MA he has instructions for everything, so it’s difficult to believe that any of them (except perhaps Pepe as I’ve read he’s difficult to change) are winging it.

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