Should Arsenal play Ozil or Akpom if Alexis is out?

All Arsenal fans should be crossing their fingers and toes and anything else that might be crossable in the hope that Alexis Sanchez is available to play on Sunday. The Chile international is currently a doubt for the home Premier League game with Aston Villa and so Arsene Wenger will now be thinking about how to set up his team in the absence of our star man.

With Danny Welbeck and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also apparently out of action, although thankfully not for long, it leaves the Frenchman with very few options if he is going to play our usual 4-3-3 formation. Olivier Giroud is surely nailed on to be the centre forward and we can only hope that Theo Walcott can complete 90 minutes for us on the right.

The Gunners have used Mesut Ozil on the left before and doing so again would allow the super Spaniard Santi Cazorla to start again in his favoured central role. But Cazorla could also play on the left with the German in the middle and I think that might be the better option.

There is always Tomas Rosicky to consider as well, but this could also be the perfect opportunity to give young Chuba Akpom a chance to impress, especially with our young striker apparently seeking some assurances about his playing time before signing a new contract.

Wenger could not ask for an easier [on paper anyway] Premier League game to shuffle his pack, so what would you do?

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    1. this younggoneafc is a spurs she doesnt care make no quality comment she should be banned 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  1. Please Wenger never ever plays Ozil or Cazorla out wide, you just vanish their quality so easy … I’m not sure about Akom playing a winger, so I will go for Walcott instead

    1. This “winger” or players marooned “out wide” thing is getting tedious. We don’t play wingers, end of, and the 3 behind our striker turn up anywhere on the pitch. They switch at will and nearly always cut inside and head towards the busier central parts of the pitch. Bellerin and Gibbs are the closest we have to the old traditional wing play – full backs have ousted the old wing system. Just becomes a player inhabits a position on the field to either side of the centre does not make them a winger. Santi’s 2012-13 season wasn’t too shabby with his name appearing on the team sheet as the left player in the 3. This mythical “left wing” position is one of Wenger’s obsessions – a position he likes to use for the more creative type. I am not sure why it has taken so long but I think Podolski’s poor fit in to this creative left side role is the root of much of Wenger’s frustration. Any one here remember a fella called Robert Pires; he was our “left winger” (the formation was often described as a 4-4-2 but you could also see it as a lop-sided 4-2-3-1 with Henry up top but taking up an average position left of centre. We had quite a left side then; Cole, Pires, Henry!! Used to scare the crap of the opposition and whilst they were trying to plug the gaps on the left Freddie Ljungberg often got more space on the right and he used to cut in whenever he could. Wenger actually gets credit for helping adapt/reinvent the whole meaning of “wing play”. Ljungberg used to run up and down in straighter lines in a wing like fashion but he used to turn up anywhere. Pires hardly ever stayed anywhere near the left touchline, coming inside was the natural tendency. I am not going to compare the players in terms of qualities etc but you can see a certain parallel with Ozil (when he put on the left side) in a Pires role and Walcott, more direct, in a Ljungberg role. I may be wrong on this but I seem to recollect a good number of Ozil assists coming from the left half of the pitch.

  2. We should at no time take aston villa for granted, going into this match! So lets be focus and win this one gunners, the 3 valuable points would be most welcomed! Coyg!

  3. Giroud
    Rosiky Carzorla. Walcott
    Ramsey. Coq
    Mon. Kol. Mert. Bell

    Sub: Scezney. Akom. Ozil. Chambers. Gibbs. Paulista (lol. Weird writing his name). Flamini.

    Thts is ox isnt fit. Put moneral instead of gibbs considering hes in better form.

    1. 18 decent players.
      Plus Martinez Zelalem.
      Injured Arteta Wilshere Ox
      Wellbeck Debuchi Gnabry DRB.
      On loan
      Jenkinson Ryo Podolski Campbell Sanogo.
      Probably 3 additions in the summer.
      35 players. Trim back to 31.
      Retain Sanogo Campbell
      Release sell. DRB Ryo Flamini Podolski.

      A decent 18 players with
      Debuchi Arteta Wilshere
      Chamberlain +Wellbeck to return.
      23 players.
      Martinez Bielik Gnabry Zelalem Hayden
      28 players.
      And with Podolski Sanogo Campbell
      still under contract.
      31 players
      3 summer additions.
      Jingers 34 not including Ryo and Diaby.

  4. I hope that Chuba gets on as a sub…and for 20 mins…I was impressed with his short cameo performance against Brighton, and would like to see him get more of a chance

    I have watched him in the reserves and he is a really good young striker..tall , English , homegrown and scores goals.

    But I want to see more of Ozil & Theo I really feel that they will be a great partnership once they get game time together and both get stronger

    1. How nice to be saying choose this one and choose that one…instead of NO way play this one or that one……Good time to be an Arsenal supporter

  5. Well, the Ox is available isn’t he? I would argue he’s even better on the left.


    Ox Giroud Walcott
    Rosicky Cazorla Coquelin

  6. Giroud
    Rosicky • Ozil (to test his form) • Walcott
    Coq (give him contract!) • Ramsey
    Gibbs • Koc • Per • Bellerin

    Important test for Ozil – Carzolas has upend the stakes, with better tackling and hussling all over the pitch. But if he links with Walcott’s runs – could be a deadly partnership!

    1. 4 dislikes for akpom.

      its aston villa we are playing, if he isn’t trusted to do a job against a poor aston villa side, then why are we trying to give him a new contract?

      surely he deserves a chance over a unfit welbeck?

  7. If Welbeck is available, play him on the left.
    If not Wenger will probably put Ozil there. He has most of the season unfortunately




  8. Depends on the formation. Ozil should be used so long as it is a central position.

    If Wenger has the urge to again employ the disaster of using Cazorla or Ozil out wide / on the wings, I would rather just see Akpom up front and rotate Ozil/Cazorla int he middle.

  9. ……………..Giroud………..
    ……..Ramsey…..Le coq……….

  10. Naturally it would be beneficial to play Thomas and Theo. Thomas is a engine and will work (and play) wherever you put him. Theo is scoring goals and making good runs. Ozil and Theo atm is a no for me – not enough working back as a unit. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re both still conserving energy as they’re on the mend. Akpom is a nice option, but untested as a winger. If we’re up 2 or more goals or if we need to chase the game, I’d like to see him brought on and given 20 minutes. If possible I’d start him but not at the expense of Thomas who is on a flyer and should be allowed to keep up the momentum.

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