Should Arsenal pursue Zlatan to replace Giroud?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is currently without a club heading into the new season, but should Arsenal pursue a deal?

The striker was fantastic for Manchester United last term in helping them pick up a second-rate treble, scoring 17 Premier League goals and a further 11 in other competitions, and we could most definitely do with a boost in attack.

Zlatan has so far refused to sign a new contract with the Red Devils, and is believed to be focussed on recovering from his injury before choosing his next destination.

Arsenal have already signed prolific French striker Alexandre Lacazette, who previously rivalled the Swede for the Ligue 1 Golden Boot, but with a question mark over the future of Olivier Giroud, we may well require further additions in attack.

Henry Onyekuru was on our radar this summer, but he refused to join a club without the guarantee of regular action, and has since joined Everton, who strangely enough sent him out on loan.

Kylian Mbappe was also on our radar of course, but he can almost choose which club he would like to play for next term, and in my opinion, he will likely stay in Monaco for one more season before deciding to join Real Madrid’s side.

There are very few other strikers being linked with us at present, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic being available on a free transfer early into the season could be too big an opportunity to overlook, not that our interest would guarantee his arrival.

Man United are claimed to be willing to offer him an extension once he is rehabilitated, while the MLS is amongst the bookies favourites to be his next destination, but would the prospect of being able to join Arsenal be overlooked?

Should we try and sign Zlatan? Would his arrival complicate Lacazette’s time settling in?

Pat J


  1. Why would one even write this piece? Why would we replace Giroid with Zlatan? Zlatan is out of contract with a long term serious knee injury. Arsenal’s infirmary has been oversubscribed for too long and bringing in an old incapacitated egoist gunslinger like Ibra may be ii-advised. Besides i still think Defoe may offer Arsenal more than any other crocked up retirement village bound cat

  2. ffs for all we know he may not be the same player after that injury and he is like what 34? Why would this make a good deal business wise or squad wise? Lacazette hasn’t even gotten to kick the ball for us yet and you want another striker? So we are supposed to just ignore the fact that we need a cm player to replace santi and another quality winger. We don’t know about perez’s situation yet and we have danny welbeck and giroud and yet we are going to add another striker especially one that doesn’t fit our system of play. If the player isn’t a clear upgrade on what we currently have why should we sign him?

    1. In addition we don’t want that greedy agent called riola nowhere near our club. The guy is an absolute cancer to the game and don’t even get me started on zlatan’s ego…


    1. The fact that Wenger prefers Welbeck upfront and now we have signed Lacazette means Giroud’s place in the starting line-up is under threat. Every team out there is aware of this, so if Giroud is a great striker why are big teams like Juventus, Real Madrid, Barca, Man City, Chelsea, PSG, etc not all going for him? Arsenal fans are so emotionally attached to players. Giroud would be great for teams like West Ham, Everton, etc, teams that are not challenging for the title – it has been proven time and time again that he will not be scoring 30 goals for Arsenal. It’s crunch time, we need to win the league

      1. Giroud is great, only that he does fit well in arsenal’s style of play.He can top striker for teams like Chelsea,Lvpool

      1. I never said we need Martial.Only comparing the two if given to choose one in the event we loose some our top strikers.

  4. We do not need him basically because we have laca,giroud,welbeck,perez and even walcott&sanchez can play up front as a fake no 9.Plus makes no sense to get him for some crazy wage demands.Better we sort out MO11 and AS07 contracts for fear of losing them for nothing.

  5. No. Since Giroud isn’t going anywhere this question seems academic anyway. We should sell Welbeck and Walcott instead. Keep Perez. Our ST’s should be Laca, Perez, and Giroud. With Alexis, Ozil, And Lemar.

    If we get Mbappe we can sell Giroud.

    1. Olivier Giroud’s Arsenal future uncertain after Alexandre Lacazette signing

      “I honestly don’t know,” the striker said when asked about his position. “At the moment I’m still an Arsenal player so I’ll try to be professional like always and prepare well for next season.
      “Obviously there will be more competition, even more than last year, but it’s always nice for a striker to feel the pressure and I always deal with it.
      “I’ve been through some difficulties these last years but always succeeded to bounce back, but this one I don’t know. I don’t know about my future so I can’t tell you more. I’m focused on my pre-season.”

  6. With aerial balls from the flanks from the imminent signing Thomas Lemar,Giroud fits the bid…

  7. Dear Arsene,
    Should you want to replace a level headed Giroud with any arogant person just like we did with Cole and Williams back then, I will suggest you take Diego Costa instead. thank you.

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