Should Arsenal players know how much their team-mates earn?

Could salary revelations disrupt the Arsenal dressing room?

English media outlet The Daily Express, citing a report from Total Sportek, has revealed how much each Arsenal player earns on a weekly basis.

Now. I checked out the Total Sportek site and it appears to be a blog dedicated to analysis and has published the wage structure of quite a few clubs, including Manchester United, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester City and many more, it does seem to be fairly reliable and so I am happy to take what they have published at face value.

One caveat is that the wages listed below are the basic salary, they do not include the whole range of bonuses and add-ons, which can include appearances, goals, clean sheets, international appearances and silverware bonuses.

Konstantinos Mavropanos – £25,000

Alex Iwobi – £30,000

Rob Holding – £40,000

Matteo Guendouzi – £40,000

Mohamed Elneny – £55,000

Nacho Monreal – £65,000

Danny Welbeck – £70,000

Lucas Torreira – £75,000

Granit Xhaka – £90,000

Stephan Lichtsteiner – £90,000

Sokratis – £90,000

Bernd Leno – £90,000

Shkodran Mustafi – £90,000

Laurent Koscielny – £90,000

Petr Cech – £100,000

Hector Bellerin – £100,000

Aaron Ramsey – £110,000

Sead Kolasinac – £119,500

Henrikh Mkhitaryan – £120,000

Alexandre Lacazette – £140,000

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – £180,000

Mesut Ozil – £300,000

Now, my worry is that the publishing of what each player earns can be disruptive, as an example, how will Nacho Monreal feel to know that the likes of Sead Kolasinac is on £55k a week more or Alexandre Lacazette knowing that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang earns £40k a week more, and what about Bernd Leno finding out that despite being the number one that Petr Cech is on a higher wage.

There is more of course, like Ramsey on less than Mkhitaryan, no wonder he is leaving for Juventus and Welbeck cannot be happy to learn how much less he gets in comparison to a whole host of his teammates and he is an England international.

Money is the one thing that can turn a player, it makes them feel valued, it is a reflection of their worth to the club and whatever way you look at it, there will be some unhappy players at these revelations.


  1. This disclosure will be disruptive to the teamwork

    Iwobi is a Nigerian international, has been at the club for many years and has been playing a major role in this season, but a fringe player like Elneny and the injured player like Welbeck are earning twice his salary

    I don’t know where that site got the information from, but I hope the players do not trust it completely. Otherwise they might feel that working hard is useless, because the ones that sell more shirts will always get more money

    1. “Otherwise they might feel that working hard is useless, because the ones that sell more shirts will always get more money”

      Please consider how one becomes a big shirt seller.
      Not from being an unknown and barely able to stay in a team, you do it by being recognised, you get recognised by doing.

      I hope our shirt sellers benefit from their popularity.
      I hope our kids aim to become top players and then become our top shirt sellers.

      As for Iwobi, maybe if he was a top player then more people would buy his shirts… Shame he is a squad player at best.

  2. Arsenal should be embarrassed by monchi snub.. Atleast spurs have a plan… That is a headline in the Express newspaper

  3. Whatever way you look at it – they’re on mega bucks!! I would think they’d be more worried about whether they play or not…. everyone wants a game… but I guess even if they don’t play their wages will go in the bank at the end of each week!! Having been on that sort of money for most of their careers, it’s not like they need the money is it?!!

  4. Basically, no one should blame others for their misfortune, as most times our destinies is in our hand. Its possible 2 persons applied for same job and one get paid better than the other, its the power of negotiation, this revelation should rather motivate those earning low to work harder and make themselves indispensable thereby putting them in better position at the negotiation table, if Iwobi performance get better and he get link to big club every now and then, arsenal will be force to review his contract and offer better.
    Only petty people will think one person get better pay so am not going to give more than my pay,
    I do see positives in the revelation, though everything has its negatives but i hope the positives are taking into consideration.
    If Iwobi contract was renewed last summer, shouldnt have improved? Was he on £15,000 before? Funny dude still know how to party all night, instead of staying at the training ground everytime to reflect on himself. I hope his brain start functioning after now.
    Let me say am a Nigerian, before TH14 bash me, though i agree he has improved under Emery, dude still has a lot to learn, his game isnt mature yet, maybe he still see himself as an Academy player, i hope his career didnt follow d footstep of ‘young’ Theo, who think he is d 17yr old boy all the time but now 30. I remember Messi at 19, what a mature player.

  5. Now i’m interested to see where AM-N figures in such a list, Why? simply because he has shown to be most reliable in so far as being a defensive option which ought to be reflected in renumeration.
    And what of King Kos? i trust his return to form as well his commitment would mark-up well within such a list. Im suggesting both of these deserve a rise and to be (paid) on par with their peers.

  6. … Kolasinac came in on a free that’s why his pay is that high, same with the old man. I have noticed that players from the academy are not paid well compared to those signed abroad. But then the wage structure used by the former regime was horrible to say the least. I am glad the new regime is not looking to make the same mistakes.
    …..Iwobi will get better and When the time comes for a renewal, it will bring him closer to 70 at least but he must be worth it.

    ….I still believe a lot of average players on significant wages will leave this summer and that will bring down our wage bill.

    ….Off topic: I don’t understand the media’s fixation on Denis Suarez and all the silly rumours that he won’t be signed permanently and will be shipped back to Barcelona this summer. The thing is; Emery is slowly easing him in just like he did with Torreira. He did very well when he came on against Man United. His technical skills are second to none in our squad and will most likely be a useful player when the time comes.
    I honestly don’t see any player technically better than him in our squad presently. Emery really wanted him and I feel he has already decided to sign the lad. Replacement for Ramsey or Ozil in that no8/10 role? I think he is. It was deliberate to bring him this early. Our fans should be more sensible with their comments online. it’s becoming ridiculous with the constant harsh criticism of a new player who is yet to start a game in a new club and in a very physical league. Good morning folks.

    1. To be ‘eased in’ then you need to play.
      It looks like Emery isn’t happy with Suarez and will not be looking to turn it permanent.

      Guendouzi wasn’t eased in, if you are good enough then you play. Torreira had a WC and needed more rest afterwards, Guendouzi had done well and gave Emery the choice.

      Emery may want to sign him, Emery isn’t our head of football, Emery needs to ask to get him and if the guy above says no then no it is. Considering Arsenal pushed hard to have the freedom to not sign him… I doubt Raul (Emery boss) wants a flop or willing to pay for it currently.

  7. One’s salary is determined by many factors but I don’t see anything strange in the quoted salary Discrepancies. Obviously a player like Nacho Monreal who signed his contract earlier is at a disadvantage because at the time he joined Arsenal salaries were low. The example of Lucas Torreira is an interesting one because he earns almost twice as much as he was earning at his previous club. There is no way any player will be unhappy because each one joined the Club on a different contract independent of the other contracts. Perhaps this could affect future negotiations with players. The Club needs to make an explanation about the differences in players’ salaries and make it clear that all players are adequately remunerated in accordance with the terms of their contracts.

  8. comparing wages is mostly ridiculous since unless they all sign contracts at the same time there is no way of comparison. factors like the number of renewals impact wages e.g a player like ramsey who has been here a decade would see his wage increase every renewal unlike someone like torreira on his 1st contract. Age is also a big factor as his the star power of the player involved, aubameyang earns more than lacazette because he is a bigger star.

    Wage at the time of the player previous club has an effect. iwobi wage was doubled as was torreira when they joined.

  9. In life, I think along basic freedom principles. And I say we should all be free, as far as possible in this “all know all” world we sadly have to live in, from ALL others knowing our private business. I have believed in this freedom principle since a I was a teenager and have tried to proffer it as a life principle to all who are too young to understand how precious this freedom is to those and to certain of we oldies too. As such, I deplore that fact that footballers salaries are open to all and this is very harmful . Firstly and primarily because it is NO ONE ELSES business , save the employer, employee, and if he chooses to have an agent, then obviously the agent too. Also the Inland Renenue have a right to know. But NO ONE ELSE. Secondly – and I quote the obvious example of Ozil – I believe it has been damaging to him, to his team mates and to the anger some fans have felt, that his salary is widely known, even if the precise figure may be in dispute. Looking the salaries quoted in the article, frankly I feel sick to my stomach to have those publicly paraded. Who does it help? I suggest to all deep thinkers out there that it helps no one at all; least of all to the club we all love. And our club also knowing the salaries of rival clubs players only compounds the problem. So why do it then? Some things in life, in fact many things, are FAR more important than football, whatever our private passions may argue and freedom to be as private as possible in this deeply unhealthy world is paramount. That is just my opinion and also my life principle. I welcome arguments to the contrary but would ask all who make them to explain and in detail, why you disagree. We can all be interconnected and I am glad that many of us are but should STILL have our own freedom to our own business , unshared by anyone we wish not to know it. If you disagree I WOULD ASK YOU THIS: WHO AMONG YOU WOULD BE AMICABLE TO HAVING YOUR OWN EARNINGS AND WEALTH AVAILABLE TO ALL? And would you deny ANY other human the same right you enjoy. And if so, why?

  10. Ozil’s Salary is so wasteful. It can’t be justified. I mean sometimes Iwobi plays better than him. Ozil is brilliant on too few occasions to justify that salary

    Sadly it’s unlikely he will want to leave

    1. Salaries are not all based on field performance. What about Jersey sales, fans, marketing abilities my friend. Look at the amount of followers Ozil has on Twitter.

  11. This information isn’t new, lists like these are published every year, and the salaries of Ozil, Kola, Ramsey etc have been publicised recently.

    As others have said, free transfers will inevitably mean increased salary demands. Cech is retiring at the end of the season so Leno should have nothing to worry about. Welbecl shouldn’t have any issues considering how little he plays.

    The only ones I was surprised about is Iwobi on £30k – he will have aafve increase when he next renews, and Bellerin on £100k, which I think is too much.

  12. I don’t think anyone has the right to know what someone else earns (Inland Revenue excepted) and even repeating the list on here is out of order imho. The main reason Chris Evans left Radio 2 recently and others have also quit is due to their earnings being revealed by the BBC.

    1. Spot on Declan. Suggest you read my longer post above saying the same as you, but in a longer winded style, so typical of me!

    2. I’d say every voter has the right to know what the MPs are being paid.
      I would say that the public sector jobs figures should be published as it is the people paying for it from their taxes.

      Transparency can help build trust…

      As for Chris Evans, good. That is the citizens money and the people who pay their BBC licence deserve to know what their money is being wasted on!

      Don’t agree with it? Stop funding them.

      As for Arsenal… Do not like Ozil having all that money? Stop funding them.

      Information is power and power to the people.

      1. Have you never considered how often that “public power” ,as you falsely imo deem it, is misused to pry into and control peoples private lives. i am bound to say, midkemma, as someone who has lived a long time on this Earth, that my long life experience leads me to a directly opposite conclusion than yours. Do reflect how often rogue “so called governments in many tyrant run countries have used this power for evil and tyranny. I believe you are a good person and have just not had the life experience to have properly considered the dangerous step you recommend. Be very wary ,my friend, of so called “freedom” that masks the power of evil and tyranny. If you believe in people having REAL freedom as I am sure you(like others too) do , from your many posts, please cherish and protect those very people from harm and tyranny. Look how the global technology companies use their vast power of information about us all to enrich themselves and effectively enslave the young, the old, the naive and those who are too decent to even imagine how evil SOME people and corporations truly are! Do you suppose it helps that fine and humane man Mesut OZIL AND ARSENAL TO HAVE HIS HUGE SALARY DISSECTED AND DISCUSSED BY ALL WHO WISH? We know him to be a private person and do you not agree he should have that basic human right? I know I do! That right should include the right to publish his salary IF he wishes. I see no rush by players to do that though, do you?

        1. I find that many people will misuse their power as people in power are scared of losing their power.
          One way they keep their power is through secrets.

          Tyrants lie, expose those lies and we can remove those tyrants easier. If we need to lie about it ourselves then we only harm ourselves in the long run.

          The people who benefit the most out of misinformation are the ones who wish to manipulate.

          Human Rights act, I guess you mean article 8?
          “Your right to privacy can only be interfered with when it is “necessary to do so in a democratic society”. This might include reasons like protecting national security or public safety, preventing crime or protecting the rights of other people.”

          There is another one talking about treating people equal… Protecting the rights of others.
          How can we tell if people are being paid unfairly due to gender without the data?

          Not like this issue has been a 5 week old issue, how long have we (as a society, not me and you specifically) been fighting for equality and still got movements fighting for equality?

          I would argue that we could do this easier if we made those sections of society transparent, let people see. Companies act unfairly all the time yet many may get away with things due to the lack of transparency and as such, lack of witnesses.

          Is crime ok as long as you get away with it?

          As for Ozil, if he knew his wage would be exposed and he couldn’t hide it blah blah… if it meant so much to not get a few poor people moaning then he could have requested a lower wage for PR reasons. Asked for better bonuses instead of basic wage so the fans can see he is earning his big wage. No reason to currently though.

          I know some may say it is silly to think that a person would request a lower wage, it is only like that because that is how we have grown as a society without challenging that perspective. We get people taking jobs with smaller wages for happiness… It does happen. We even see some footballers taking a lower wage for professional reasons. I don’t think it happens enough and that is partially because the way society has been about the secrecy in football.

          TBH I do not care about Ozil wage as he pays a lot of tax, I am more concerned about how the UK deals with tax than how much a footballer earns. I would like to know that the UK gov is taxing fairly and collecting their tax over if someone earns £350k a week in an industry that generates that income.

          Easy to get distracted from what really matters (like ensuring tax is paid and the gov generates enough income, etc.) when we focus on what doesn’t matter, like if an individual earns £300k a week or £350k a week. Really doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t paid by dodgy means and they pay their tax.

  13. If people know the wages then people can get disgusted and keep their wallets in their pockets.
    If the people knew the criteria for the wages… then other player would as well. If people are being treated fairly then I doubt they would complain, well, not legitly other than complaining like a spoilt brat.

    If I took a job and got paid £50 an hour and then found out another person was on £60, I would be asking why. I would be asking my boss why.

    If I didn’t feel equally valued then I would look to walk away.

    If I knew the other person was being paid more because of X reason then I would have a reason and able to either accept it and aim to get it myself or sulk like a spoilt brat who doesn’t have everything handed to him on a silver plate.

    For anyone who disagrees with me.
    Do you not think the nurses should know that the NHS money isn’t being wasted by paying the top people too much?
    Do you think the cops should know that the reason numbers are dropping isn’t down to the chief taking a pay rise.

    Do you not think that bankers need to be held accountable for the mess they make! Not get a freaking bonus FFS!

    All this comes with transparency.

    The only type of people who think wages should be kept secret are the foolish or the corrupt.
    You are foolish to argue for mechanisms that help hide corruption… Which comes around and hurts us people. Or you are corrupt and like taking advantage of it.

    Last bit of food for thought.
    If a woman claims she is being paid less than a man who has the same job title…
    If we was transparent over wages then we could see that either it is unfair or the man has skills to warrant the extra wage.

    Hard to do this with secrets. Become so focused on keeping the secret that we lose focus on what is really important.

    1. midkemma, Transparency is a fine sounding word. But one persons transparency is anothers or many others, total lack of freedom and privacy. Look at the other side of this argument and PROPERLY consider the dangers of what you propose before being so sure. Ask yourself if we all or any of us have the human right to know all there is to know about other people; folk who may and frequently DO feel powerless and afraid when their lives, salaries, lifestyles, are public knowledge. Ask yourself how YOU would feel in Ozils position? I realise the wealth would bring creature comforts but in life there is a far more fundamental comfort than mere materialism, no matter how great, can ever bestow.

      1. I have not said we should know all about a human.
        Wages are not everything, they are a sole thing, with more information then we can tax better.

        How would I feel in Ozil position?
        If I knew my wage would be out and for people to see then maybe I wouldn’t have accepted such a good one and played the PR game.

        I had my wages up for all to see when I was in the forces, we can see what people get paid, at least the brackets. Could work out mine by what I did. I never felt scared for my life from people in the UK due to my wage. I am currently taking home around £20-22k a year atm while taking on random courses to learn more things.

        Or do you mean “What if you was being paid a wage you didn’t feel like you was earning”, Not proud, I wouldn’t want to air things I am not proud about. Are you bothered about things you do not care about being made public? Do you dislike things you are ashamed about being published?

        Real answer to this isn’t keep doing the shameful things.

  14. Having read the above comments and looking at the suggested salaries the players mentioned are getting, I ask myself this…

    Has it changed my life?…No.
    Am I better off knowing?…No.
    Am I in any way affected?…No.
    Will it change the life of my family?…No.
    Do I agree that players salaries are the business of only the club, the Taxman, the agent and the player?…Yes.
    Do I, personally, think any one of the players mentioned is worth their suggested weekly salary?…No.
    Are the salaries by publically owned companies a different scenario to privately owned businesses?…Yes and they should be made public, because we, as tax payers, own these companies.
    Can I affect this scenario?…No.
    What should I do about it?…Carry on doing the gardening, decorating, housework and look forward to the next game at The Emirates.

      1. Maybe you too should make up ,as a poster who started when you two did maybe it would be nice to see you again given you’re views to each other .
        I know we all have different opinions ,I’ve fallen out with you both in the past , but I would prefer that you argue while posting together rather than this frozen thing that’s going on .

        1. I could not in truth agree more and thank you sincerely for saying so. Let us see what transpires.

          1. waal2waal and Jon Fox, thank you for your comments regarding my post, everyone deserves ones personal data and space in this world of instant news.

            Xxnofx (Dan), it will not surprise you, I’m sure, to know that I always read Jon’s posts and regard his opinions very highly on most things.

            We have many of life’s experiences in common, the most notable being our outlook on life in general.

            Where we differ is in the way we (in my opinion) view others who have a different opinion to our own.
            I am, some might say, a little touchy when fellow gooners are called dullards or players called dross etc etc. as I feel this is so unneccesary and I cannot help but rise in retaliation.

            The abuse of Arsene Wenger’s legacy is a further example of how we are poles apart and I felt that our never ending spats regarding the above were spoiling the debates with other gooners.

            I am well aware that some agree with Jon’s views and use of the english language, just as others are of my persuasion.

            Perhaps with the success we are currently having under UE, the difference of opinions will be less and less and not become so polarised.

            As Jon says, let’s see what transpires, but I’m pretty certain the vast majority who use this brilliant site to discuss The Arsenal, aren’t that bothered about two old f***s banging their heads together.

            The self imposed “frozen thing” has certainly seen less acrimonious and more substantial posts don’t you agree?

            1. Wise words indeed and gosh Ken, I so much want to bury the hatchet. I also read all your wise posts too and so much miss our former debates. Shake hands and move on? I am well aware that many of my “life style” posts should be directed much at me personally. Life is short and precious and we all grow older each day.

    1. iv enjoyed reading this thread particularly the exchanges from jon fox and midkemma who both advance compelling points of view and wittingly or unwittingly provide insight into their personal outlook and politics. However, whether ones like and appreciate it (or not) ours is a passion that’s driven largely by capitalism. All underpinned by private competition and varying degrees of oneupmanship (by companies and investors).

      That we fans seek to even compete at higher levels, or attract better player(s) and show at the more prestigious levels is all the indication that our ambition is inclined not toward altruistic or deeper socialist ends but rather we seek the reward of private enterprise, wealth, with all the benefits and gains that entails. We want to be winners.

      Its laughable when reading Midkemma spouting cliches like “Information is power and power to the people.”

      As an IT Pro, whose business is data provision, access and denial, believe you me information most powerful comes at a COST (it is paid for) and our service providers (ISP) can ill afford to allow information freely, the bar is for ever being raised as does need for more info.

      Similarly successful clubs require the fastest most reliable information so as to be in the know and at an advantage compared to our challengers. So supporting any premiership club outfit and particularly a Top 10 team has less to do with flaunting a “we the people kind of ideal,” not in the year 2019, its quite the opposite – let’s not get it twisted.

      Best advice was from ken1945 “Carry on doing the gardening, decorating, housework and look forward to the next game at The Emirates.”

      1. waal2 waal, I much respect you as a thinking person and with that in mind would say this: I doubt you can correctly guess my politics, despite my many human life posts on here. Do I even have an affinity for party politics you may wonder! I suggest we are all a mass of contradictions and I have lectured on this very subject that “what is perceived as hypocrisy is a normal and natural part of the human condition!”
        I go further and suggest that this natural human state is a large part of what makes us interesting as people and makes us vital. I feel that our human race has far to go still to deeply understand and accept this in others and also in ourselves and I much include myself in this general comment. Politicians are oiften ridiculed as “hypocrites” and perhaps rightly so , But is is surely ironic how often their accusers are even more “hypocritical”. Consider too, how the fact of fan and club rivalry, fosters scorn of others and even among fans of the same club. That is quickly clear to anyone who reads this site regularly. Scorn is hardly conducive to advancing the evolvement of our race but it remains a fact all the same. So should we shut
        down all sport, all competition, to make us “nicer” ? Of COURSE NOT! That would be to deny our very nature and we are not able so easily to make the mighty change in human nature that will one day, hopefully, but far into the future, bring real love and world peace to ALL OUR PLANET. It is a a noble aim and we should aspire towards it, whilst still recognising the inate weakness of our shared human condition. That very nature as it is , sustains this very fine and well run site and millions of other sites worldwide too. My capacity to bore, is as you see, almost endless May I add, that I much agree with your above mature post!

        1. in suggesting writers here offer some insight into their politics i suggest it with a small p knowing that largely we have more in common than not. However, its said inside every collective is the individual opinion, school of though and train of thought. I personally find your outlook and narratives easy to grasp, carefully considered and most eloquently written. This is true of many other contributions on this fine site and less so of others.

          In simple Jon, although i do read these threads religiously i could not help weigh-in with my own ten pence worth on this subject and in comparing the one argument alongside the other I tried to highlight that which for me holds substance and weight from that which carries none. IMO modern football is nothing to do anymore with the ramblings of we the people, and is little to do with any poor man story or sympathy
          with the disenfranchised or similar symbol – we aspire and dream to have a model that wins and this ambition comes at great cost.

          Somewhere along the line the success we crave for has to be paid for – which is why these athletes command the sums the do. For some circles these athletes are simply seen as performers – the money paid for their performance is hopefully returned by “energy” – we pay triple for those able to produce a *unique energy so as it makes a difference to our team. The modern game demands showmanship, enter, messi, CR, Mbappe, Auba. Its potty, complacent and naive to expect each athlete to be paid the same when they all bring their own showmanship and different kind of energy.


          1. Your deep and well put post takes us onto other life thoughts which in importance dwarf all sport and even our own beloved Arsenal. I am conscious that this is supposed to be a Just Arenal site and I am rather stepping outside the rules as are a very few others , though for the best of reasons. But perhaps we should return, at least in the main, to mere Arsenal matters. I wish we were allowed to be more general in comments on this site but we are breaking rules and possibly boring many. It is the price anyone pays who loves life and many other matters as much as Arsenal . I guess that includes many of us too. I hope to become more skilled at connecting these wider thoughts to a strictly Arsenal relevance.

      2. “Its laughable when reading Midkemma spouting cliches like “Information is power and power to the people.”

        As an IT Pro, whose business is data provision, access and denial, believe you me information most powerful comes at a COST (it is paid for) and our service providers (ISP) can ill afford to allow information freely, the bar is for ever being raised as does need for more info.”

        It’s laughable that some IT person who says “Have you tried turning it off and on again” thinks they can use IT as some kind of bragging right.

        I done computer science.

        Do you know the difference?

        One deals with silly customers, the other deals with silly IT people, computer science is a lot deeper and leaves you with the comprehension to work in many fields that deal with computing. IT is prob the lowest to aim for.

        You say
        “Similarly successful clubs require the fastest most reliable information so as to be in the know and at an advantage compared to our challengers”

        The fastest and most reliable is down to the people working and their capabilities, if they are good then you will pay for their time, of course it will cost.
        Just like a Dr in computer science costs more than a IT monkey.
        One spends 7 years constantly learning while the other spends 7 years repeating the same phrase over and over “Have you tried turning it off and on again”.

        Guess where the power is?
        With the people, people who invest in themselves.

        1. @Midkemma

          Perhaps you felt in someway avenged having got all that off your chest 🙂

          Try being less tempered, more considerate with your analysis and to follow the gist of others arguments presented before you. i laughed reading your counter response to me although truth told, know i meant you no harm simply to point some flaws in exchanges between you (et others). To any acidic response l declined to get drawn into something childish.

          so many matters raised on Just Arsenal we will see eye-to-eye and may easily agree on – it’s simply your outlook on that matter (March 23rd) that we didn’t.

          *No harm intended, enjoy the day.

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