Should Arsenal prioritise Europa League over PL spot?

Arsene Wenger has insisted that he is not ready to prioritise the European competition over the Premier League, but should he reconsider?

Our side was disappointing in their loss to Tottenham this afternoon, and what makes it worse, is that we now trail Tottenham by seven points in the league table, with Chelsea and Liverpool five and six points ahead having played a game less. Their are very few Arsenal fans likely to bet on the Gunners to catch Spurs even if they were given free money from a Unibet bonuskod to play with. It would just be a waste!

So we now look dangerously likely to fail in our bid to return to the Champions League via our league finishing position, but may have a backdoor entry should we go onto win the Europa League competition, but that is far from a certainty at this early stage of the competition.

Wenger is refusing to give up on that place in the top four despite our uphill task, but admits today’s result was not one we could afford.

“It’s a game we couldn’t afford to lose, of course, and that makes it much more difficult now,” Wenger said. “But we have to fight as long as we have a mathematical chance. There was more at stake than just the derby, I said that before the game, that’s why it’s so disappointing to lose the game the way we lost it.

“It’s too early [to talk about the Europa League]. Football is not about switching off for three games and switching one for one game. Man United decided that once they were in the semi-final, and we are far from a semi-final. I think we have to fight to have the chance to come back. Overall for me it’s a very disappointing result, because the priority has to be to be in the Champions League through the Premier League. I’m not a great fan of the Europa League being a qualifier, I think it’s not right. But if it’s an opportunity we have to try and take it as well. But the priority is still to be in the Premier League.”

Can we still reach the top four? Do we need to concentrate on the EL instead of our league position?

Pat J

Updated: March 5, 2018 — 4:05 pm


  1. Anyone who thinks we are gonna finish in top 4 is as deluded as wenger just do the math and you will figure it out , Arsenal’s remaining games in PL don’t matter anymore , we should put our 100% focus on Europa League and getting Wenger out of the club.

    1. true nothing more to add.

      1. we better than napoli?
        athletico madrid?

        better yet wenger better coach than sarri or simeone LOL


  2. What a question is this? Of course Arsenal should prioritize Europa League after so many defeats in Premier League.

    But Arsenal would be able to move further in Europa League if their rich and spoiled players cannot play under cold rain. If Wenger cannot discipline, he had better find someone that can do it.

    1. *If Wenger cannot discipline them

  3. Wenger has hit a new low this season. He had a HUGE advantage over the our five rivals because they all had very tough, demanding, CL games, whereas Wenger hasn’t even used his first team in Europe this season. Our players have had less games, so should be fresher, but some how they’re not.

    We now have to copy Utd from last season. They won the Community Shield, Carabao Cup, and gave up on the league, and finished 6th, to win the Europa League, which they did…playing horrific football. We’ve won the Community Shield, we’re in the Carabao Cup final, we’re destined for 6th, we have a good shot at the Europa League, and we’re also playing horrific football.

  4. We should hav one priority:

    1. As long as he is Italian and knows how to defend.

  5. Top 4 is gone it’s as simple as that.We will finish no lower than 6th not because we are the sixth best side in the league but because every other team are worse than us (I know that contradicts itself but you know what I mean).
    So as Sixth gives us a Europa League spot we have nothing to lose in going all out to win the Europa Cup.
    Now is the time Wenger MUST change things round ready for next season.Auba and Lacazette up front as TWO STRIKERS.Mikki on the right.Ozil in the CENTRE FFS.He is not on the ball enough out wide.He is our best player so play to his strengths.He will get the best out of everyone else.Get Zhaka out and put AMN in as a CDM NOW.How much longer must we put up with below level performances?Just admit it was a mistake buying him, ship him out and move on.Try to get through the season with the defenders we have got.Wenger has proved he is incapable of moulding a consistent performance from what we have got(ALL PLAYERS HE HAS BROUGHT TO THE CLUB)and let the new guy in next season either sort them out and/or get rid of them.
    Tell the FOOL he either walks or is sacked at the end of the season.Take no more of his S**t and just get him out.
    We are still a big club and there are plenty of top managers who will beg for the chance to put this club back where we should be and not where Wengers incompetence is taking us.

    1. Spot on mate. Xhaka do not need to be sold just bench him and buy proper CDM FFS. Ozil in central is must!!! And Wenger you know it will not happen so deal with it. One more year they will not sack wenger i am sure about it.

  6. Prioritise see-only thing left

  7. Winning the Europa league will not be an easy task and its just wishful thinking, thinking its our way back in to the champions league, we need to priotise our defending to have any hope as there will be bigger and better teams to face if we progress. Our top 4 hopes are slim to not a chance. Our board should be priotising who our next manager should be for next season as Wenger is a lost cause and we will only fall back further the longer he stays in charge.

  8. We have nothing else to fight for but europa league. Miki said wenger handles players differently in the training compared to Jose at man united where Jose is demanding much more from h i s players. Why are guys shocked at our performance there is no pressure whatever the results.

  9. Lacca with be at athletically
    Madrid next year

      1. Atletico

  10. Wenger
    Iwobi loaned money in 90m

    All out next year
    New GK
    2 Cm 1 DM and 1 box to box who can defend
    Young quality striker
    Wide player

    Most importantly a manager who gets the best out of players

  11. I hate to say this, but I honestly can’t see us winning anything this year!
    How many more away games have we got left to play?? ?

    1. Spot on Sue. The only chance we have is in the Carabao Cup and it’s a slim one. If we do AW might be offered a 5 year extension by our gutless board!!!

      1. Oh god I couldn’t put up with 5 more years!! Torture

  12. Xhaka ,money well wasted

    1. na mate its wenger
      he slayed for swiss national and monchengladbach

      he needs a coach not a friend
      wenger flopped

  13. if we add maybe two new players to our team we’d be okay, its a good time despite an hat-trick to get some money for aaron (rambo), iwobi and perhaps even wilshere and use it to source credible additions to defensive midfield and source a younger *commanding centre-half. it’s time we bring beilik into the equation, certainly. its tiresome seeing the current error prone defence labour only to see us fall short (yet again).

    1. When? january is over mate!!

  14. A couple of weeks ago I said we would finish a distant 6th in the PL, nothing has changed. I couldn’t care less about getting into the CL via the Europa League because that will mean Wenger staying on for another year at least. I will happily forfeit that to see him go and for our club to get a fresh start with a manager who understands the importance of a good defence. Ancelloti would be perfect as he knows the PL and how to win it. Chelsea played their best football with him in charge.

    It’s not rocket science Arsene, YOU are holding the club back, so get those blinkers off and step aside and take Steve Bould, Petr Cech, Iwobi, Xhaka, Elneny, Welbeck, Mustafi & Ospina with you.

    1. I say keel Cech as cup GK and Iwobi can still improve. Xhaka is not bad bench/squad player. Mustafi can partner with new CB. Rest can go. Not sure about Elneny he is so avarage i do not know…..

    2. Spot on andcliff, sorry Sony, Iwobi and Xhaka should be the first one’s out

  15. I just want this season to end. We need a proper manager, GK, 2 cb and a dm. Then we can talk about trophies. Until then, get used to it.

    1. I agree, can’t believe with 3 months and 11 matches to go we have already lost 8 with 5 away games to go. So far played 14, won 3, lost 7 and AW is still here, I think he is blessed.

      1. Its scary buddy. I wont watch anymore away matches thats for sure!

  16. Anyway, so far we have prioritized the league, and what good has that done???

  17. The sobering thought is that pointswise we are closer to the 3rd relegation spot than to top of the league. We won’t finish higher than 6th and even that is a dodgy prediction as the way things are going even 8th is a real possibility. Who’s our next league game against? Aguero just put 4 past Leicester!

    1. Oh Jesus it gets worse ?

  18. my hope for lacazette is lost

  19. The defence as usual went missing.Foa manager who says he has 30 plus years ofcoaching this
    is unacceptable. The same mistakes are repeated season after season.
    Futhermore the fm has filled his side with ballerinas.When the waltzing comes off against 2nd rate sides like Everton,all is well and forgiven and forgotten.The problem as we saw in the Spurs game,Beelerin and Wiltshire were easily bullied.
    I need not say more suffice to say the fms approach aint working and hs shd be off asap.

  20. no top 4. winning EL unlikely- can we win napoli, athletico ect in a 2 games leg? no way.
    we should start thinking about next season, not try to save what is unsaveable.
    play AMN, Nelson and Mavropanos till end of season so they will be ready for next one.

  21. When? january is over mate!!

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