Should Arsenal push through Aubameyang deal with Giroud exchange?

Borussia Dortmund are claimed to be ready to pull the plug on Arsenal’s deal for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang unless Olivier Giroud is allowed to move in the opposite direction this month.

The Gabon international is believed to be high on the Gunners wishlist this month, having already acquired former team-mate Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Manchester United yesterday evening.

Aubameyang is believed to be keen on this transfer, having fallen out with his club in recent months, and even having been punished and left out of the playing squad in recent weeks also.

His arrival in North London will raise questions on the importance of Olivier Giroud, who has already been limited to only the one Premier League start this term, and he has been linked with a move away from the club also.

It had been reported that the BVB club were not reliant on Giroud to arrive before allowing PEA to join the Gunners, but are now claimed to have gone the other way, and may refuse to allow their star striker to leave unless the French striker was included in the move this month.

It is being reported that Dortmund are asking for £60 Million in order to part ways with their chief goalscorer, who has notched up 21 goals in his 23 outings in all competition this term, an amazing return for a man seemingly unhappy in his current surroundings.

If the Bundesliga club are asking for Giroud in return, that would put pressure on our new signings to hit the ground running, and forcing a partnership between Alexandre Lacazette and Aubameyang could take some time to work, especially given their contrasting qualities.

I’m of the belief that Giroud would be better suited to pairing up with either option in attack, but should he be sold, that could leave us short of options, especially if we do end up playing with two up top as expected.

Should Arsenal take the plunge and let Giroud leave in order to bring in Aubameyang?

Pat J

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  1. reddb10 says:

    pay the 60 mill and bring him in outright. welbeck is the one that needs to be sold

  2. Will says:

    Absolutely. Recently when we bring Giroud on we lose an outlet and allow teams to come onto ya late in games we were previously comfortable in. Hate it when people say no we shouldn’t do this deal because “we lose our plan B”!! Who cares when we are making such a major improvement to our plan A with one of the most lethal forwards in world football?

    1. Handyandy1 says:

      lets hope we can keep Giroud, he’s a very underrated player. We seem very good at selling off our players but not too handy at getting any in! How come all our deals go on and on and on whereas other teams seem to have it done and dusted withing days? The Aubameyang thing will drag on into the Summer. WE’ll spend all summer trying to land this dude, run outta time or he’ll go somewhere else that does, phaf and far* around trying to save a few quid.

  3. says:

    Nooooo! Can’t compare Auba & Giroud of all people. Just pay 60m and sell Giroud. My God we can’t miss the chance to sign a world class player coz of an average OG12

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Giroud is very strong in the air…one of the top players in the air…

      when things are down, teams that play physical or park the bus….you need a player like Giroud to go physical and head…

      1. Ingleby says:

        Don’t know how many headed goals he scores, but Auba is six feet two inches tall.

    2. Konstantin Mitov says:

      We’re counting pennies at Arsenal that’s why we will scrap the deal. If City wanted Auba, they’d just pay the money and he’d be wearing the shirt already. If it doesn’t happen today it’s dead!

  4. Gooner264 says:

    Giroud is a great plan B, but sometimes Wenger uses him as Plan A which is often bad. So to remove this possibility, we must get rid of him no matter what it takes such as to be include in the Aubameyang deal this transfer window.

  5. Shortboygooner says:

    Pay da ting

  6. Grandad says:

    Mrs Giroud unlikely to fancy Dortmund?Pavon of Bocca Juniors would be excellent alternative and at 21 would be far better long term asset. Should figure in Argentina’s World Cup squad in Russia.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      but i dont think he wants to come or the deal would have gone through

      or perhaps he couldnt get a visa approved….dont think he has enough caps for Argentina

  7. Skills1000 says:

    We should keep Giroud. Play a 442 or 4312 formation. Midfield 4 of Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Nzonzi and Wilshere/Xhaka. Strike force of Aubameyang and Lacazette. Giroud and Perez as back up. Sell Welbeck.

  8. Kedar Damle says:

    And if you are saying that Giroud can be good back up if we play 2 up top then in that case we have Welbeck as well… I know he don’t score often but for back up player you need not have world class striker… So I think Giroud with cash is good deal and if we get Aubameyang then it will be amazing transfer window after long time..
    But I don’t think Wenger will go 2 up top because he has to accommodate Ozil and Mkhitaryan as well… He won’t drop Xhaka and play Wilshere, Ramsey together as Wenger thinks that Xhaka is world class DM which is not…. So looking at Wenger’s tactics Either he will opt for 1 up top or droping Mkhitaryan and then play 2 top or Dropping Ozil and play 2 up top…

  9. Joe alex lacazzete says:

    Same arsenal… Always req for player below d price..then he will go somewhere else.. Only becoz we wont raise our offer.. Puihhh
    If u want someone PEA.. Just give them the money they want… How bout that?


    Please wenger let giroud go and get aubameyang

  11. Coldzero says:

    What some don’t seem to realise is that the deal probably hinges on Giroud going the other way as BVB want a replacement striker- so there may not be an option.

    1. Sydney says:

      Arsenal is better off without Giroud, so letting go of him to get Auba is the best deal

  12. Ray says:

    Giroud stays unless you’re brain dead! He gives us goals and options when we neèd them. Giroud is one player I identify with Arsenal!

    Just pay the money you penny pinching idiots!

    1. Kunle says:

      Why you people don’t understand Dortmund will not sell to us if they don’t get’s as simple as that because they want a replacement and this is let’s do another swap deal

    2. bran911 says:

      He gives us goals when we need them? Hehehe that’s so funny.. he is getting old and slower, this is the best deal we could get for a lethal striker, is Wenger still remembering his romantic days with OG in some gardens in France?? Sell him now

    3. Tun Ad says:

      Good bro…sell welbeck,keep og12&buy PEA

  13. Joe alex lacazzete says:

    Hahaha what plan B?
    Arsenal dun have plan by d way

  14. iffybright says:

    Aubu is also good in the air…. He has scored many headed goals

  15. Nothing changed says:

    Trade Giroud if that is what it takes.

  16. McLovin says:


    Giroud wants to play so let him go there. We in exchange get a real goal poacher who is also good in the air. And people stop mentioning Welbeck. Do you really think BVB want a bench-player-at-best there?

    But don’t stop here: bring in 2 more players because so far we have only sold players and swapped them so we haven’t actually brought anyone in as an addition.


    Mavropanos (U21)
    Fabinho/Pereira/Torreira (we need midfield reinforcement !!)

  17. barryglik says:

    Lacazette 50m out form
    Wellbeck 16m hardly plays
    Giroud 12m hardly plays
    Perez 16m loan
    Now we plan to buy a 50m 29 year old in January!!!
    More good money after so much bad.
    After the Sanchez debacle I prefer we take
    a deep breath and pass on Auba.
    Lets get more goals out of Lacazette Wellbeck and Giroud.

    1. So will Welbeck score the goals we will lose from Sanchez going? Lacazette so far is playing ok but he was a replacement for Giroud not Sanchez. Mkhitaryan I giess has replaced Walcott.

      1. Phil says:

        Lacazette has the ability to be a prolific scorer but time has showed us Giroud and Wellbeck are not to be relied on.Get the balance right around Laca and he will produce

  18. Yes! Take the deal right now and send the lamp post to Dortmund! Good riddance is all I can say I knew Giroud was a deadwood from the 1st day he missed that sitter versus Sunderland on his debut. £60M for Aubameyang seems a bit high…this could have easily been paid for if the board had sanctioned the Sanchez to city summer transfer so now I don’t know where we will get that kind of money from.

    1. bran911 says:

      With OG swap, the price will go down a bit.

  19. Sue says:

    I can’t see us splashing that much cash…. I hope I’m wrong as I’d love to have Auba…… just have to wait & see

  20. Declan says:

    Wow @Quantic, bad day dude?
    Having said that, I believe if we don’t let them have Giroud we won’t get Auba. Wenger just confirmed Welbeck will not be going anywhere.

  21. summerbreez says:

    Plan B can be generated/created by different tactics using a multitude of personnel to achieve a plan B it could be welbeck it could be apkum it could be nakitiha even ramsy can be a plan B
    Giroud is contracted with Arsenal he and Mr wenger have an understanding else he would have moved on in the summer so to just dismiss Giroud just like that is unfair and no good at all but if Giroud is turned on by the idea it could be done else it wont and I reckon it will drag on and the press and co such in here will have the material to fill in the empty pages as seen with the alixes henrick move it took 20 odd days for it to move we do not have 20 more days before the window shut down we only have a week to complete so time is not in our hand and if Dortmund want to keep auba they have the time in their hand all they can use delaying tactics to burn the time so the Arsenal must move swiftly if they see a need in strengthening the attacking force.
    A week is too short to complete a move

  22. Josh says:

    has anyone noticed the expression on mkhitaryan face? evrery footballer now gets gutted at the thought of playing for arsenal… Oh my Arsenal!!! the guy looks weak already in an arsenal Jersey… and i hate to say this but Sanchez now looks LETHAL in that man utd NO 7 Jersey….

  23. Davin says:

    Give them Lacazette and keep Giroud….he is too fragile and always bullied easily.

    1. bran911 says:

      Really? We have endured over 5 years of tongue biting by OG whenever he misses a sitter, and now you want more? May be you move to Dortmund with him

    2. Phil says:

      Seriously?Too one dimensional and only use is as a back up or impact player from the bench at best.

  24. rkw says:

    all i know is that right now we have a weaker best 11 than at start of the season and a shallower bench … club in state of utter dissaray from football point of view .. but more money in the bank

    1. Phil says:

      Not sure I agree with you.Bring in Auba and we are an improved TEAM.Sanchez only played for himself this season Walcott never played in the league and Coq has never showed any form other than as Santi’s minder and it was Carzorla who brought out the best in everyone.

  25. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Yes – get rid of the donkey

  26. Ignasi says:

    Absolutely. It seems the negotiations between Aubameyang and Arsenal are true.

    However, would this be a panic buy to appease hostile fans? It seems a panic buy on top of a panic buy.

    First of all, Lacazette was NOT Wenger’s preferred striker. Mbappe was. However, Wenger needed to sign someone and Lacazette for many reasons was the easiest to sign in a competitive market. I still stand firm that he’s NOT an upgrade on Giroud.

    On paper, we don’t actually need Aubameyang. We have Lacazette, Giroud and Nketiah. If Aubameyang comes in Lacazette (as first choice) would either be benched because Aubameyang is the better/more prolific/dynamic striker. So we would have to play a 4-4-2 to accommodate both.

    I am utterly gobsmacked that Wenger doesn’t appear to be addressing defensive issues. A CDM and CB are the priority.

    1. Phil says:

      CB will have to be addressed next season and we need a top top defender to slot in.CDM we have been waiting for years so summer window at the very latest

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Lacazette is an upgrade on Giroud, it just depends which attributes you rate most and which style of game you think Arsenal are better suited to. Switching between them will be best of both worlds. But for me if I have to pick one it is Lacazette. For one we know Giroud’s ceiling, we don’t know Laca’s yet but we know 16 league goals ain’t gonna cut it. I believe Arsenal are at their best with swift counter attacking, which would suit a quicker player in my mind than Giroud. Also I don’t think first season stats can be compared fairly. Giroud came into a more confident/better Arsenal team and he had no competition to compete with. This is Laca’s first season, he has to get an idea of the players around him so he can know what runs and such to try. Giroud is different, Giroud wants aerial balls and ball hit straight to his feet. Laca’s a better finisher, that much is clear. Giroud gives us a higher physical presence, that much is clear.

        1. Ignasi says:

          @Break on through

          Great points, especially the one about it being Lacazette’s first season, attributes and style.

          I was thinking in terms of goals. I just don’t see Lacazette being that 20+ league goals a season striker. This is why I don’t see him as an upgradem manly because they will deliver roughly the same amount of goals. However, you’re right: best wait until next season and judge from there.

  27. StayBullet says:

    Check out his Stats..this guy has got to be one of the most lethal strikers around. Consistent. 30 goal per season marksman.

  28. Adeniyi says:

    D possibility of throwing Aubumayang into d mix is exciting, he would more than replace Alexis’s goals, but why do we have to postpone fixing our midfield weaknesses?

    1. bran911 says:

      Because Xhaka was expensive and Wenger doesn’t like to lose and admit he was wrong in any way, he’d rather play a team that loses every week but never start a winning team coz that will prove how wrong he was.

      We would have been so dangerous with a strong CDM in the middle, but with Wenger he always leaves a gap or two to complete a team, and that position has been his favorite to ignore

  29. Ali Yasir says:

    As much as I like Giroud (I genuinely do), we simply have to get Auba in. Giroud has always been slow but now with age catching up with him, what we got from him is probably the best he had to offer after his Montpellier winning season. Time to wish him well, thank him for all the memories and upgrade to a bonafide goal-scorer. Come summer more teams could be in for him and we would be screwed!

  30. Break-on-through says:

    Giroud is too big for his boots, he does not want to be a weapon in reserve which is a pity because all clubs who like to play on the ground would have a Giroud in reserve. Arsene’s fault for going with him as our only real option for so long, he didn’t even have competition. Auba Laca Giroud, we should have had options like that when those three were much younger.

  31. Gooner Craig says:

    4231: 1st team

    4231: 2nd team

    We either need our young guns to step up?? Or bring in a couple more reinforcements? ??

  32. satanK says:

    Auba is a fabricated story serving as a buffer for the Sanchez Mhki swap.
    Let’s not forget that we sold two squad players and haven’t replaced them in any way. That’s 35 million wandering about. Sadly, that money is most probably going to LA to build the LA Rams stadium.
    I reckon the Sanchez/Mkhi swap is the last of Arsenal January transfer action.

  33. COYG_CA says:

    You ALWAYS knew there would be some REASON for this deal to fall through (AFC). This is all likely another stunt that AFC never intend to happen . . . .

  34. GoonAR says:

    Pay the money before another club comes in and buys him for 65-70.

    1. GoonAR says:

      thumbs not being here is weak…..

  35. Mikekobi says:

    Does it mean we don’t have money to buy players❓ apart from that arsenal are too slow in times of trashing out a deal to buy players, and honestly sometime they think they’re smart they don’t wanna spend money to buy a player, we hv lost players like Suarez, higuain, Etc. All in the name we don’t wanna spend big, forgotten that we can still sell them with big price on a good day, now Liverpool are making money than arsenal and in the summer Madrid will be getting Salah and Kane and that means more money for Liverpool and spurs and we r here can’t even generate money to buy Aubameyang, so my questions is does it mean we don’t hv money to buy players anymore❓we still need a DM and CB. Do we hv the money to buy them❓

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